Episode 1.

Armed Robbers invaded a house but unfortunately for them the police were alerted but they couldn’t get any of the armed Robbers, they escaped. But one of them could not make it, therefore, he hide behind a massive fridge at the dinning table. Hoping that when everybody leave the house in the morning, he will escape

Early morning, the wife of the owner of the house was setting breakfast and she poisoned the tea meant for her husband….

When the Man was about to eat, the thief who saw everything that transpired while the woman was setting breakfast came out of hiding and told the man not to eat…

Thief: Oga I take God beg you, no eat that food, poison dey there

Husband: Young man, who are you and how did you get in here?

Thief: Honestly, a be one of the thief wey wan come thief for your house

Husband: Wonderful!!! God had catch you for me… Am calling the police straight away

Thief: Oga, a no say make u no call police, but the thing be say, a no wan make u die. Poison dey inside your tea. No drink am.

Husband: Ok, how did you know?

Thief: I see madam wen she dey put am inside. She talk say your time don reach to die.

Husband: Are you sure?

Thief: Oga na true, I dey talk.

Husband: Ok, don’t worry go back to where you are hiding.

The thief went back to where he was hiding

Husband: Honey (calling his wife) can you please come.

Wife arrived

Wife: haha, sweetheart, you have not drink your tea? I thought maybe you are through that was why u were calling me to come and clear the table.

Husband: Not at all….. I don’t think I want to drink again…

Wife: Dear, what happened? Did I offend you?

Husband: No, not at all..

Wife: Dear, you have to drink it. Do you know the time I woke up despite what happened yesterday night. Just because I want you to take breakfast. No, sweetheart, pleaseeee…(She kissed him passionately)

Husband: You know what…

Wife: What?

Husband: Can you taste out of the tea..

Wife: No, I have not brush my teeth

Husband: I will allow you to go brush your teeth

Wife: Sweetheart, what is the meaning of all these? Am your wife for crying out loud. Is it because we haven’t been blessed with the fruit of the womb yet…. Abi… No prob(started sobbing)

Husband: Forget that… Don’t even go there. It can’t work today at all… If you don’t want to taste out of this tea, then I have to pour it away..

Wife: Go and pour it away… Shior..(she tries to walk away)

Husband: Where do you think you are going… I am going to give jack, our dog this tea and we are going together.

Wife: Give jack what? You want to kill jack, abi..

Husband: So, it is true that you poisoned the tea..

Wife: No ooo… Let’s go and give jack..

They both left the living room for the dog house. The husband pour the tea in the dog’s plate and it licked it… And they left.

Few minutes later, the husband called the wife to go and see how jack is fairing. On getting to the dog’s house, alas!! Jack……

To be continued…


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