THE ABOMINABLE ACT…..(18+)…..Part 1

Looking out from the car window, she can’t believe how much the city of Lagos has changed, she wondered if her beloved brother has changed also, it has been years since they last spoke and she missed every bit of it, she has once asked her parents why her brother stopped calling but they always comes up with many excuses which she can’t even understand.
Her name is Natasha Richardson, she is 23 years old, she is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Williams Richardson, and her twin brother Nathaniel who is normally known as Nath, the Richardson families are one of the billionaires in Nigeria, they owns different companies, hospitals, schools, universities and much more.
She was brought back from her thought when she felt the warm touch of Phillip her fiance, Natasha turn facing Phillip, there was a big and gentle smile on his face, she smiles back, she has remembered when she first saw him, it was this same smile that attracted her to him that was three year ago in UK (United kingdom) they met in the university because Phillip was also a student there, they have really come a long way and she was grateful to God for bringing such a wonderful man to her, Phillip is a 24 years old guy and also came from a wealthy family but not as wealthy as the Richardson, he came back to Nigeria two days ago and had gone to pick her from the airport that afternoon.
Hey, are you okey
yes am fine
We are here
That was when she realized they have got to her house, she look at the big black gate releasing the breath she never knew she was holding, the gate was a huge one.
Do you need me to come with you.
No I will be fine, I want to give them a big surprise.

That was her plan all along when she refused to inform her parents of her arrival, Phillip has even tried to convince her otherwise but yet her mind was fit on her decision.
We will see later then
Sure I will pass by tomorrow, how about that
That will be nice, will be looking forward to it.
They bought came down from the car, Phillip help her with the luggage that was in the booth of the car.
I will call you later
I will wait then for your call
Phillip wrap his hands on her waist pulling her closer to himself.
Hmmmmmm, my baby is missing me already.
That cause him to laugh.
We both know who that word is meant for, remembered how you cried at the airport when I was leaving for Nigeria.
Ohhh don’t be deceive I got something on my eyes.

Sure you did
With that he kiss her which she respond, warping her hands on his neck, they was like that for almost two minutes, they didn’t care if they was out in the public, who cares this is their love life, they disengage and said goodbye to each other, Phillip went back to the car but didn’t move, he was making sure Natasha went in, Natasha waited for sometime before the gate was answered by one of the security, after about few minutes of introducing herself she was allowed in, Phillip later drove away, Natasha was escorted inside the building, as she tag along the security man she admire the compound, there was lot of flowers that beautify the compound, a wine bar was seen at the other end of the compound, the packing space which has up to nine cars that was parked there, she was told her father bought the house four years ago, this was the first time she has been here, though she has seen the picture that her mother sent to her, there must be the basket ball pitch, the swimming pool and the big hall for festivities at the back of the building, the security rang the door bell when they got to the door and not less then few seconds the door was open, a young maid on her 20s stand at the door, the security asked her to lead Natasha to mrs Williams and he left, the maid help Natasha with her luggage, they both went inside the sitting room.
please wait here let me call mrs Williams.
The maid left, Natasha took the time to admire the sitting room, she has always known that her father had taste for good things.
Natasha, is that really you
Natasha immediately turned to behold her beautiful mother descending from the stair, Mrs Williams is a beautiful and elegant woman on her 40s but looking as her she looks more younger then her age with her light skin you will mistake her for a British woman, Mrs Williams is surprise at the same time happy to see her.
Oh my God, look at my princess.
She got to where Natasha was standing and both engage in a warm and tight embrace.
You didn’t tell us you were coming, why
wanted to surprise you all
And you did, your father and brother are not home but they will be back soon.
Natasha heart jumped at the mention of her brother she so much missed him.
You must be tired and hungry, let me take you to your room and the maid will prepare something for you to eat.
Natasha was a bit confused
Mum, my room.
Of course, you are our daughter don’t tell me you think we will fits things here without adding yours to it, even if you are not with us that doesn’t mean you are not part of us, come on
Natasha was so pleased, Mrs Williams takes her hand and begin to ascend the stair.
you will like it when you see it, Nath leaded the decorating, do you know he mostly sleep there and always clean it every week ends.
Natasha couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she thought Nath has forgotten about her, she let out a big smile at the thought of the fate that Nath still thinks of her.


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