S£X WITH TOLU … (18+) … Episode 1



“Tolu” my mother called….”am going to the market and don’t forget to lock the door while going out”.
“Yes ma” I answered with visible excitement written all over my face,,,one seeing the happiness surging through me, would know I really fancied my mom going out……..but if u think am to go play football or go over to my friends place den u got all wrong ……I was going to fuck Bisola……
I was a young boy of 15 years….raisedby a single mom with two sisters…..
I was introduced to sex quite early as my 7th year…….the culprits that did this, I repeat (culprits) cuz they were two……..wereseniors in the school my mom taught……I usually trek from my school to the school where my mum taught (it was treakable distance) whenever we dismissed………being a teachers child who was quite handsome,,,every girl in my mom’s school would always want to carry me which I later found to be common everywhere (as in Wat’s wit girls and teachers children? )……Nkechi and Ngozi(not their real names) were my favorites or rather I was their favorite cuz they always choose to buy me things b4 settling down to business
……I think i should rather tell us dat my sisters were in dz same schools……..Nevertheless our “business” majorly consist of me always sucking their tits and them playing with my Mr “konji” ……I think its safe to say it was child abuse, not that i complained; To be honest i think I rather Enjoyed it cuz i always looked forward to it…….I had this kind of experience a lot in my early years(it will come bit by bit in the following episodes)…….my first main sexual encounter came in my 12th year…..Her name was chidera and she was an Igbo girl……we started of as playmates until a fateful day she touched my dick,,,,,den our play automatically changed……wewill always grope each oda wen no one was looking……..chidera had diz amazing boobs with big nipples dat beckons u to suck like ur life depends on it……..everyday while playing,their is always an opportunity for me to either suck her boobs press her nyash or steal a quick kiss……….
“Guy, u no go fuck dat girl” asked mike..

Mike was my best friend and partner in crime…..he was a daring son-of-a-bitch and can literally do anything he tells u he will do……He was short,stout and quite ugly..while i on the other hand was quite tall and very handsome…….
“Guy, no space I responded….I don’t know wey I fit straff am”…but truly I was scared cuz I hadn’t done dz b4………”com
e with me”
as he took me to a dark corner behind d kitchen line….”dis will be a nice spot”. he said..and truly it was a great spot for a quickie..
The next evening after our play was over, and everyone was retiring; I went to chidera, after some groping,,,” let’s go and do” I said……”comewith me” she replied as she took me without a word to the same spot mike showed me…..
“Are u fucking mike?” i asked…….”no” she replied but I already guessed at the obvious….
“Do fast” she said as she pulled her panties and faced me doggy style…..I needed no further invitation as I slammed my dick inside her cunt
“Ahhhh take it easy” she cried out….. but it was on my deaf ear as I kept pounding away while grabbing her boobs to support myself……”ahhhh uhh” she kept moaning as I kept on fucking her…..the sex was so quick and intense as I start feeling some sweet sensation……

“don’t release inside me”she said………but oops I already shot my load inside her
“No vex” I said
“No problem….justgive me 70 naira to buy soda water so I can flush it off” ………I happily gave her…………………….After my first sexual encounter,I became more wild and horny……I fucked chidera more times dan I can remember till the had to move back to the east………wesoon had to move from badagry to iseri….DAT was during my I5th birthday

She was one of our our neighbor’s daughter……she was heavily endowed big tits and big ass and she always wear skimpy outfits…….Iwas a good dresser myself and have already gotten ” my swag on”…..Bisola was a sex goddess and her dressing was so erotic…..dat she can make ur dick start nodding whenever she passes by….. but she was so social dat her manner of dressing was overlooked. And coming to think of it, I can’t remember her being cautioned or her being gossiped about throughout our stay in iseri…….
Bisola gave me d green light,,,,and as a bad guy I had to shoot my shot……..I approached her toasted her to which she agreed…….webecame secret lovers and was eagerly waiting for the chance to straff.
On the fateful day,,, after my mom left for the market,,,,I eargely dressed my bed and waited for bisola….the house was empty cuz my elder sisters have already started their university education and they lived in hostels.
A gentle knock on the door sprang me to action,as I opened the door and beholded Bisola in her full beauty wearing a tank top and bum short
I immediately dragged her to the room kissing her all over…..I was so horny…I removed her top and she wasn’t wearing any bra……now I was an expert in boobs sucking and I wasted no time in giving it the masters touch……..I bit it,licked,drew circles on it with my tongue as she moaned and screamed…….I then went down on her pussy,,,,, I started with the clit
“Please don’t stop” she moaned as she grabbed my head burying me more deep in her pussy….i
I licked then inserted my finger in her pussy by then her juices had started flowing so freely and I was eagerly sucking everything……”oh baby don’t stop am cumming” she moaned as I licked and fingered her ferociously……….”ahhhhhhh
hhhhhhh” was wat I heard as white liquid filled my mouth and my face.
“That was awesome” she said “its now time for ur treat”….she said as she took my dick In her mouth and she gave it dat Mia khalifa sucking..I was in heaven,,,, I was about cumming when she stopped,,,,,looked at me wickedly den straddled me………comeand see riding, right then I would have sworn that bisola was a porn star…. She would lift up her ass till her pussy was at the tip of my dick and slammed down with such force dat a miscalculated slamming could break my dick(dat is if dicks do break),…she was screaming as she was riding but I wasn’t going to allow to her take all the control as I immediately switched to my favorite position which is standing doggy ..
I drove in and out like a mad man till Bisola literally spoke in tongues,,;spokein tongues cuz I couldn’t decipher wat she was saying………I fucked her till I felt her knees getting weak but I supported her up by holding her boobs and pounding…….
“”don’t stop..I love u..fuck me harder” was am
ong all Bisola was screaming and moaning…..I changed cuz I can feel my cum building up as I increased my strokes…..
“Baby am”…
“What is going on here” a voice shouted through the bedroom window.



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