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🌼Choice 🥀

🌹(You’re my soulmate)🌹

Episode : 16

Julian’s Pov 🥀

“Miss me?” Jacob asked, cheekily smiling as I launched myself at him. I hugged him close, wrapping myself up in his tight embrace.

It was odd how small and weak he suddenly seemed.

Before Jacob was strong and powerful, and would squish me when we hugged.

But, after spending so long hugging Lincoln, Jacob’s hug seemed feeble.

“Are you alright, Julian?” he asked, when we’d pulled away.

“You’ve been crying. Did he do something? That bastard bad Alpha, did he do something?”

He growled darkly; but again, it seemed feeble compared to Lincoln growl.

“Lincoln is my mate” I sighed heavily, shaking my head at how everyone was speaking about my mate.

“I love him, he would never hurt me. Why doesn’t anyone understand that?” I exclaimed angrily – the Full Moon was making me itch with rage.

“Because he’s a killer, Julian. A fucking murderer.

He killed his own parents, how can you say you love him?” he shouted at me.

I never used to like being around Jacob near the Full Moon, he always got angry with me when he was. I didn’t like people being angry with me.

“I do love him, Jacob. You don’t understand what it’s like to have a mate, I–”

“Of course I understand” Jacob roared, storming up to me – gripping my arms tight.

I cringed at his hold, but I wasn’t scared. I knew that Jacob wouldn’t ever hurt me, so there was no fear. “I understand, because I used to have you”.

I gave him a confused look, not understanding what he meant, but he quickly explained.

“I had you, Julian. We were friends, we had each other.

I have loved you since we were kids, and I thought you loved me too. You were just being too… Julian…to realise”.

“I was being too Julian, what does that even mean?” I questioned, feeling a bit offended.

My father used to say that the Full Moon was stronger than any truth serum – no one had filters on a Full Moon.

“You know” he shrugged, “you’re you. You’re odd, and you have a few issues.

Like locking the doors, and sleeping with a bear. You’re a bit younger than you should be at eighteen, you’re young for your age, you’re–”

“Lincoln doesn’t see me as young” I snapped, “he loves me for who I am”.

“Does he?” Jacob laughed – his laugh venomous and bitter.

“Oh so he told you that he loved you? That he doesn’t want you to do certain things for him, act certain way, wear certain things?

He doesn’t like you for you, he just likes the way you look”.

“You don’t know anything” I shouted; tears gathering in my eyes.

His words were hurting, cutting me deep. Because Lincoln did love me, he just couldn’t say it – and I believed him when he said that.

But it seemed no one believed that he could love me, it hurt me to know that they all thought I was that unlovable.

“I know that you don’t love him” he growled, “you’re in lust with him.

You’re just too naïve to know the difference. I can show you what real love is Julian, but first I’m going to show you want lust is.

So that you know, what you’re feeling isn’t love, it is just lust”.

I didn’t get the chance to ask what he meant by that.

Because suddenly, he pushed me forcefully against a tree.

I yelped in shock, as Jacob pressed his body on mine.

He looked down at me for a second, his eyes darker than usual and I could see his canines growing in his mouth. He was more Wolf than human.

“Jacob please–“. My pleas were silenced with his lips clamping down on me.

His lips were rough and foreign, and were not anything like Lincoln.

I pushed against him, shoving against his chest and pounding on his arms – it did no good, I was too weak.

Jacob’s tongue pried my mouth open, and plunged into my mouth.

I felt violated, and completely out of control. I was fighting hard, but my strength was just not enough.

I cried, as Jacob began to claw at my dress – ripping the material to reveal my bra.

I was sobbing as he kissed me, wishing the ground would just swallow me up.

Jacob was my best friend, he had been for as long as I could remember.

Yet, for the first time ever, I wished I’d never met him. I was scared of him, and I wished I never met him.

I closed my eyes, as tears spilled over my cheeks, as Jacob managed to rip my dress clean off me.

I was left in my underwear and my heels, as I sobbed and cried.

Jacob moved his lips to my neck, as he began to kill my nape. His arms kept me still against the tree.

When I finally gave up fighting, and I knew there was nothing I could do to stop Jacob, I stop fighting and just cried.

But just as Jacob began to nip at my neck with his teeth, he was ripped away from me.

My eyes shot up, and I let out a sob of relief.

Lincoln stood in front of me, his entire body shaking with pure fury.

Jacob was sprawled out on the floor; his face full of surprise.

His eyes were wide and shocked, and I realised he was coming down from his Full Moon fuelled lust and dominance.

However, the Full Moon was no excuse for his behaviour.

“I am going to rip you limb from limb” Lincoln screamed, the Alpha tone causing hairs to stand up on my body.

Raising his hand, Lincoln dropped his fist and slammed it into Jacob’s face.

I knew it was going to happen, that I wouldn’t be able to stop Lincoln beating him – so I turned away.

I faced the opposite direction, hands over my ears, and I cried to myself.

I knew that Lincoln wouldn’t let everything go; he was going to kill Jacob.

I couldn’t stop him, I knew that. I was sad, but I was also relieved.

I couldn’t believe that Jacob could have ever do that to me.

He had attacked me, tried to take advantage of me. I didn’t know what would have happened if Lincoln hadn’t shown up when he did – it upset me more to even think about.

When I felt hands slip over mine, and remove them from my ears, I screamed. “Hush, Julian” Lincoln whispered in my ear, from behind. I turned around; trying not to notice the scarlet blood on his hands.

“He tried to–“. I cut myself off with a sob, slamming my hand over my mouth to silence the cried.

“Hush, Julian. It’s done now, he won’t ever hurt you again. I’m here now. I’m here”.

He hugged me close, pressing me into his chest hard. Lincoln’s entire body was shaking, originally I thought it was because he was angry, but as I looked up into eyes I didn’t see angry.

“Are you alright?” I asked, reaching up I cupped his cheek with one of my hands.

He leaned into it, shutting his eyes, and let out a long breath. He shook his head no. “Lincoln, tell me. What’s wrong?”

Lincoln let out a heavy breath, shaking his head slightly. “You’ll think so little of me. You’ll think I’m a freak” he whispered out.

I had to double take, to make sure it was my mate in front of me. He sounded so young and vulnerable that I was taken back.

“I would never think that Lincoln. I love you, you know I do. Please, tell me” I whispered, tears falling out of my eyes as I cupped his cheek.

I was still shaking from fear, but I was more worried about Lincoln in that moment. He looked so young and vulnerable.

“What almost happened to you, it happened to me before” he admitted.

His words made my mouth drop in shock. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me, that he had been abused, been raped. I felt physically sick that someone could do that to Lincoln

“But how?” I choked out, tears running faster. “Who would do that do you? You’d fight them off, surely?”

Lincoln let out a heavy breath, his beautiful eyes glistening with emotions.

“I was a child, Julian. I couldn’t fight, I was too young.

I was vulnerable; so I made sure that I was never like that again. My mother – Alyssa – she had mental issues, ones my father ignored. When the abuse got too much, I snapped. I killed her”.

I was crying, tears streaming my face. “You didn’t deserve that.

You’re a good person, Lincoln. You’re a good person”. I felt sick to my stomach, at how a mother could do that to their son.

How someone could do that to Lincoln

“I’ve never told anyone that before” he whispered, voice hoarse as his face hardened back to normal.

“I told my pack, and my father, that she beat me – hit me with a cane. I said that I snapped, I was sick of her hitting me.

I never used to fight back because I didn’t want to hit a woman – that was what I said – until it got too much. It was a Full Moon, see, so they all believed me”.

“And your father?” I asked, still crying for him.
“He didn’t believe me, called me a liar.

Like I said, it was a Full Moon. I got angry and I turned on him.

Before she used to abuse me, she used to tell me it was because she loved me. So I can’t say that to you, not because I don’t; but it gives me bad memories.

But I like you saying it”. Lincoln finished, as he swallowed deeply – his adam’s apple bobbing low. I took a calming breath, as I looked up into his eyes.

“Is Jacob dead?” I questioned; my voice cracking slightly.

Lincoln didn’t say anything he just wiped the tears away from my cheeks.

“The Full Moon was no excuse for his behaviour” Lincoln snapped. “No one is ever going to make you go through what I went through.

I promise you that, Julian, no one will ever lay a finger on you. I promise”.

There was a pause, as Lincoln took his shirt off and handed it to me. He pulled it on, and I felt sick just looking at the blood on it.

The blood belonged to Jacob – my best friend. I choked on a sob, my hands shaking too hard to button the shirt up.

Lincoln hushed me, as he took the shirt out of my hands and began to fasten it for me. “He was my best friend, Lincoln” I admitted, “he didn’t mean to do it”.

I wasn’t sure why I was defending Jacob, after all he’d done, but I still loved the friend I used to have.

“Do test me Julian” Lincoln snapped, growling slightly. “Do not, and I mean it do not, make up excuses for him.

I’ve felt horny on a Full Moon before, but I never tried to fucking rape someone”. His words made me flinch.

Lincoln took me back to where are pack was; and called Beta Strider over. ”

You don’t let her out of your sight” Lincoln ordered him – physically handing me over to him. Beta Strider frowned, but didn’t argue any.

Lincoln gave me a quick kiss, his lips desperate, before he stalked off. Beta Strider turned to me, his lip turning up in disgust slightly. “You have blood on you” he stated.

“Lincoln killed someone. My old best friend” I told him, tears gathering in my eyes. Beta Strider paused, looking at me closely. He sighed heavily, shaking his head.

“Lincoln needs to get his shit together. We’re here as guests, he can’t just go on jealous rages and kill anyone who gets a hard on over you” he muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. He didn’t look please.

“Jacob attacked me” I whispered, eyes cast to the floor as I twirled my thumbs.

“Attacked you how?”

“He wanted me to be his mate. He tried to…he tried to forcefully mate me”. There was a heavy moment, before Beta Strider cussed.

He was about to ask me something, but we were interrupted by Lincoln’s loud voice.

“Listen up everyone” he yelled loudly, and everyone fell silent. Alpha Jones, and most of the Gresall Pack were all there.

They also went quiet and looked over at Lincoln. “I want you all to know that I don’t take disrespect to my title, my pack , lightly. Today, one of the Gresall Pack – Jacob – attacked my mate, tried to sexually assault her”.

Alpha Jones cut in. “Jacob loved Julian, we all know that. It wasn’t sexual assault, it–”

“Do not challenge me on the matter” Lincoln screamed, red rage in his eyes. “If someone says no, then they fucking mean no.

Who gives a shit about how they feel about each other. If someone says no, then you don’t pressure them. It was attempted rape, do not try and excuse his actions”.

There was a heavy moment of silence, before a male from our pack walked over to Lincoln and dumped Jacob’s dead body in front of my mate.

His face was disfigured, and covered in blood, and his body was twisted and broken in the wrong places. I felt bile rise in my throat.

“So I killed him” Lincoln stated – his eyes looking directly at Alpha Jones. Layton was daring him to say something, to mention that he was wrong to kill Jacob.

“And if someone else were to ever think about touching my mate, I wouldn’t hesitate to do this again”.

Then, to make his point even clear, he kicked Jacob’s lifeless body. I heard a crack, and I vomited.

Stay with her” Lincoln snapped – no hesitation in the decision. I frowned, not liking the fact I had no choice. But, then, after what happened with Jacob I didn’t like the idea of being alone when I was in such a vulnerable state.

Beta Strider gave me a smug look, as I sighed heavily. Turning to me, Lincoln took my face in his hands.

His beautiful eyes looked deeply into mine, before he bent down and kissed me. It was a hot kiss – and I pressed my body against his chest, as his tongue slipped into my mouth. I moaned softly, as I gripped his arms tightly.

Alright, break it up” Beta Strider shouted, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from Lincoln. “I get that it’s the Full Moon, and it doubles the horniness, but really; get a grip”. He rolled his eyes again.

I blushed slightly, before looking at my feet as I squirmed. “Antony” Lincoln snapped, frowning at his friend. Beta Strider just shrugged, before turning away.

Lincoln smiled sadly at me, “the Full Moon is about to reach the highest point. Are you sure you don’t want me with you?”

Sorry, Lincoln, I just need some time to myself. I can do that best in my Wolf form”. I gave him a small smile, before I heard a loud howl ring through the forest. I looked up to see the moon almost at its highest point.

“I need to shift” Lincoln stated, staring at the moon. I could see his eyes darkening and his hands shaking slightly.

“Go” I nodded. Lincoln gave me once last look, before running deeper into the forest. I felt a pain shot through my arm, and I grimaced. The pain left as soon as it came. ”

We should go deeper” I told Beta Strider, before heading into the thickets of the woods.

Beta Strider followed me, as I stumbled slightly over the woodland debris. “Why did you volunteer to do this with me?” I asked, as I came to a stop in a clearing. The branches covered the majority of the air above me; but the silver gleam of the moon still shone over.+

“Because, I didn’t want you to shift alone” he replied, shrugging in a nonchalant way. I gave him a weird look. “I may have been a bit of a dick towards you, but it was nothing to do with you. It was more to do with Lincoln. I just don’t think you’re good enough for him”.

“Why not?” I asked; bottom lip wobbling as I felt my emotions spike.

Because you won’t give him the strong pups that he deserved”. Beta Strider wasn’t saying it in a horrible way, he was simply stating facts. He didn’t mean for those facts to hurt me so deeply – but they did.

“So you’d rather him be with Andrea then?” I snapped. As the rage pumped through my veins, a sharp soaring pain shot throughout my body. I screamed, before collapsing to my knees.

Beta Strider told me to take deep breaths, and I listened. A few minutes later, the pain subsided.

“Don’t you need to shift?” I asked, wondering why he wasn’t shifting into his Wolf form. It wouldn’t be as painful for him; he’d shifted a lot more times that I would.



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