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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 101

Elizabeth’s POV

“Have you gone for pregnancy test yet?” Mr Ashley Romeo asked.

“Not at all…” I answered.

“You are still doubting the fact that you are pregnant?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” I answered and sunk to the chair.

“Leave now and tell Sam to drive you to his office?” He commanded.

“But I just came back from work, I need to rest?” I said

“As if you did anything else other than drinking yoghurts.” He said

“I hope my baby won’t like yogurt crazily like you.” He said.

“Your baby! where is he?” I asked?

“Oh! Don’t you know I have a baby?” He asked.

“Really? where is he?” I questioned.

“Come with me.” He said and took me to his room.

“Right there.” He pointed to the bed.

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“Can’t see anything?” I answered.

“My baby is so dumb , my baby is here.” He said and placed his hand on my belly.

“How can you be so sure I’m pregnant yet?” I asked.

“This was why I wanted you to conduct a pregnancy test on yourself.” He said.

I determined to perform the pregnancy test once and for all.

I walked out.

“Sam!”I called and he walked swiftly to me.

” Drive me to Mr Ashley Ro….my husband’s hospital.” I said.

“Got it.” He answered and opened the door of the car for me.

I got in and he did the same, he began to drive

On arriving at the hospital, I conducted a pregnancy test and it was said that I had been three weeks pregnant

I was so happy that I now have Mr Ashley Romeo’s baby inside of me.

I took the test result with me, I can not wait to show it to Mr Ashley Romeo.

On getting home, I couldn’t find Mr Ashley Romeo in the living room. I walked inside his room and saw him laying on the bed with only his play p-ant.

What gave me goosebumps was his hard d–k that was visible in his playpant.

“I am pregnant.” I announced happily.

He smiled and said; “Congratulations Elizabeth, all your dreams has come true, from being a CEO to being my orignal wife, to gaining my true love and being the mother of my children.” He said and I blushed greatly.

“Thanks sweetheart.” I said and he stood from the bed.

“I’m glad you just call me sweet name. I love you, Elizabeth.” He said.

“I love you more, Mr As…I love you my baby.” I said and we hugged tight.

The End.

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