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Episode : 18

Lunch time of the following day, the entire Endoro pack headed back to their territory.

The car journey, with me and Lincoln, was quiet.

I curled up on the passenger’s seat, a blanket over me. I was tired, but I couldn’t sleep.

I was thinking about Jacob, as I stared out the car window – the scenery rushing by.

Lincoln was being quiet; and he was letting me have the radio on, which told me that he was trying to appease me. I didn’t speak to Lincoln, and he didn’t speak to me.

When we reached the territory, I felt the pressure in the air reduce and I felt like I could breathe again. It was like I had been stuck in a box, and had finally been let out and was able to notice how different the air was in that box to how it was outside the box.

Being home, in the Endoro pack, felt like a breath of fresh air.

“Come on, you need to go to bed” Lincoln said, as we headed back into our house.

“I’m not that tired” I shrugged, as Layton placed our overnight bag down.

“You haven’t slept in days, Julian. Off to bed, now, I mean it”. He wasn’t going to argue with me, and I wasn’t going to argue with him.

So I let him tow me up to our bedroom. I quickly showered, before changing into my pyjamas and climbing into bed.

Lincoln took a seat next to me on the bed. Reaching up, he pushed a piece of hair behind me ear.

“Go to sleep, Julian. I have work to do, but I’ll be back later on”. He gave me a sad smile, before leaning down and kissing me. His lips were soft and dominate, and familiar.

As soon as he kissed me, I felt all my bad feelings washing away.

All I wanted was Lincoln to kiss me, to cuddle me, to love me. So, when Lincoln pulled away, I quickly raised my head and brought our lips back together.

He didn’t deny my kisses, but instead deepened it by cupping my cheek and slipping my tongue into my mouth.

I lowered myself back onto the bed, bringing Lincoln with me.

He didn’t complain any, as he clambered onto the bed; all fours on top of me. I throw my arms around him, pulling him closer so that our bodies slot together.

After Lincoln and I made love, I cried for Jacob once more.

Lincoln held me, soothing me with calm touches.

We didn’t speak, there wasn’t much to say, so we just lie together. Our limps our tangled, and our hearts beat as one. In that moment, I know one thing to be true; I love him, no matter what he’s done.

Three weeks flew by, and my grieve was beginning to become bearable.

I had stop crying for him, and stopped dreaming of him.

Of course I still missed him – I wasn’t sure that would ever truly go away – but he was no longer the centre of my thoughts.

Lincoln and I had quickly fallen back into our routines, and the pack was calm. It was the calm before a very ugly storm that was to come.

On the Thursday before Christmas Day, I decided I should go shopping for presents and Arlene volunteered to come with me.

Lincoln was happy for me to leave the territory on one condition; I took Beta Strider with me.33

I didn’t mind that, as since the previous Full Moon we had remained friends – I had even begun to call him Antony.

We weren’t close, nowhere near it, but I knew what he did for me that night, and I wouldn’t forget it.

Arlene and I pulled Antony around the shops in the mall, fighting off all the manic humans who were buying last minutes gifts in a rush.

Christmas wasn’t a massive holiday for Werewolves, but it didn’t mean that we didn’t celebrate it.

I brought presents for a few people in the pack that had been good to me, before I focused on Layton’s present.

I hadn’t been sure what to get him; so I settled on a few items of clothing, a new laptop and a photo framed picture of us I had taken a week or so before.

“I need to go off on my own” I said, after I’d finished shopping for Lincoln.

“Are you kidding?” Antony snorted, “no way. Layton would have ours heads if we let that happen”.

“I’ll be fine, Antony, I promise. But there are a few things I need to get on my own” I sighed. I gave them a pleading look, holding my hands together in a begging gesture. “Half an hour, that’s all I need. Please?”

Antony looked at me, his eyes burning into my skull as he scrutinised my face closely.

But, finally, he sighed heavily and nodded yes. “Half an hour, that’s it. Then, I want to meet back there”. He pointed to a small diner opposite to where we stood then.

“Thank you” I grinned. I took off towards the stores, buying a few more things. Then, I headed to where I really wanted to go – to the drugs store.

A week after the Full Moon, I missed my period. I had thought that I could have been pregnant then, but I didn’t say anything. I waited a few more weeks, and when I still hadn’t gotten my period; I was almost certain I was pregnant.

I was extremely excited, but I was more excited to tell Lincoln.

I knew he would be happy with the fact we were starting our family, he would be happy that I would be providing him with a pup.

Inside the drug store, I picked up a pregnancy test; even though I was fairly confident I was pregnant.

As I scanned the shelves, deciding on which brand of test I wanted, a voice sounded out behind me.

“You’re dating Mr Addison aren’t you?” the voice questioned.

I turned on my heels, to see three men and a woman. All of them with in their mid-twenties, and looked at me with narrowed eyes.

I instantly went of the defensive.
“Mr Addison is my husband” I replied, before I turned away.

I picked up a pregnancy test from the shelf and pretend to be studying it – but the words weren’t registering with me.

I could feel the presence of the four people behind me, and they were making me nervous.

“You and your husband run a cult don’t you?” one of the men asked.

My heart began to hammer, and I was getting extremely nervous and scared. My hands shook around the pregnancy box, as my other hand slipped into my pocket and gripped my phone.

The three men suddenly surrounded me, the woman holding back slightly. “Answer me, bitch” one of the men snapped, slamming his hand against the shelving.

I jumped in shock, spinning on my hips to come face to face with humans.

“We don’t run a cult” I stated. I was scared, no terrified, but I tried my best to keep my voice as confident as possible. “We live in a gated community with our family and friends, that is all”.

“You think we’re all fucking stupid don’t you?” the man to my left – the tallest one – demanded. “We know you do all kinds of weird shit up there.

I mean last month you sacrificed some poor girl to Satan, or whoever you worship” he snapped; slight spit spraying from his mouth and hitting me.

“That girl was mauled by a wild animal, the police said so” I whispered, voice small. My hands were gripping the pregnancy test, as I faced the people off.

“Bullshit” the woman screeched, stepping closer and forcing me to back up against the shelves.

My back hit hard, and the shelves wobbled slightly. “We know you all killed that woman, no matter what the police say”.

“We didn’t, we’d never met that woman before”. I pressed two on my phone – speed dial for Antony. I only had three phone numbers of my phone; Lincoln was number one, Antony two and Arlene was three.

“Aw, boys, the little girl is having baby” the woman cooed, pretending to think it was lovely. “Wouldn’t it be horrible, if something were to happen to that wittle baby cult leader?”

She spoke in a childish way, and the men laughed. Tears filled my eyes, and a few spilled out.

“Please, just let me pass” I pleaded, trying to step forward. They didn’t move, so I stepped back again.

“Please, just let me out of the drug store”. I made sure to say where I was, to help Antony know where to find me.

“Shut up bitch” the shortest man screamed. I whimpered at the volume, and the aggression.

“Excuse me, is there a problem here?” a voice said from our left.

We all turned to see the drug store manager; he didn’t look happy with the view he saw. He noticed me, and recognition flashed through his eyes. “Mrs Addison, are these people bothering you?”

“Yes, Sir, they are” I replied quickly. The manager look wary of me; no doubt he had heard of Lincoln and his harsh ways.

But I didn’t care, I was just glad that he had saved me. He turned to the people.

“Out all of you. You’re terrorising a costumer, and disturbing the others.

All of you out now, before I call the police”. There was a heavy moment, before the woman nodded to her friends and they all left.

As soon as it was just the manager and me, I let out a heavy sigh.

“Thank you” I smiled.

“I am so sorry, Mrs Addison. Please, whatever you want, it’s on me today”.

The manager was nervous; he knew that Lincoln could ruin his business if he so wanted. He took the pregnancy test of me, and took it to the counter – just as Antony entered.

As soon as he saw me, he rushed to my side. “You alright?” he asked, I could see the panic in his wide eyes.

I nodded, a few more tears spilling from my eyes. I quickly embraced Antony; throwing my arms around him.

He froze, not hugging me back, but didn’t move away until I did.

“I thought they were going to hurt me” I admitted, wiping my tears away.

The manager came back, with a bag of my purchases and handed them to me. “Thank you” I smiled, taking the bag.

Antony had a few words with the manager, before he drove us back to the territory.

“Are you going to mention it to Lincoln?” I asked, as Antony helped me carry my bags inside.

“About the people attacking you, or this?” he demanded. I turned around to him, to see him holding the pregnancy test.

I rushed over and grabbed the box from his hands, before shoving it back into the box.

“I don’t know if I am pregnant, I just think I am” I explained, frowning at him. “But if I am, then I will be the one to tell him”.

“Yes Alpha Female” he smirked, laughing softly. “But, yes, I have to tell him about those humans”. Not long after he left to go find Lincoln.

Lincoln wasn’t happy about what happened, and when he returned he cussed out every human in the country. I sat on the bed, quietly, listening to his long winded rant. It was the first time – since I had met him – that I had heard him sound so passionate about something.

And that something, was mass genocide of humans.

“Please, Lincoln, let’s just forget about it” I sighed, taking his hand and pulling him over to the bed with me.

He frowned, but didn’t argue as we lay down together. I rested my head on his chest; hearing the way his heart beat sounded.

“Lincoln” I whispered, getting ready to tell Lincoln what he had wanted to hear since we’d first started dating.

That I was pregnant, that I was going to have his pup. I was excited to tell him, and excited for him to find out.

“Yes?” he asked, just as his phone began to wail loudly. “One second” he smiled at me, before answering.

It was Antony. He listened for a few minutes, before frowning and turning to me. “I need to take this outside” Lincoln said to me.

I frowned, but nodded. I waited for him to return, and when he did – he wasn’t happy. Instead, he was furious. ”

Lincoln what’s the matter?” I jumped off the bed, as rushed to his side.

Lincoln let out a low growl, his jaw clenching in anger. “Lincoln what’s wrong? What happened?” I demanded.

“We have another dead human on our land”.



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