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TEARS OF THE TEMPLE … (18+) … Part 1

WRITER: Feathers


🎼 With wings shall I fly
With my tongue I sing
My beauty is forever
Beatitudes forever

Everyone say;
🎼 Your majesty
Your shadow has protected us
Your mighty hand has kept us
We bow at your feet

These were the songs being sang by the choristers of the kingdom

“Seb, my glory and honour, I have bestowed upon you, right from the day I created you, I have Loved you” A voice sounded with deep echo in front of me, it was the voice of his majesty

I bowed down before him in honour

“You and your sisters have made this Temple strong, when nations arose to fight us, you have stood like a soldier that you are, you fought and you overcome. Ask me this day for anything and I will do it for you” His majesty said conclusively.

Today is the day of our festival, everyone is happy, the choristers are singing beautiful songs, the dancers are dancing, It used to be once every year, My name is Seb, and I’ve fought a lot of battle for my kingdom and won.

I am respected by everyone because of my skills, I have six sisters, we were all created by his majesty, we were not born

We stay in a wide plain , an open realm between heaven and earth.

A natural eye will never see us, we Lived our life fighting

“Your majesty, may you live long” I replied

“In these last battle that we went, Senior brother Feri’ betrayed us, he liaised with the enemy and joined them to fight us, we all know how powerful Senior brother Feri’ is, when he realized that I and my soldiers are having upper hand, he did the unpardonable, which we all know, he fell down to the earth. Your majesty, I have a fear that Senior brother Feri’ may destroy the earth and kill innocent human beings. Please send me to the earth and let me bring Senior brother Feri’ back to this place. I will fight him and bound him in everlasting chains, he will cry for mercy but I will not show him.please send me Father” I said and bowed

“You know how much power I bestowed upon Feri’ , you might not be able to withstand his power” His majesty said

His majesty is finding it hard to believe that I can fight and win Senior brother Feri’

“Your majesty, let her go, senior brother Feri’ deserves to be punished my six sisters echoed to His majesty

” I do not want anytging to happen to Seb, you all know how much Love I have for her and how much powers I have bestowed upon her” His Majesty said almost crying

“Your majesty, I will go and I promise to come back” I said boldly

“Human beings are wicked, I don’t want you to be corrupted” His majesty lamented again

“Please, release me now” I said hoping that his majesty would let me go

“May my peace go with you” His majesty said and watched me turn back

I went to the gate of our kingdom, I climbed the hill beside the gate, and I could see how small and spherical the earth is

“Earth, here I come” I screamed as I fell down flying to the earth. The strong winds from the south was trying to make me loose balance, but my wings are strong.

I maintained my tenacity as I fly through different hurdles

I was getting closer to the earth, I saw a lot of houses , trees, forest, some part looked beautiful, some part looked extremely ugly

I kept flying down and I could see a lot of people on earth looking up at me as I fly down

I really do not know where to land, I was getting closer, suddenly , an evil wind started coming powerfully from the north, I know at once that it is the work of Senior brother Feri’

I was scared , but before I knew what was happening, I became unconscious

John’s POV

I was just waking up from my deep slumber, I must say, I really enjoyed it

Just then, I heard a sound of a bell in my room, I knew at once that one of my workers are calling out to me

“What exactly did this people want, it’s too early now” I said as I use my index finger to brush my eye lashes, I walked sluggishly to the entrance of my door and twisted the knob

“Sir, Sir” Tian said panting heavily like someone that saw a ghost

Tian is a male, he is my chief worker and he is very funny, I have 8 workers in my big house

“Tian, calm down, are you making a prank again” I said trying to form a joke

“Sir…he said and swallowed his spit

” Sir, something crazy happened in the compound” He said and moved closer to me

“What?” I replied

” We were all doing our early morning duties, the cook was cooking, the sweeper was swimming, the cleaner was cleaning, the…”

I interrupted

“The what? Just go straight to the point, what happened?” I asked

“Like a speed of light, In a twinkle of an eye, in what looked like a split second…”

I interrupted again, this time, getting frustrated

“Tian, I’m begging you, I know the joke is part of you, can you please go straight to the point, what happen?

” The angel just rolled from the air and hit the wall of our compound” He said making me more confused

“What? Who is angel”

“Boss, follow me” He said

“To where?” I asked

“To whereabout?” He replied and held my hand dragging me outside

“It’s me that is whereabout right? I asked and knock him on his head

“That hurts” He said and used his left hand to rub his decent hair

We got outside and I saw a very gorgeous lady leing down, beside the wall that fenced the house

I moved closer to her to observe her very well

I squatted before her, that was when I noticed that she is having a wing

“What the hell is this?” I raised my hand , turned it and faced Tian who was standing in awe along with other workers

“Maybe we should kill it, fry it and eat it” He said

“What is wrong with you this Tian, everything is a joke to you, why don’t you go get a knife and stab her ” I said and faced the lady

All this while, she was laying helpless, closed eyes, she is white in complexion, she has a white veil on her eye, she was putting on white gown from head to toe.
She wasn’t putting on any shoe or sander

I was confused on what to do with her , I stood up , just then I noticed that she was shaking gently

“Boss, if this thing wakes up, we are all dead” Tian said

I ignored Tian and watched it as it moved and try to stand up

I helped her up, even though, I did not know whom she is , I must say that she is very beautiful

“Oh! This is earth” she said as she stares around

“Yes, you came to the wrong place” Tian replied

“Will you keep quiet Tian” I said and faced the lady

“Gentle lady, who are you?”

“I came from the unknown, you guys did not have a wing, I guess I have to find a way of cutting mine too” She said looking at her wings

I was just watching her in surprise, standing akimbo

“I will help you, we are gonna perform a surgical operation to cut it off, but where are your families? Where did you come from?” I asked thirsty for answers

“Well, I’m not gonna disclose anything about myself, I came to the earth for a mission” she said boldly

“Which is?” I asked

“Are you gonna accommodate me for the main time?” She said and ignored my last question

I looked at Tian for answers, Tian quickly blinked his eye and shook his head implying NO

I looked at the lady

“Erm… We can’t accommodate someone that we did not know” I told her

“My name is Seb, my name is Seb, my name is Seb. Is that not enough information about me? She said and walked towards the room, leaving the workers, Tian and I standing behind where she fell

” Sir, a spirit is visiting us, looks like we are all dead, allow me to kill this thing called Seb” Tian said

“Go and kill her now, so she can use her wings to cut off your head” I said and joined Seb who was almost at the entrance


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