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Episode : 19

Lincoln helped me pack, which was odd. I had a small suitcase from when I first moved in with Lincoln, but with all the clothing and things he’d brought me recently didn’t fit inside.

So I ended up buying a new suitcase to fit all my new stuff in.

“You don’t have to take everything with you” Lincoln sighed, as I tried to force the top of it shut. “We’re not really splitting up” he grumbled.

“But people have to think we have” I snapped, running my hands through my hair through my hair in frustration.

Tears built up behind my eyes as I let out a feral growl of frustration. Lincoln grabbed for me, but I pushed him away. “No” I shouted, turning away.

“Julian calm down, it’s just a suitcase. We can buy a bigger one” Lincoln said, trying to take me into his arms again. I pushed him away again, as the tears finally began to fall.

“It’s not just about the damn suitcase, Lincoln. It’s about that fact that I have to leave, because someone wants to kill me.

And everyone is going to think that you don’t love me anymore, and Andrea and other She-Wolves are going to try to have sex with you.

And everyone is going to think that Evan is the father to my baby and–” my words turned into sobs, as I began to cry hard.

Lincoln frowned at me, as he pulled me into his arms.

My fingers gripped hold of Lincoln shirt as my entire body racked with hard sobs.

Lincoln didn’t speak as he ran his hand through my hair. For a good five minutes, he held me as I cried.

When I managed to get a grip on my emotions, I pulled back and wiped my tears away.

“You’re being childish” Lincoln stated, walking away from me and back to my suitcase.

He pulled a few items of clothing out, before zipping the suitcase up and walking it to the door.

“I’m not being childish” I frowned, taking a seat on the couch as Lincoln began getting his own small bag in order.

“Yes you are” he replied, coming to a stop and crossing his arms over his chest as he looked at me.

I hated when he did that – looked down at me as if I was below me. He made me feel small and pathetic, and I hated that.

I stood up and placed my hands on my hips. “Lincoln, with everything that is going on I have the right to be upset.

People will think you’re single again, and you told me yourself that She-Wolves throw themselves at your feet wanting to be your mate”.

“Julian, you know how I feel about you why would you question that?”

“It’s not you I don’t trust Lincoln, it’s every other She-Wolf.

It’s not like you never had someone before me. I love you, I’m just worried that you’ll find someone else while you’re away”.

I frowned, as I looked deep into his brown eyes.

“I was only ever with woman for two things; sex and to have an heir” Lincoln told me.

“I have both from you, why would I need anyone else?”

“Oh so I’m only good for sex and producing kids am I?” I snapped.

I had never imagined I would ever talk to Lincoln in such a way. However, I was sad, hormonal and only three days off a Full Moon – so I found myself seeking arguments with him.

“Stop it” Lincoln screamed, his voice deep and hoarse.

His entire body shook as fur began to sprout over his face and neck, and he half-shifted.

With the dominance he held in his voice and the way his face distorted into a beast, I dropped my head in submission.

Lincoln growled loudly, the claws that grew from his finger swiping at the air.

I whimpered in fear, and took a step back. Lincoln noticed me, as his black eyes glared at me.

He growled once more, before turning on his heel and storming out the house. I cringed as the front door slammed behind him.

I cried after he left, curled up under a blanket on the couch.

I knew that I was behaving irrationally, but I didn’t want to leave Lincoln and I really didn’t want Andrea or anyone else to try and get with Lincoln.

When he returned, I was still curled up on the couch.

Seeing me, he frowned but took a seat next to me.

“You know how I feel about you, why are you acting like this? You have no competition to worry about when it comes to She-Wolves.

You’re the only woman in my life, and you always will me”.

“Unless our pup is a girl” I commented, sniffing softly.

“Yes, unless that were to happen” he nodded, before reaching up and pushing hair behind my ear.

“Please, understand, I don’t want you to leave either.

But I am doing this because I have to, not because I want to. I’ll try and visit you as much as possible, and I’ll ring every night”.

“You promise?” I sat up, and Lincoln moved me closer to him; his arms going around my waist as he held me.

“I promise” he nodded. “Now we have to get going, or we’ll be late”. He pressed a quick kiss to the top of my head, before he got up.

I nodded at him, as I also got up. Lincoln double checked our bags as I ran upstairs to change.

I pulled on a knee length green dress, with matching heels. I wiped away my smudged makeup – from all my crying – and brushed out my curls.

Then I grabbed my toiletry bag before going downstairs and placing it in Layton’s bag; because it didn’t fit in mine.

“You look beautiful. Now, let’s get going”. Taking my hand, he led me outside to the car as he placed the bags into the back.

Evan was also waiting outside, eyes cast to the floor and a suitcase in hand.

“Alpha, Alpha Female” he nodded at us, head bowed.

“Hi” I smiled, slightly embarrassed. Evan and I hardly knew each other, but we had to pretend to be in love when we got to Hender pack which I wasn’t comfortable with.

I loved Lincoln, and I didn’t want anyone to think I was in love with anyone other than him.

Lincoln took Evan’s suitcase and placed it in the trunk with ours, before he climbed into the back of the car.

Lincoln and I sat in the front, with our hands linked together between our seats. No one talked for the journey.

When we reached a private airport about two hours away, we got out and collected our bags. A man in a yellow vest led us to a private plane that Lincoln had hired out, and the three of us boarded.

The plane journey was only an hour and a half, so it didn’t feel like long until we landed. When we got off the plane, the hot air hit us and I instantly regretted putting a jacket on before I got on the plane. I took it off, and Lincoln offered to carry it for me.

“Cousin” a deep male voice called to us, as we stepped off. Lincoln, Evan and I turned around to face the man who’d called to us.

Valentine” Lincoln nodded, and walked over to the man.

The two Alpha’s shook hands, before clasping each other’s back in a manly way. Valentine was a tall man, an inch or so taller than Lincoln, with golden curls and matching golden eyes.

His pale skin and blonde colouring made him look regal; no one could deny he was an attractive man.

With him standing next to Lincoln was odd; it was like the light verses the dark. Valentine was a bright beautiful man, whereas Lincoln was a cold edgy man – both attractive beyond words, but in polar opposite ways.

“Lincoln, it’s been too long” Valentine smiled, as the two moved away from each other.

Lincoln stepped away and gestured for me to join his side. “And this must be your mate”.

“Julian” I introduced myself, smiling at the Alpha. “Pleasure to meet you”.

“The pleasure is all mine” he replied, as we shook hand. “And you must be the future doctor” Valentine turned to Evan.

“Thank you for having me, Alpha Asenda” Evan said, dropping his head once more.

Valentine nodded at Evan, before turning back to London and I.

“Please, follow me”. He led us to his car; Lincoln getting into the front with Valentine, as Evan and I got into the back.

“So, how have you been Lincoln? Apart from the murders of course” Valentine began, as he drove us towards his pack.

“Good. I neglected to tell you something, I’m afraid” Lincoln admitted.

“Oh, what’s that?” Valentine asked – his voice showing his obvious intrigue.

“Julian is pregnant” Lincoln admitted, and I saw Evan stiffen next to me.

There was a moment of pause, before Valentine said his congratulations and we changed the subject.

But I still noticed that Evan was rigid; he had been since the baby was mentioned.

The Hender pack was beautiful – located on the edge of a large lake, with lots of small cabins and wooden houses scattered around it.

The grass was a bright green and the leaves of the forest, surrounding the territory, were just as bright.

“You have a beautiful territory, Valentine” I stated, as we drove through.

“Thank you, Julian. It does look beautiful in the sun, even if I do say so myself”.

He offered me a smile through the window, as he pulled the car to a stop outside his house.

The wooden cabin was large and rich in colour, with a small garden out front.

Valentine led the three of us inside, before his Beta arrived and took Evan to the cabin where we would stay.

I wanted to go with him, but Lincoln held me to him. Valentine showed us to our room, before leaving us alone for a small while.

The room had a wide double bed; the walls and furniture in the same wood that was made of the house.

“This place is lovely” I commented, as Lincoln placed our bags on the bed.

“I’ve changed my mind” Lincoln blurted out, taking a sat on the bed and running a hand down his face from stress.

About what?” I questioned, frowning softly as I noticed how distressed he suddenly looked.

“I don’t want you here without me. I don’t know if I can do that” he shook his head, his jaw setting.

“You’re my mate, you should be with me. I should be there through the pregnancy and we should go to the scans together. You shouldn’t be here without me” he shook his head once more.

“Lincoln” I sighed, walking over and taking his face in my hands. His eyes flicked up, making contact with mine.

“You said it yourself, this is a temporary solution. Until the killer is gone, we both have to make sure that our pup is safe – possibly your future heir.

I love you Lincoln, but we need to make our home safe for our pup. Alright?”

“Yeah” Lincoln nodded, pausing before sighing heavily.

“Yeah, sorry, I just got very nervous when I realised just how far away you’ll be. I just had a vision of you having this pup and me not being there and–”

“Hush” I said, pressing a soft kiss to his speaking lips.

“I’ll be back well before then, and we’ll raise this pup together”.

I smiled at him and he nodded slowly. We kissed once more, before I stepped away.

A knock came on the door, and we both looked up to see Valentine standing in the doorway.

“Sorry to interrupt the love-fest” he smirked, and I blushed softly. “Right, who wants a tour then?”



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