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  S£X With My Mathematics Teacher (18+)

TARASHA…(18+)…Part 1

This story is about a Lady Assassin who was
trained in Russia, specially skilled in the art and
carrying out the job with no fears, restraints or
She became so powerful and was greatly feared
by several of her male counterparts, including
some of the masters who trained her. She hated
so many things, God was number one on her
hatred list.
She came down to Nigeria and was still involved
in her profession until she met someone who
was willing to help her start a new life.
But people from the past came into her life
bringing back old memories. Then she met her
match, another fierce assassin.


The leaves spread out widely, gladly receiving
the heat from the sun as they stuck firmly to
their respective branches on the different trees.
The wind contributed to the happiness of the
living things as it blew heavily across the forest
occasionally, making some of the lighter
branches collide against the stems of taller trees
and other unmoving branches.
Danjuma cleared the way for his wife who
followed him happily as they took a stroll around
the forest, he stopped when he got to a cleared
path and waited for her to catch up with him.
They smiled at each other as they continued
walking through the forest hand in hand,
recalling how they met for the first time in that
same forest.
Ten years ago, Danjuma and two of his
colleagues had come for a research on wildlife in
the forest, they were inspecting a special breed
of lizards when they noticed a movement at a
thick bush opposite their direction, they paused
to observe properly. At first, they thought it was
a wild animal that hid behind the bushes and
they brought out their defence weapons, ready to
attack whatever it was. However, it didn’t take
long before a young lady in a Doctor’s coat
appeared, three of her colleagues who appeared
to be Doctors too followed. Lydia and her team
had come to collect some special herbs for the
manufacturing of drugs required to cure an
epidemic disease that troubled the village close
to the forest.
Danjuma got happily married to Lydia in Lagos
two years after they met. They had their first boy
in the same year they got married and had given
birth to two other boys after. After living in
Lagos for eight years, Danjuma relocated with
his family to Borno State.
Nine years later, Danjuma brought his wife to
that same forest on their wedding anniversary
hoping to bring back good memories of the past
to her which he succeeded at, as Lydia clearly
showed her delight while they walked through
the forest together.
‘Wow’ Lydia released her hand from Danjuma’s
grip and ran forward playfully, turning round a
spot. She laughed happily as she looked at the
sky, making her long hair fall backwards.
Danjuma followed after her and wrapped his
hand around her body. He looked straight into
her eyes, and placed a kiss on her cheeks
‘Nine years ago, I was standing here when I …’
‘Shhh… Quiet’ Danjuma hushed, ‘let’s just enjoy
this silence and the cool breeze’
‘I …’ A cry interrupted her and she paused to
listen carefully. The cry became louder, it was
the cry of an infant.
The couple looked at each for a moment before
they traced the sound carefully. They saw a
woman lying helplessly under a tree with a baby
laid on a wrapper spread beside her. The couple
quickly rushed to the scene.
The lady, actually a teenager was almost gasping
for breath when they got to her. A faint smile
appeared on her face as she saw the couple, she
turned her face to look at the baby and looked
back at the couple.
‘Her name is…’ She coughed out heavily.
Deborah knelt beside the teenager and gently
placed her back on her hand, trying to calm her
down. ‘What happened?’
‘I named her Omotara’ the teenager struggled to


The breeze blew gently on her skin through the
opened window as she peeped outside. The
moon lit the earth brightly, working with the well
lighted streets to reveal every road and blocks
on the streets. Tarasha looked up at the
shining stars, they seemed to communicate
something to her which she didn’t understand.
She turned back into the room and glanced at
the wall clock which was her only companion in
the large bedroom as the tick tock sound it
made was the only sound that could be heard in
the house.
She closed the window and walked to her
planning table; she switched on the laptop and
waited patiently for it to finish booting before
she clicked on a folder icon on the desktop. The
folder opened, revealing a Microsoft word
document which she opened and began to scan
She stood up a minute later, obviously satisfied
with the details gotten from the document. She
glanced at the wall clock again; it was fifteen
minutes past 1am already. According to the
information she was given to work with, the
Nanl gang would move the targeted van by
She walked to the drawer and bent as she
pulled it out, she didn’t think she would require
a lot of instruments for this job as she was only
required to pick up a carton from a van that
wasn’t heavily secured. She picked out her
favourite tool, a Walther PPK which she fondly
referred to as “baby”, she inserted it into the
pocket in her jacket with a silencer and closed
the drawer. She picked up a small black piece
elastic material from the table and stuck it into
her back pocket as she walked out of the
In no time, she drove out of the compound and
hit the main road. The road was very free as it
used to be at midnight, so she got to her
destination in less than ninety minutes.
She parked her car at a reasonable distance
from the house which was located at a T-
section part of the road, in a very dark corner
on the street where she was able to get a clear
view of the warehouse. Not too long after, she
could hear the sound of a vehicle engine being
started, she glanced at her wristwatch, it was
2.58am. She quietly came out of the car
through the other side and hid in the darkness,
looking around to be sure no one was watching
her. She sat on the car bonnet, pulled out the
mask from her back pocket and wore it, the
mask covered only part of her face having holes
that allowed her see and talk freely. She also
picked some black hand gloves from the car
and put them on.
At exactly 3 o’clock, the screeching sound of
the opening gate was heard. Tarasha changed
her position and bent down by the side of the
car as the opened gate now revealed a vehicle
whose front lights shone brightly, illuminating
the compound.
She watched as the van was driven outside the
compound and the gate closed. She noticed that
his two men seated in the van, one of them
spoke as they got close to her car. She couldn’t
make out what was been said but she knew
they were talking about her car as the driver
looked towards her direction.
After they drove a little bit far past her, she got
into the car and waited for them to make a turn
at the junction before she started the car
engine and pursued after them.
‘Look, isn’t that the car we saw parked a by the
road side now?’ The driver of the van asked
after spotting the car racing after them through
the side mirror.
‘Yes’ one of his companion answered him,
“looks like a Lady is the driver”
‘A lady? What does she want at this time of the
day?’ The driver was amazed, he made space
for her car to pass beside the van.
‘I’ve got something of mine in your van’ Tarasha
shouted as she already levelled up with them.
“Park your van and let’s talk”
‘Are you crazy wo…’ The driver couldn’t
complete his question as one of the van tyres
deflated at that moment. He struggled with the
steering wheel but was able to avoid an
accident since the van was on a low speed.
‘What happened?’ The other guy asked the
‘I don’t know’ he replied as he opened the door
and came out of the vehicle. Tarasha’s front
car light shone brightly into his eyes.
He was vexed and he approached the car in
anger where it was parked behind them, the car
light was turned off as he got closer. The Lady
came out and faced the opposite side, waiting
for him.
‘What on earth do you…’ A blow landed on his
face he staggered backwards, almost falling.
He charged towards her but she dodged his
attack and sent him another blow on his
stomach. Tarasha held his head before he
recovered and hit his head on the car bonnet
which sent him sprawling on the floor with a
loud cry.
The other man in the car was already rushing
towards her with a iron rod but she bent down
making him miss his target and almost falling
down. Before he could make another attempt,
she sent his legs off the ground with a sliding
kick that made him hit his head on the floor,
after which she hit his head his head with the
butt of her gun, knocking him out.
She picked up the other man who was already
bleeding through the nose and dragged him to
the back of the van.
‘Open it’ She commanded as she placed a gun
at the back of his neck.
‘The key is in the car’ he replied shakily. She
escorted him as he walked to the driver’s side
and picked the key.
‘Get me the carton labelled “D” ‘ she ordered as
the man busied himself with the key.
The man switched on his torchlight and begun
to offload the neatly arranged cartons. It wasn’t
too long before he saw the carton labelled ‘D’.
Tarasha made him carry it to her car boot then
she knocked him out with the butt of the gun
and drove off after making sure nobody saw
She checked her time as she parked car in her
compound, it was 3.50am already. She left the
carton in the boot and walked into the house.
Before she laid on the bed, she sent a text
message to an unsaved number from her phone.
*10am, same day *
‘D–n! You idiots’ Don exclaimed angrily as he
scattered the objects placed on his table. He
picked his gun and walked closer the two men
kneeling at the front of his table, there were
other five mean looking men standing in the
‘So you two mean an ordinary lady knocked out
both of you?’ He continued angrily.
‘Sir… I… I…’ One of the men kneeling down
stammered, he was the driver of the van.
‘You what? And you still laid helpless till the
police found and arrested you’
‘We are sorry sir, we promise to get her and
recover the carton’ the other man replied,
fidgeting all over.
‘Idiot, what did she look like? Can you recognize
‘No, she was wearing a mask, we didn’t see her
‘Idiot, how do you intend to get her?’ Don barked
‘We …’ The man began to speak but couldn’t
continue as Don fired bullets into the chests of
the both men.
‘Dispose them off’ he ordered the men in the
Four of the men carried the bodies outside, two
carrying each one. The remaining man who
seemed to be the next in command walked
closer to the table as Don walked back to his
‘We should have sent more capable men’ Don
said as he sat down.
‘We were not expecting any attack and this isn’t
the first time of sending both of them on
errands like this, they’ve never failed’
‘So how did this happen?’
‘It must have been well planned, I think we were
‘Played? Do you think Felix can play a trick on
me, knowing the kind of person I am?’
‘I believe that the carton was returned to that
warehouse, no one else knew about the
Don picked up his phone and dialed a number,
placing a stern look at the man standing at his
front as he waited for his call to be answered.
‘He’s not picking’ he announced to the waiting
ears of his subordinate.
‘I told you’ the man said boastfully.
‘Go get my stuff for me and bring Felix down
here in two hours’ Don ordered in a gruffy voice.
Tarasha rode speedily on the free expressway,
the breeze making her jacket fly backwards.
She loved the attention she got when she
occasionally sped past cars, the look on the
drivers’ faces was always a questioning look of
how a lady should be riding so crazily. But it
was her hobby, that was the way she relaxed.
She slowed down a little bit when she looked at
the side mirror and noticed someone waving
and calling.
‘Hey’ Henry shouted, slowing down the
powerbike speed as he levelled up with her.
‘Hi’ she replied him.
‘I’m Henry, can we stop and talk a little?’ Henry
asked, increasing his speed to level up again as
she increased hers first.
‘What do you have to say? I don’t have enough
time to stop and chat’
‘Sorry for disturbing but are you new around
here? I’ve never seen you with us at the bike
riders association’
‘What bike riders association?’ She asked,
increasing her speed again.
‘Nigerian bikers association, you don’t know
about it?’
‘We’ll… other time’ was what the guy heard due
to obstruction by the breeze before she sped
He concluded that she must have said to him
that they’ll talk some other time. But how were
they going to meet again, they didn’t even see
each other’s faces as their helmet concealed
their faces
He decided to race after and catch up with her,
but even after rapidly increasing his speed and
riding crazily for some minutes, no trace of her
nor her bike was seen.
‘It looks like we have someone who’s still alive
here’ Inspector James summoned other officers
to where he squatted, a wounded body was
laying in front of him.
‘He’s still breathing’ an officer who also
squatted beside him added.
‘He needs medical attention immediately, take
him to the hospital’ James said to the medical
officers approaching with a stretcher, as he
stood up from his position and gave way for the
officers to carefully carry the body.
He watched as they carried the body into an
ambulance and sped off. He looked around and
saw the medical officers packing the already
dead bodies into their vehicles.
‘The manager of the warehouse is missing and
there are no traces of him or his body around
the place’ he said to his colleague who was
standing beside him.
‘Yes’ came the reply, ‘we can’t tell if he was
taken away by the attackers or if he was killed
and dropped somewhere else’
‘That’s possible, but we have to confirm first
that he’s not at home or somewhere around
town. We have to reach members of his family
and his friends’
‘I’ve sent men to his house already, they’ll be
back with a reply soon’
‘Good’ James turned and looked around the
warehouse again, the look on his face turned to
a more confused one. ‘I’m just wondering what
kind of people attacked this place’
‘I wonder too and it doesn’t look like anything
was stolen, all the packaged goods are still
intact’, the colleague added.
‘I don’t think those who carried out this attack
are thieves, I believe they came on a different
‘Yeah, that’s true’
‘Felix Felix’ Don taunted the already tortured
man as he walked into the large room. ‘I see
you’re playing games with me’
‘No Don, I swear. I don’t plan the attack on your
‘Then where is my carton?’
‘I don’t know, we arranged the carton with the
other cartons and labelled it differently
according to our plan’
‘Who else knew about this our deal?’
‘No other person knew, even the men that
packed the cartons didn’t know that there was
anything different in it’ the man.
‘Who did you send to do the repackaging after it
landed in your warehouse?’
‘I did the repackaging myself , I removed it from
the beer carton and packaged it in the tin milk
‘Who saw you while you were doing it?’
‘No one did’
‘Hmm, then why is it that it was that same
carton that was taken from my boys?’
‘I don’t know sir , maybe someone here knew as
about our conversation’
‘Huh? Someone here?’ Don barked loudly and
stared fiercely at his men surrounding them,
who all shook in fear.
‘Yes, someone in your organization must have
leaked out the secret’
‘Them?’ Don gave a short laugh and stopped to
stare wickedly at his men again. ‘These ones
dare not sell me out, most of them weren’t even
aware of the deal’
‘Then, maybe you…’Felix stammered out of
‘Maybe I?’ Don barked as he brought out his gun
and pointed it at Felix. ‘Now, tell me where and
who you took it to’
‘I swear, I don’t know anything about this.
Believe me, I did everything according to the
plan and made sure no one was aware’ Felix
answered, shaking terribly at the sight of the
‘Okay, stand up and get out of this place’ Don
lowered his gun.
‘Ehn?’ Felix eyes widened in shock, not believing
that Don would allows him go.
‘I said get out before I change my mind’
‘Thank you Don’ Felix picked up his shoes and
stood up from his kneeling position. He
straightened up his shirt and headed for the
door immediately, he was about to open the
lock, bullet went in through his head.


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About the Author: Cool Stories 22


  1. Tarasha The best story I have read on this website
    Pls Pascal blinks I would really appreciate it if we could get to know each other better because I am thinking of making Tarasha a movie

  2. Is there anyone who finished reading this story to tell me up to which part does it end?
    Bcoz i read and couldn’t reach its end

  3. The story is made of 313 parts. It is a story that is captivating, please try and finish it.

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