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Episode : 20

Valentine took us on tour of his land – the entire time Lincoln and I didn’t touch.

The Wolves of the Hender pack had to believe that I was Evan’s mate, so they couldn’t be seeing Lincoln and I cuddling. It would call up suspicion.

It felt odd, walking next to Lincoln but not touching him.

Lincoln was a possessive man, and whenever we went anywhere he liked to hold me or hold my hand – he liked to warn others away. Yet, he couldn’t then.

“Emma” Valentine called for a woman, as we reached the main part of the Hender pack. A tall girl, with short black hair and bright eyes, bounded over.

“Alpha” she bowed her head, at Valentine. Then, she noticed Lincoln and her eyes widened in shock. “Alpha Addison” she stuttered out, eyes cast to the floor.

“Emma, this is Julian” Valentine said, gesturing his hand to me. “She’s going to be working with you in the shop and–”

“No” Lincoln snapped, interrupting his cousin. I frowned as soon as I heard Lincoln’s tone; I knew the idea of me working, or any female working, was not something that Lincoln agreed with.

He strongly believed that it was the man’s job to bring the money home.

Valentine glanced at Lincoln, before turning back to Emma.

“Leave us” he ordered her. Emma nodded, sent a scared look in Lincoln’s direction, before scurrying off. “We have a system here, Lincoln, everyone has to earn their keep”.

“She’s pregnant. And no mate of mine – nor woman in my pack – will ever work.

It’s a man’s job to work, and my mate will do no work while she is here.

Especially because she is pregnant with my pup. She will not work; not now, not ever” Lincoln snapped, through gritted teeth.

Valentine frowned, gritting his teeth in annoyance.

“Lincoln, I can’t have Julian coming into my pack and not working. It would look suspicious, make it look like she really isn’t Evan’s mate and–”

“I don’t give a fuck” Lincoln snapped, before reaching forward and grabbing my hand.

“She’s not going to work, no matter what. Julian come on, we’re going home” he stated. Then, pulling me after him, he stormed his way back to Valentine’s house.

Lincoln wait” I hissed, as I jogged to keep up with his quick paces. “Lincoln” I whined, as his finger dug into my palm with a hard grip.

He ignored me until we were back in Valentine’s house, and in the room.

With a deep growl, Lincoln grabbed my suitcase and his bag and threw the on the bed.

He then began to grab the things we’d taken out of the bags, and aggressively push them back into the bag. “Lincoln” I said, and again he ignored me. “Lincoln” I shouted, and he finally paused.

He turned around to face me, frowning deeply. “What?” he demanded, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared down at me.

“Don’t test me right now Julian. I’ve changed my mind, you’re coming home with me right now. And if this killer wants to get to you, then they can fucking go through me”.

“Lincoln, just calm down” I sighed, walking over and taking his hands in mine. He continued to frown at me, as I sat him down on the bed before climbing onto his lap.

Lincoln hands rested on my hips as I straddled his waist, and took his face in mine so he couldn’t drop the eye contact.

“I worked back in Gresall Pack, and I can work here. Lincoln I know you don’t like it, but it’s a small price to pay to make sure that our pup is safe” I told him.

I knew it was unethical to play the baby card, but I knew how Lincoln felt about looking after woman and he wouldn’t allow me to stay easily.

“But–” he began, but I cut him off.

“But nothing. We’re doing this because there is a killer on the loose. Once you have dealt with the killer, I can come home and we’ll be a proper family. Alright?

You’ll be there for the birth, and involved in naming the pup. I know you Lincoln, this is just an excuse for you”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Lincoln scoffed, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Lincoln I know you. I know you. You’re worried that you’ll miss out on the pup, that you won’t connect with your own child because you not there for the pregnancy”.

I knew that I was right, and by the slight look in Lincoln’s eyes that I had hit the right nerve.

“I promise you Lincoln, you’re this pup’s father and nothing will change that. I love you, and so will our pup”.

“But it’s not in the plan” Lincoln muttered, swallowing deeply. I smiled softly, letting a small chuckle escape my lips.

“Lincoln, how many times do I need to tell you? Life isn’t perfect, and neither are we.

No matter how hard you try, the universe isn’t going to let you have the perfect life. Stuff happens Lincoln, that’s how it works. We’re not going to have a perfect, idyllic, life.

But we have each other, and love, and our pup. This is the plan”.

Lincoln looked at me for a while – his eyes staring deeply into mine. He was breathing heavily, due to the leaving anger, and I could hear his pounding heart.

“You know how I feel about you, don’t you?” he broke the silence by saying. “I lo–” he swallowed deeply, choking on the word. “I lo–” his voice broke again.

“Hush” I whispered, kissing his lips softly. “Don’t say it. You don’t have to, I know. I know, and that’s all that matters. I love you”. I kissed his again.

“Ditto” he replied, and I smiled again before we kissed again. Our lips moved in sync, moulding to one another, as we savoured the familiar taste of one another.

My hands ran through Layton’s hair, as his fingers dug into my hips slightly.
Pulling away, a while later, I rested my head against his. “So, I’m staying?”

“Yes” Lincoln nodded, pressing another soft kiss to my lips. “You’re staying”.

Lincoln stayed at the Hender pack for another day, before he got a plane back to our pack. I cried after he left, holding onto a shirt of his that I’d kept. It smelt like him, and I rested it against my cheek.

“You alright?” Evan asked, appearing in the doorway. Just before leaving, Layton had moved my bags to the cabin that Evan and I were living in.

I had a bedroom on one side of the cabin, and Evan’s was on the other.

“I wish I could go back with him” I sniffed, wiping my eyes. “I don’t want other She-Wolves with him.

They’ll think he’s single now, and they’re going to try to hook up with him”.

“You know” Evan said, taking a slow walk into the room before taking a seat next to me on the bed.

“I have been in the Endoro Pack my entire life, and never have I seen Alpha Addison as happy as he has been since he met you. He really does love you”.

“I know he does” I sighed, “but I just keep worrying that other She-Wolves are going to be hanging around him, and trying to sleep with him. I trust Lincoln, but I don’t trust the woman around him”.

I looked at Evan and smiled sadly, “I’m sorry, I being miserable”. I wiped my eyes, before placing Lincoln’s shirt away. “It’s the Full Moon tomorrow, how many times have you shifted?”

“Five or six” he replied, cringing softly. “It still hurts a lot. What about you? Does it still hurt you?”

“Yeah. Will you stay with me tomorrow night, when we shift? I’m still scared” I admitted, blushing softly.

“Of course I will” he nodded, offering me a small smile.

“You didn’t know about the baby before yesterday did you?” I asked, and he shook his head no. “I’m sorry, I would have thought that Lincoln would have mentioned it to you. I know it must be a bit of a responsibility, to look after both your Alpha Female and you’re Alpha’s pup, but I really am grateful”.

“It was just a shock, is all. I mean, I thought it was a big duty to watch over the Alpha’s mate, but to find out he was also trusting me with his unborn pup, I was just shocked. Honoured, of course I am, but wow, it’s a big responsibility. I promise to keep you safe, Gemini”.

Thank you, Evan, I trust you and so does Lincoln”. I smiled, before reaching over and taking his hand in mine. I gave it a small squeeze, as we shared a smile, before I moved my hand away.

The following night, when it was the Full Moon, Valentine came to collect Evan and I. “Come with me” he said, “the entire pack shift together in the forest”.

He gestured us forward, and I linked my arm with Evan and we followed him behind.

“Don’t be scared” Valentine smiled softly at us, “we’re a nice pack. You two look terrified”. He gave a soft laugh, his golden eyes creasing at the corners.

“Sorry, Alpha” Evan spoke for the both of us, “it’s not the pack we’re scared of. Both Julian and I are both still nervous of the Shift; it still hurts for the both of us”.

“Oh, well you’ll be fine” he replied, offering us both a dashing smile.

“Thank you” I told Valentine, nodding slightly at him – and he nodded back. We both had an understanding that we were both leaders, but we had to act differently.

I knew that I still had to answer to Valentine; because he was an Alpha, where as I was just married to an Alpha.

We gathered with the Hender pack, and Valentine gave a few words, before the Moon began to rise. Evan began to shift first, as he was a few months younger than me he had less experience – not that I was any wiser on the matter.

However, I stayed with him as he Shifted before I Shifted myself. I screamed, and I cried, and I screamed some more. But, I could tell how the pain was reducing each month; so I hoped that soon it would be virtually painless.

When I was fully Shifted, I stood up on my four legs and stretched my spine out. I glanced over at Evan, and growled softly in a greeting. His wolf was larger than mine, with a long streamline body, and a deep brown – almost reddish – coat of fur.

There was a moment of pause, as every member of the Hender pack completed their shifts.

The Hender pack was smaller than Endoro, with about thirty five members and about ten of them not old enough to Shift. So, it didn’t seem awfully busy in the forest clearing.

Once everyone was shifted, Valentine – his wolf as golden as his hair and eyes – threw his head back and howled. Everyone else followed suit, howling loudly at the moon. Evan and I glanced at each other, before we also joined in.

Then, Valentine started to run. And, suddenly, every member of the pack was running with him – like a large wave moving together towards the shore.

It took a moment for Evan and I to notice what was going one.

Then, we glanced at each other before taking off in a run with the Hender Pack.



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