THE ANATOMY CLASS … (18+) … Part 1

It was a rainy Tuesday morning.
Usually, on mornings like this, the class would be scanty; not many of the students fancied getting drenched just so they could attend one of their numerous boring classes.
This morning was different. It was a practical anatomy class, first of its kind for the second year medical forensics students. The lab was full; nobody wanted to miss the first experience of cutting through a human cadaver.
The professor, with the help of the morgue attendant had prepared the lab prior to the arrival of the students. A somewhat fresh female cadaver lay motionlessly on the examination slab. It was the body of a girl child. She could not have been older than twelve years when she died.
The students’ moods soon changed when the professor told them about how the body ended up as an unclaimed cadaver being used as a teaching manual by the anatomy department.

She was brought in a week earlier by the police, after she was found dead in the early hours of the day on the roadside, few yards from the university’s main gate. The departmental coroner attributed cause of death to trauma resulting from multiple blows to her head and a perforated uterine wall. A thorough autopsy revealed that she had been raped and brutally assaulted in the process of her resistance. The rapist had raped her to his satisfaction, and afterwards hit her severally on the head with a dense material, possibly a club or a heavy rock. Also, something that left the impression of an iron rod was forcefully inserted deep into her v—-a, perforating her uterine wall in the process.
The tissue samples found under her long nails suggested she had severely scratched and injured her attacker. As a result, he got livid and excessively violent. The police had put in a lot of efforts in trying to locate her relatives, but it had all proved futile. Also, no missing person report matching her identity had been filed within the last week. So, there she was, lying gracefully on the coroner’s table with nothing on her entire body but a tag attached to her big toe that read “JANE DOE”.
Most of the students were already teary-eyed by the time the professor finished telling Jane’s story. He decided to indulge their emotions, and went ahead to ask them what their thoughts were on the matter. He thought, perhaps, that would liven up the class.
Indeed, their responses did bring the class back to life. The students that talked mostly lamented on the treacherousness of the crime. They all wished he rapist would be caught and made to face the full wrath of the law.

Amidst all the lamentations, the professor could not help but notice one of the students who was all by himself. He had been quiet the whole time, and his face lacked any form of expression as he continuously stared at the body on the table.
“Hello mister. You’ve been awfully quiet since we started this discussion. Don’t you have anything on your mind to say?”
“I do sir. But I’m not sure you all will like to hear it.” The student replied.
A frown appeared on the professor’s face as he stared at the student. He became curious as to what the student might have to say.
“Please do tell us mister. I’m sure your colleagues are as curious as I am to hear what you have to say.”
“Okay then”, the student shrugged and started to talk.
“To begin with, unlike my colleagues, I do not support that the rapist be caught by the police and made to face the law.”
The entire class grew very silent upon hearing this. Everyone kept their eyes fixed on him. They were all trying to decipher if he was actually trying to be in support of the rapist or not. No one interrupted him. He was given the benefit of doubt and allowed to continue talking.
So, he continued.
“Looking at this body lying here, I can’t begin to describe to you all how incredibly infuriated I am. The paedophile rapist that did this to this young girl does not deserve jail. He deserves something else, something much more appropriate. I could not help but imagine if this girl was my sister, or daughter, and the kind of horrible fate she has met in the hands of an animal parading himself as a man. Sir, the things I would do to him are beyond imaginable.”
“If you don’t think he deserves jail, what then do you think he deserves? Death? You would take laws into your own hands? Tell us what you would do.”


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