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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Eight.

“Chris, what is wrong? Who were you speaking to on the phone?” I asked worriedly.

Could it be about his business? No, if I remember correctly, I heard him say doctor, what could be wrong?

“Babe, common, it’s nothing,” he said, rubbing his thumb over my lips.

“The only thing that makes me really upset is when someone thinks I’m stupid, not like I don’t trust you but, I know when you aren’t saying the truth” I specified standing up from the bed.

“See… Jen, I don’t want to lie to you and…”

“You’re already lying to me, it’s fine if you don’t want to share any of your problems with me, what was I expecting anyways, I’m only good for your bed!” I boiled up.

“You are shouting”

“I don’t care, I shouldn’t have come here in the first place” I moved towards the door.

“Jenny” I was halted by his voice, it was so calm and I couldn’t go away even though I wanted to. “Don’t go, please”

My hand left the door knob as I turned to look at him, he looked so gloomy and distressed, I felt sad and I took his hand when he extended it.

He drew me close for a hug “you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, Jen, please, stay with me, tonight”

I saw the truth in his eyes when I looked into them, I heard the honest truth in his voice and I wished… I just wished…

“I love you, Jenny” he said close to my ear and I tightened my hold on him.

“I keep wishing we aren’t related, I wish time would stop at moments like this so we would remain like this forever, in each other’s arms” I voiced my thoughts out.

But, all of them remain heart wishes, one-day, we will get bursted like a balloon, we will be torn apart and like a broken bottle, our hearts will be shattered into uncountable pieces.

Only God knows when it’s gonna be and only Him will determine the situation that will split us. I pray he changes this fate, it really hurts.

And whatever that’s bothering him, I don’t want to pressure him because I don’t freaking care about any other thing, especially ones he doesn’t want to share for reasons best known to him.

My uncle is a good man, his wife a virtuous woman and they are so dear to me, they all are so good to me and I feel bad thinking about how disappointed they will be if they find out about this.

This is incest for crying out loud! How will I face the world, but still, instead of pushing him away, I held him tighter, what craziness is this?!!

When you feel you are doing the wrong thing or when you are actually doing the wrong thing, you battle with your conscience just as I am right now but I just noticed how blind love can be.

That stupid feeling can make you do crazy things, I still think about how my strongly built walls had collapsed under one second.

How my morals and principles have headed for the rocks and my pride as a woman which I had promised myself if not on my wedding night, that it remains there…

Now what, I was even the person that asked for it when he wanted to fight the temptation, I pushed him to give me more.

If my parents by any chance hear something like this, they will conclude without a second thought that my uncle’s city corrupted child has finally deceived their well trained Jennifer.

And if something else comes out of this… funny… I might die because I don’t want to go against the promise I made to my parents as their only child.

Haven’t I gone against it already?
These feelings are wrong, very wrong, something I have never heard of, even in the movies and novels, I’ve yet to come across any like this. Feelings that are beyond physical attraction.

Why should it have to be my cousin?
What exactly should I call this, lust, love or infatuation?

Oh Jenny! This is so disastrous but I still went up on tiptoe and kissed his sadness away, let me be his damsel in distress.

Let this last long because as wrong as these feelings are, I bet it’s true love for me, it grows stronger every second and I keep wondering if I still own myself or have I finally sold it to the devil?

“Jen, if there’s no time, how will forever ever come?” He asked, tightening his hold on my waist.

“If there’s no time, I guess every single second will be forever and moments like this will last for a decade” I said quietly.

“You see? Everything still revolves around time. I think it would be best if times like this moment, which is rare, should last longer than other times” he said, smiling down at me.

“Let’s stop talking and get some sleep, you have work tomorrow and you haven’t been able to have a good sleep, I will keep your bed warm, honey” I said pulling away from his arms.

“I think I should teach you how to operate your new phone,” he said, taking the phone from me.

“I hope you are not trying to insult me indirectly” I jested standing akimbo.

“What if I am? Are you thinking of murder, huh?” He asked and fell on his bed dragging me with him.

“No, let me lock the door, I don’t want what happened earlier to repeat itself o” I went to the door and locked it.

“So, Nancy scared you… hahaha” he laughed at me.

“Look who’s laughing! You should count yourself lucky, dude!!” I whined giving him a hard knock, he winced and reached for my hand.

I leaped up to my feet and ran around the bed as he came after me, he grabbed me from behind and flung me on the bed.
A laughter erupted from me and he quickly covered my mouth to subdue the noise.

“Hey babe! Do you want to invite more people here?” He said slowly.

“Chris?” I smiled as I held him, he lay comfortably on his back, I placed my head on his chest and played with his nipples.

“Yes, my Juliet,” he answered, touching my hair.

I lifted my head and used my knuckles to support it as I looked at his face and mused;

“mmm…my Romeo, where’s your hair because I remember Romeo has hair which Juliet’s fingers caresses during every romantic scene especially inside that swimming pool”

He’s the one that laughed this time and rolled his eyes, “Maybe she was so fierce while touching it that the hair angrily vanished”

“Jeez! Her fingers must be so impatient! And I think I love this hairless Romeo more than ever!” I laughed, throwing kisses all over his body.

“Jenny, I am sorry that I can’t tell you what you want to hear, but I pledge to you, if anything was wrong, you would be the first person to know” he said seriously.

“It’s fine… though I feel you don’t trust me enough to share your problems with me and…”

“No! That’s not the case, I trust you, see… I love you so much and I don’t want to hurt you, if it’s really something serious, I would have told you before you even asked” he sat up from the bed and cupped my face.

“Okay, I think we should simply forget it…but, if you ever want to share it, I’m right here for you and let me also remind you that you are so dear to my heart” I said looking into his eyes.

“I know, and remember that my heart beats for you” he took my hands, kissed them and gave it a light squeeze.

“Which part of your heart beats for me?” I mused, eyeing his bare chest.

“You have started again, right? I’m being serious, don’t…”

“Here?” I touched his chest ignoring him. “Or here?” I brought my hand lower.

“No, don’t go there, you’re about to play with fire…Jen”

My hand reached its destination and grabbed him “wow! I think this part of your chest really knows how to beat” I teased holding his aroused penis.

“You and I know that’s not a heart, I’m going to break your waist if you play with me like that” he gasped as he went on his knees and held my hair “stop…o-kay”

“I have been thinking, what would it feel like to carry me in your arms and take me without mercy” I kept torturing him.

He swallowed hard and caught my hand, “I wish I had bought protection earlier today, I would have even hanged you up on the ceiling and flog you till your brain comes around”

“I also think a romantic bath will be good” I said letting him free, he took a deep breath as if he just ran a hundred metre race.

“Don’t worry, I will teach you how to touch tomorrow, for now, let’s get down on how to operate a telephone” He said with a naughty grin.

I squinted my eyes and whispered; “you are the best teacher, just remember to teach me how to ride everything rideable including you”

“Shut up, naughty girl” he chuckled “we will visit quiet a lot of places tomorrow and I wonder which of my friends will make a move”

“And which of them I will choose, right?” I know that’s the sentence he purposely emitted. I will tease him about that.

“Who knows?” He shrugged.

“Caleb, is nice and handsome… I might consider…”

“Shut up” he made a face.

“Why would I shut up, if you feel uncomfortable introducing me to your friends because of your jealousy, why don’t you forget it, I’m not complaining” I scoffed.

“Just give me the phone, let me…”

“I’m not holding it, you can take it yourself, it’s right there before you”

“Hey, is that anger?” He looked amused but he should know that I don’t joke with everything, especially my feelings.

“What do you take me for? If I was all that, then why did I even choose to be here on my cousin’s bed and he still thinks I’m into every random man that comes my way!”

“I didn’t know you would take this seriously, okay? I’m very sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.” He grinned whimsically.

“Don’t even give me that grin because I’m not buying that…” I was already laughing when he kept a smiley face.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, my lady, should I kneel down and hold my ears?” He played.

“You are going to dance around naked before I forgive you this time, it’s already the second time in one night” I commented.

“You are not serious, are you?”

“I’m damn serious! Come here!!”

“Who is dancing around naked?!”

OMG! That girl hasn’t slept by this time?!
She even has the guts to bang at the door, what if Uncle and Aunt come.
I’m a dead meat! Did they pay this girl?
Why must she be the one to always hear something with all that her wide mouth?!

“What sort of sister is that?” I asked Chris in a very low voice.

“Mom and dad are awake already, you wouldn’t want the neighbors to wake too, it’s best if we open the door” he replied in a whisper.

“I can’t go out… I mean, what would they think I’m doing in your room if they see me here” I said as calmly as possible.

“That doesn’t make sense at all, they aren’t going to see you like this…on my bed…sit normal on the edge and hold your phone, I’m teaching you how to operate, they will understand because Nancy already heard your voice”

I think he hit some point there, common sense told me that she’s too brainy to be deceived into believing that his brother is here alone if I hide inside his bathroom.

“Aunty Jennifer! I want to poo poo!!”
How in god’s name did I offend this girl?

“I will open it…” I stopped Chris and walked briskly to the door, I opened it and smiled at her face while the back of my mind tells me to give her a dirty slap.

“Oh Nancy! I was busy learning how to use my new phone and I didn’t hear you calling me” I said and she surprised me.

“I didn’t ask you what you were doing, I already told you that I want to poop!”

Enêmy of progress, as small as she is! She’s right, who even asked me? I looked over at Chris and he buried his face in his palms laughing at me silently.

“Come here, let me take you to the toilet” I lifted her up and carried her to the toilet, “I thought you said you are a big aunty, why didn’t you visit the toilet yourself?” I mocked her.

“My mom said that big aunties don’t know how to clean their ass!” She said confidently.
So, she can be brainwashed after all!



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