I Need Somebody

I just return from school around 6pm and since no class tomorrow i
thought i should call one of my female friend lets rock the evening
together, tomorrow is friday and the only thing that will make me go
to school is my ID card, they say our ID card will be ready tomorrow
and if i miss it that means i will have to wait till next friday and i
cant do that because i have text next week and the ID card is our
pass, i will enter school by 12pm in the afternoon to go and collect my ID
card meanwhile let me see if i can control one babe this night
I took my phone
and scroll through my numbers I saw Amanda and dial her number, the babe make sense oh bit she they form well well even though I know say she bad.
Ama: helloo
Me: my baby how are you?
Ama: hmmm am fine but which one you they yarn me my baby na when i
become your baby?
(see jamb question).
Me: dear forget that one joor so because you nor be my babe i nor fit
call you my baby abi?
Ama: na you sabi na wetin happen self wey you remember me today?
Me: i was going through my contact and i saw your name and decided to
give you a call.
Ama: okay thank you anything else?
Me: errrmmm yes.
Ama: whats that? (the way this babe they yarn so e be like she they with one of her guy because she nor they answer me like this before).
Me: no dont worry will call you later.
Ama: yeye boy.

She cut the call and i start thinking the next person to call because I really need to serve my oga food and e Don dey wey I feed am, well there is one girl a
party rider she love party so much and her name is Laveda, shes my
coursemate in school and shes a little bit older than me I dial her number and she
pick it up at once.
Lave: Oz how far?
Me: i they oh how are you?
Lave: am cool just feel bored at home.
Me: i thought so, there is a party going at Executive Hotel.
Lave: really? Hope you are ready. (see this babe oh e be like say she they even expect my call)
Me: am always ready the party start by 10pm.
Lave: then i will come to your house by 10 dot.
Me: alright i will be waiting.
Lave: okay.

I was happy even though i know say she nor fine but at least i go
use am shake body small but i hope my wallet is heavy oh because i
know that babe sabi yak person die like yankee but anyway sha base on say any which way na way i go play the
blue later on na afterall harrysong say after the reggae play the
blues. (na since then Chelsea begin decline though they achieve something great this season by spurs to hand the trophy to Leicester I think that’s their greatest achievement this season, Chelsea fan make una no vex ;D )
I enter bed and sleep and set alarm so that i will wake up before ten
i dont want to miss this opportunity all my guys don nak this babe na
only me remain and i nor they carry last but this time i don carry
I slept by seven and hope that i dont miss my alarm or else i go go
mad oh, you know sometimes when u dey find konji and you nor see e go be like say person wan mad, if you think say I they lie ask iplegde10 that guy Don mad three times for campus na only white garment church they fit cure him madness.
i was still sleeping when i heard my phone ringing i wokeup
sluggishly and saw that its a message from First bank (first bank they operate in the night?) i thought its a
credit alert because am expecting money from my people but alas i was
wrong i read the message and i was surprise to see that First Bank
has remove 200 naira from my account again, this is the third time in
one month perhaps i need to change my bank because i cant take this
any longer, i was so angry that i didnt hear my other phone ringing i
look at the screen and i saw Lovina.
Me: hello Laveda.
Lave: where you they since na abeg come outside i they your compound.
Still angry i stoodup from my bed and open the door i walk outside our compound
and saw Laveda standing alone she wear bum shot with
singlet omo i forget about the bank alert sharp sharp and the only
thing on my mind now is bum bum alert not bank alert.


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