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TEARS OF THE TEMPLE … (18+) … Part 3



Seb’s POV

I was sitting down pathetically at John’s house, just then two people came in, I rolled my wheel chair forward to greet them, His majesty had sent them from our world to check up on me

They were my sisters, Basy and Josy

Basy: Senior Sister, you are strongest of us all, what has human beings done to you?

Josy looked at the face of Basy to confirm her questions, and later faced me demanding an answer

Seb: This is the work of Senior brother Feri, he is too strong for me. The worst part of it is that I had cut off my wing

Josy is the outspoken one among my sisters

Josy: Senior Sister, you shouldn’t have cut your wings so quickly

Seb: And how will I look like a human being, I wanted to look like a human being so I can subtilty and successfully take down senior brother Feri’

Josy: Anyways, Senior sister, we are gonna help you

Basy: Where is he now?

Seb: You mean senior brother Feri’?

Basy: Yeah

Seb: I tracked him with my powers, he is in a part of the world in Asia

Josy: Good, lets carry you on our wings

Josy stretched his left wing while Basy stretched his right wing, I struggle to lay on their wings and off we go

We couldn’t talk as we go, If we would talk, we will have to shout because of diverse winds blowing in the air

I was directing them with my fingers as we travel through the air


Then we faced the asia continent, we were almost approaching the continent when we saw a whirle wind blowing heavily from a part of the continent

Basy:(Shouting) Hey Josy, hey Josy, can you hear me

Josy: (Shouting) Sure I can

Basy: (shouting) Where commeth this strong wind?

Josy: ( shouting) It’s that of senior brother Feri’ . Only he can blow with this high velocity

Basy: (shouting) We are doomed, he will kill us

Josy: (shouting) No, he can’t, we will fight and kill him

Basy: (shouting) How do we do our paralyzed senior sister

Josy: (shouting) Basy, stop questioning me , he is fast approaching, let us think of something fast

Basy: (shouting) I can’t think of anything

Just then the wind blew towards them and stood before them

The wind converted slowly as they watch it turn into senior brother Feri’

Senior brother Feri’: Oh! Caring sisters, So, his majesty sent you , seems you have forgotten so fast that I use to be your commander in the Temple,Just because I betrayed the Temple, you started disrespecting me

Feri: Do I had to cut the wings of you two before you learn not to disrespects elders

Seb: Feri’ you are gonna regret this

Feri: After your death

Senior brother Feri’ converted into wind and started blowing heavily on Josy and Basy, they were trying to find a tenacity for themselves so they can position themselves to fight him

But I was hindering them because I was on their wings

Brother Feri intentionally blew towards me on their wing but they both used their other wing to block the strong wind

If he had blown me , I would have fallen into nowhere

I guess there is a river down there, I’m not a mermaid, I come from the air not water, they will never receive me down there, they will just kill me

While I was busy thinking, thanking fate for the narrow escape, brother Feri moved back and charged towards us strongly in a way that almost made me fell from their wings

I have slipped from Basy’s wing already, I can see blood under her arms, she had being hurt by brother Feri

I was just using a hand to hold unto junior sister Josy’s wing while my remaining body was suspended in air

I was looking down scared of falling, but this stubborn Feri’ is not backing up soon

Brother Feri brought out a rope and threw it at Josy, Josy quickly guided it , in her process of guiding the attacks from senior brother Feri’
My hand slipped from the edge of her wings I was holding unto

I shouted as I fell into nowhere

Basy quickly flew towards me as I fall down to help me with her wings
But the force of gravity on me was too much that in few seconds, I was getting closer to the blue sea

Before Basy could get to where I was , I had sank into the river

Basy’s POV

I tried all my best to help my sister, she is very smart and the most powerful in the Temple, I do not know how we will tell His majesty that his favorite Seb had being swallowed by the blue sea

I watched as she sunk into the blue sea, I shook my head and I cried. I quickly flew back to help sister Josy.

Josy was fighting Senior broter Feri’ with all her power, but she was loosing, I quickly ran towards where she was and whispered into her earfor us to run away.

She was weak already, she obligued and we flew back towards the south, we flew up , flying as fast as we can.

Brother Feri’ never stoped following and throwing spears at us , he had already pierced Josy by her wing, Josy was bleeding fast, we were flying left and right so as to escape his spears.

We got closer to the plain’ i looked back and saw Senior brother Feri’ watching us with Fury as he stays suspended on the air

“That was a narrow escape” I whispered as I helped sister Josy into the temple, the temple soldiers quickly welcomed us

His majesty had just finished offering prayers at the sacred tent when he heard of our arrival

His majesty quickly abandoned what he had almost completed and came walking swiftly towards us

His majesty: where is my Seb?

Basy: Father , kill us

His majesty: (shouted) Where is my Seb

Josy: Father, temper Justice with mercy, do not kills us, we tried our best, senior brother Feri’ was too powerful for us, he fought us thoroughly, during the process senior sister Seb fell into the unknown, we can not say if she is dead or not

His majesty: Which unknown, I spent so much creating Seb, it took me 5000 years to create her… (Crying)And I told her not to go after Feri’ . he is too powerful, but she wouldn’t listen

Basy: Father, take it easy please

His majesty screamed and knelt down in pain

The Temple maids quickly came to carry His Majesty into the yard so they can minister to him by caressing him to sleep

I felt so sorry for His majesty, I felt bad for the fate of senior sister Seb’

“Please, somebody should help carry Sister Josy to the palace doctor” I said and the standing soldiers helped and carried her to the doctor while I stood watching and shaking my head in pain


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