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TEARS OF THE TEMPLE … (18+) … Part 2


Seb’s POV

“This part of the world is interesting, I thought as I sat on John’s sit, watching his chief slave winking at me

John: Seb, I need to know a lot about you, your mission, you do not look like one of us here

Seb: Just because of my wings, huh?

John: Yeah, maybe, you can fly, we can not

Seb: I said you should find a way of cutting it for me

John: But how will you fly back to your place?

Seb: The wing grows back

John: Alright, I’m a doctor actually , so Just follow me to the hospital and let’s do the necessary

” whatever he meant by hospital, I did not know , I kept my wings under my gown and followed him to the hospital

I was taken into a ward as it was clearly written as I was about to enter the room at the top of the room.

I didn’t feel any pain, I was told later that I was given anaesthesia, a drug that numbs pain. I watched as they cut off my wings and treated the open cut

In two hours time, I was asked to lay there and rest because of the wound

“Now that I look like one of humans, I can plan on how to attack senior brother Feri’

I decided to track Senior brother Feri, I closed my eyes so I can use my heart to search where senior brother Feri’ is.
” yes, I found him, he is in this hospital, he is even getting closer”

I quickly stood up from the bed and someone entered, he was putting on a suit and a brief case

Feri: Young sister

Seb: Don’t call me sister, you betrayal

Feri: (He smiled) And who are you to want to track me and find me

Seb: Oh! I was sent by his Majesty

Feri’: you must be kidding, he should have sent someone smarter

Seb: What do you mean?

Feri: You arent smart enough, you are weak and you love easily, anyways , I’ve imprisoned John and his chief servant. Tian, when you are ready to go back defeated to his Majesty, I will release them to you

Seb: Oh now, why would you do that, brother please leave them alone, they are just my helper

Feri: Exactly what I want, I want to know if you have a feeling for them, so I can know If I can use them as your weak point, you just confirmed it

He walked out gently

I watched as he left, I was still putting on the white jacket given to me by the nurse, I got angry, though my wings had being caught off, I imagined that I can still fight him

I ran out with footwears on and ran to where he passed. He walked so fast, I caught up with him outside and challenged him to a fight

Seb: Brother, wouldn’t it be good If I fight with you here, defeat you and take you to his Majesty’

Feri: (He smiled with a side of his lips) No, It would be bad because you do not have a wing and I can easily blow you away

Senior brother Feri’ has the ability to change into a strong a wind

Seb: Try it

I charged at senior brother Feri with my Claws growing on my fingers and my face becoming that of a werewolf

In an instant, he became a wind, he swept round me strongly that he carried me up and threw me to the roof of the hospital

I was panting heavily as I landed on the roof, I had became a normal human being by then , I was trying to stand up when senior borther Feri’ came strongly as a wind again again, he blew me without mercy , and I fell down from the three story building of the hospital

I cried because I wish I had my wing, I could have flied and probably run away, but I was powerless, I fell down at the backyard of the hospital

To my surprise, no one saw me nor attended to me till it was dawn in the morning when one of the cleaners saw me

He informed the doctors and I was carried inside the hospital ward in a stretcher

I was treated but I couldn’t walk again, my spinal cord has being grossly affected.

I was given a wheel chair to help, I just wished I hadn’t cut my wings

I walked with my wheel chair out of the hospital, I closed my eye and open my heart to know where Senior brother Feri’ kept John and his chief servant

“Yeah, I found it, but it is in a part of the Asia continent

” how do I get to Asia and save John and his cheif Servant” My wing has being cut off, I can’t walk

I thought so much in pain and agony


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