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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Five.

I went on my knees as well and cupped his face, he purposely shifted his gaze, I saw the sadness in his eyes.

“Please, look at me. You didn’t hurt me, don’t make me regret this, Chris, I’m fine, I don’t want you to stop…not now”

His eyes finally met mine, “you are a virgin” he said worriedly, “I can’t help feeling like I took advantage of you, I should have controlled myself, you should have told me”

“No, please, don’t say that. This is what I wanted and you were gentle with me, I love you, Chris. Believe it or not, I feel safe when I’m with you. You didn’t hurt me,”

He took a deep breath and I felt better because he relaxed and covered my hands with his on his cheeks “I believe you, even a blind man will see that in your eyes”

“You promised to make this night a memorable night that I must never forget. Chris, I am sorry that am inexperienced, be my coach, teach me how to love, please”

He removed my hand from his cheeks and placed it firmly on his chest, “you aren’t inexperienced, Jen. You are just innocent and now, I am more afraid because I feel I am not the right person to…”

“Shhh” I shook my head in disagreement with his words “You are the right person because I love you and I also wanted this to happen”

“Jen, thank you, I… I just wish we could be normal couple, I will just climb the highest mountain and shout out to the whole world that I love you”

“We don’t need the whole world to make this happen, the two of us, on your bed, is all that matters. If you love me, show me, we don’t need the world to see”

“I will, for as long as I live, I will keep showing you…loving you” he beamed and planted a lingering kiss on my forehead.

“I… will be expecting that, I’m still waiting to exhale in contentment of your love” I gushed.

“Now, do me a favor” he gasped.

“What?” I chuckled.

“Lie down, close your eyes and take all the pleasure you can because I would want to show you the stuff I am made of,” he said, angling his head to kiss my ear.

I took his index finger into my mouth and suckled as I brought up my hands to rub at the back of his head.

“That’s more like it, sweetie” I coaxed
Woah! Who taught me all that?

“Come on!” He pushed me playfully to lie down on my back on the bed, he pounced on me almost immediately.
We shot off to the stars.

*Next morning*

I opened my eyes slowly and his face came into view, blurry at first and then, clean and handsome as the morning sun.

“I thought you would never wake up” he flashed a wicked grin at me.

He was holding my hand in his and he was still naked as he sat beside me on the bed, he kissed my temple fondly.

“Why?” I inquired as I tried to stand up from the bed.

“Because, I was certain… I…” He threw the sheets off of me and dipped his fingers between my thighs “almost killed….”

I caught his hand and pushed his butt off the bed, “your big head isn’t working normal this morning” I laughed at his tease.

“Aish! Babe, you have broken the remains of my waist, how will I…”


“Jesus!” My hands flew up to cover my mouth as my eyes widened. My aunt’s voice was near and her footsteps came closer to my room I guess.

I looked up at the wall clock in his room to see that it’s six minutes past nine. I forgot I didn’t get a good sleep last night and that I woke late.

I made to stand up but he stopped me “go inside the bathroom and change to your clothes while I send her off” he suggested.

He wore his clothes immediately and moved towards his door while I picked up my clothes and ran into his bathroom.
“Good morning, Mom!” I heard him greet his mother.

“How’s your night, sweetie?” She replied and I imagined her looking at my door when he said;

“Awesome, I think she’s still asleep, let me help you wake that lazy girl up”

“Oh! Okay, it just keeps me wondering if she had a good night because she told me that she usually wakes early”

I heard her footsteps and I guess she’s going downstairs and trusting her son to wake me up.

“Jenny, it’s morning!” I heard him shout and bang on my door, I laughed silently as he’s busy confusing his mother.

“This girl, don’t you know how to set your alarm or you forgot?!” He said and this time, he opened his door and peeped inside.

I plastered my palm on the wall and used the other to support my hips which I had practically raised up in amusement.
He came inside chuckling and shut the door behind him “you’d better run” he grimaced.

“You aren’t bad at all, which of the deceit colleges did you attend?” I hugged him.

“Yours” he said and tilted my chin up for a kiss.

“I didn’t get your tuition fee” I jested and he slowly moved his hand down to slip into my panties.

“No, Chris, do you want my legs to give up and you know that’s not going to be good by this time of the morning…” I stopped talking when he slipped his finger into my middle.

“Is that enough for my tuition fee or…should I…”

I broke free from him at once, a naughty grin played visibly on his face when he winked at me.

I half ran towards the door as I worked on holding back my laughter. “Maybe when next I come here, I will get all my fees!”

“Waiting on that…” He was saying but I was off before I did something stupid myself.

I went to my room and took a quick bath and changed into casual clothes, a purple top and black bums short.

I went straight into the kitchen and greeted my aunt who was already there. Nancy held onto her leg and followed her every movement.

“How’s your night, dear?” She beamed when she saw me, of course! Jenny is here to relieve her of some of the house chores.

“It was nice, Isn’t she going to school today?” I asked, looking at my little cousin.

“I guess you haven’t woken up properly, Jennifer, it’s a Saturday morning and I was thinking of taking you to my salon for a change of hair, you know?”

“Oh!” I snickered and reached for the young girl to hide my shame, am not even sure I’m fully awake too.

“We never got a chance to talk, you know, girls talk, we will grab lunch on our way back so we will have some privacy” she added.

“I love the sound of that, Nancy, you are gonna make your own hair right?” I turned my attention to the girl.

“No! It hurts, Sister Jennifer, please…can you plant my hair for me?” Nancy pouted her lips as she made a sad face.

“Yes! Only if you say it correctly, it is pronounced like this plait, not plant, okay?” When she nodded, I urged her to say it after me, her mother smiled but minded her business.

“Prait?” She giggled.

“Uh Huh! As big as you are, you can’t pronounce plait, eeeew!” I mused and she stuck her tongue out.

“Don’t insult my baby girl! She’s the most brilliant and intelligent girl ever!!” My aunt said as she added milk to the tea.

“I bet she’s also smart and… vibrant!” I concluded for her.

“Plate!” Nancy said and we all bursted into laughter, the cute little girl got angry and stepped down from my arms.

“Am going to report you to my dad,!” She left us in the kitchen.

“What did you do to her?” Guess who we have here?

“Someone just made a habit of nosing around the ladies’ kitchen” I snorted, meanwhile, I’m the one who is nosing around.

“Are you trying to change the subject, Jenny, tell him about your insulting my Nancy” my Aunt countered.

“He should ask her” I laughed silently as I labored all my attention on washing a few plates inside the washing basin.

If I look up at him, mmm… I might forget where I am and what we are and fly into his arms and knock him off his feet with a mind blowing kiss, crazy right?

When I heard Nancy complain, “she laughed at me” I glanced at their direction to see the little girl in her brother’s arms.
Oh! How much I wish to be in those arms again, wait! What’s that sign for? I have finally gone nuts!!

I don’t think Saturday was boring, but because I didn’t get a glimpse of him after he left for work till this Sunday morning, I almost died of boredom.

We all were already prepared to live for Sunday service when he came in, he showered quickly, got ready and joined us to church, he was the one that drove us all to church.

My uncle and his wife took Nancy with them to the front sit, they are Roman Catholics and we were early to seven o’clock mass so there were a lot of spaces left.

But, as I moved to join them in front, he tapped me from behind and took me to the back seat where some of our age mates were.

“This must be your cousin sister!” One of the guys seated behind us exclaimed, smiling at me.

“Yes, Caleb, Jenny is my cousin and Jen, this is Caleb, my best friend. We work at the same plaza, but he’s an engineer” Chris introduced happily.

“Nice to meet you, Caleb” I shook his already extended hand and faced the Rev. Father who was serving the seven o’clock mass.

“Am really pleased to meet you, and…you have a nice name, Jenny” he was saying and I only blessed him with a smile that made him smile all through the sermon.

I met more of his friends after dismissal and he held me close and introduced me happily. Everyone would see that as mutual but I feel he’s protecting me from his friend’s voracious eyes.

He promised them that I would follow him to the plaza on Monday, that way, I will be able to meet more of his friends and spend more time with them to know them better.

It wasn’t funny, but I couldn’t help grinning when he became jealous because I mingled with his friends, he was like; “it’s time to go home, Jen!”

“Won’t you allow me to have fun with your friends? Weren’t you the person that was busy introducing me to them?” I questioned when we got into the car.
I saw my uncle, aunt and little cousin coming towards the car then.

“So?” He raised a brow.

“Wow, ridiculous!” I managed to exclaim before every other person came into the car and he drove us back home in silence.

My uncle left for a meeting almost immediately after we got home. His business associates and club members were all calling him on the drive home, so he left in a haste.

I made lunch with my Aunt and she ate, took her bath and left as well with her daughter, she said she’s going to a meeting as well. Sunday seemed to be like that for them except Chris.

Chris didn’t join us for lunch and I kept wondering what he’s doing in his room. I thought of going to meet him because he still has things to explain to me, especially his whereabouts last night.

It doesn’t seem to be a big deal to him and my uncle and Aunt didn’t bother to question him about it as African parents do when their children sleep out.

Anyways, there are many things in this house that don’t seem to matter and I shouldn’t disturb people when they want to keep to themselves.

That’s me, when you close yourself in, I respect your decision and be a good girl not to interfere in your privacy, if he feels I have a right to know, I’m sure he won’t hesitate to tell me.

With that in mind, I went into my room and lay quietly on my bed. Seeing that we are home alone, crazy thoughts ran through my mind.

An idle mind, they say, is really the devil’s workshop. I laughed at my own stupidity and went to search for a novel inside my bag. I came with six novels and I haven’t been able to open a single one.



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