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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Four.

I slapped his hand off of my mouth.

“Are you still angry at me?” He tried to touch me again but I turned quickly and went to wash the mug I had used to make milk.

Milk that I didn’t drink because of his sudden entrance and he is here pretending to care, does he take me for granted?

“Jenny?” He came closer to me and when I felt his hand on my shoulder, I turned sharply and pushed him away.

“Please! Don’t touch me”

I know he would be thinking I didn’t want him to touch me because I’m angry with him. Oh, yes! I am very angry at him and myself too for not being able to control myself.

But, I don’t want his touch because I don’t trust myself when he’s being so close, does his heart also race the same way mine does? Heck no, if not, he wouldn’t keep rejecting me before my very face.

“Jennifer, am sorry if I hurt you earlier. The truth is… this whole thing feels so strange to me, I don’t… I don’t understand what I am feeling inside… it’s…God! How do I put it?”

He paced around the kitchen restlessly and I could see his sad face as I leaned against the wall, I wound my hands around me to avoid reaching out to soothe him.

“It’s… really strange” I sighed gazing at his back now, he was busy trying to make another milk as I had requested.

“You see, it would have been better if we weren’t related, I mean, we…could have easily…” He threw a glance at me “I don’t think I will fight this anymore”

“Fight what?” I asked dumbly, even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.

He came to me and I didn’t move away this time, he closed the space between us and his hand cupped my face, he planted a kiss on my lips.

“This… whatever it is between us” he whispered and deepened the kiss.

“Chris…” I held onto him as his tongue did wonders in my mouth “Chris, the…wait!” I broke the kiss and rushed to switch off the gas cooker.

“Oh…” He grumbled when he saw that the hot water was already drying up “let me continue! It’s specially for you!!” He beamed, taking the kettle away from me.

“You can as well make it with a lot of love and stop shouting so your parents won’t hear us” I said coolly.

“Okay ma’am, what else do you want me to do to please you?” he said close to my ear.

“I… well, I will tell you later in your room” I whispered softly pinching his ear seductively.

“You are… being naughty and I might lose control” he winked at me as he urged me to drink the milk from his hand.

“I actually… want you to lose control and…take me to the sky, how about that?” I trailed my index finger down his arm as I drew imaginary lines on it.

Now I get it! Who even taught me how to flirt with a guy?! I’m done for, I can’t even control myself. Jenny! Get a hold on yourself!!

“Jenny, I wish…”

“Shhh…stop wishing, we don’t wish for such things to happen, it just happens on its own and that’s what we all refer to as fate” I placed a finger on his lips.

“You’re very beautiful” he said and I guess he will repeat that till the next generation to come with that soul blazing eyes.

“Thank you. You have no idea how adorable you look” I returned.

“Let’s go into my room, stay with me tonight”

“Is that…a command or… should I say…a request?” I inquired as I took the mug away from him to put inside the washing basin.

“What if I say, it’s a demand. The whole of my body is on fire for you, it craves for your touch and I have this burning desire to take you…and that’s only if you let me”

“Take me! My whole being weeps to have a feel of you, Chris, please, take me… anywhere… anytime… whenever you want to” I placed my right hand on his cheek and looked him straight in the eyes.

“Are you sure you are okay with that?” He asked worriedly, I nodded and he lifted me into his arms.

He carried me carefully into his bedroom and laid me down on his bed, he held my gaze as he undressed. He was reluctant about it, I could read the fear in his eyes and his fingers that worked on his buttons slowly.

If I knew how to open my heart at that moment to show him how I felt, I would have done that because my whole body craved for him, it’s a crazy and stupid feeling.

My whole body was vibrating, my clothes became so tight that I could barely breathe and the only thing on my mind is sex.

I can’t say that I’m young and naive, I know exactly what I feel and how much I dread it but I couldn’t help feeling that way.

My eyes diverted to his waist when he was pulling down his shorts, I should look at his face because he’s looking at me but my eyes were fixed there.

His d*ck sprang out even before the shorts went down to his thighs, my eyes widened and my mouth went agape as my throat dried up.

He used the tip of his index finger to lift my chin and I looked up at his face. His room has a white light, so we could see just anything clearly.

I lifted my hand mindlessly and touched his arousal. “You are hot,” I murmured, caressing him.

“That’s what you are doing to me” he said quietly swallowing hard “Jen,” he moaned softly.

I trailed my finger from his chest down to his stomach. “You are beautiful” I said, smiling provocatively at his erection.

I stood up from the bed and undressed slowly with my eyes locked on him. I want him to understand that this is exactly what I want.

When I untied the rope that held my nightgown together, my nipples, my flat tummy and white lingerie popped into view. His eyes traveled down my body and he swallowed hard.

He isn’t shy to stand naked in front of me, I also want to show him that I can do that. I shrugged the dress off and his gaze flew up to look directly into my eyes.
I felt a bit nervous.

I closed the space between us and threw my arms around his neck “I think, you will do better to remove my panties”

He nodded affirmatively as his eyes scanned my face. “You are… very sexy and I… love you, everything about you triggers me, Jen”

“Stop flattering me, Chris, I want you inside of me. Can’t you see how ready I am for you?” I said out of control.

His d*ck pressed hard on my lower abdomen just like the first time, the only difference is that it’s skin to skin now and I just want him to take me hard and quick, but he’s playing gentle, not bad at all, just that my body is on fire and impatient.

“Jen, I want to be gentle with you… just… this one time, I want to imprint a memory of this first time with me into your brain, I want you to remember everything that’s gonna happen tonight vividly well even in your dreams”

“Okay, I’ll let you take control today, do your worst because another time, I might not let you be in charge” I said moving an inch away from him lifting my hands up to give his eyes full access to what he’s about to possess.

“I want to show you the difference between f*ck and love making” he lifted me and laid me gently on the bed again.

He doesn’t know that I haven’t experienced either of that. He’s going to be my first lover.

He bent over me to kiss me down there…he looked up at me when I whimpered and closed my mouth with his when I wanted to talk him off it, I didn’t expect that.

His lips moved slowly to my left nipple and he took it between his teeth, it was all firm and ready for his touch, I don’t think I will be able to handle this.

Why is my whole body not patient? I just want him inside of me, if he teases me a while longer, I might just break down into a thousand pieces.

His hand moved over to the other breast and held it as if it needed it to live, it fitted his hand perfectly well as he caressed it.

“Oh Chris!” My soft moans mingled with his savaging breaths and the pleasure was overly mine.

How can one person have so great a power over another? His touch was enough to melt me and weaken my knees.

A voice keeps warning me that I am about to commit a mortal sin, that what’s happening isn’t right but another domineering voice yells at me to forget about every other thing and focus on enjoying this moment.

He kissed a path down my stomach, over my thighs and along my calf. When his lips got between my legs again, I couldn’t help giggling like Nancy.

I couldn’t hold back my longing anymore, he’s being gentle but I don’t think I’m patient enough to take all that pleasure because my p*ssy is wet, and all ready for him.

I closed my eyes and whispered, “Love me, Chris. Please, now”

A fierce sense of possessiveness filled him as he said, “I will, Jenny, wait a bit longer”

I opened my eyes and stared into his eyes. I wanted him to see that I have run out of patience and all I want is him inside me.

He flashed a naughty grin when he tugged off my panties and tossed them to the floor, he shifted lower and pink colors rose to my cheeks.

His mouth got between my thighs and at the first touch of his lips on my vàginä, I fumbled for a stronghold… I caught the sheets between my fingers.

Patient and persistent, his lips caressed and his tongue suckled and tasted as he savored, I accepted defeat and surrendered loudly “Chris, please!!”

When I caught my breath, he grinned in victory. He didn’t stop there, he pinched my nipple playfully before his head bent over it again.

He nibbled on my breasts, and when he lifted his face to look at mine again, he sensed my turmoil and understood that I wanted more.

“I love you, Jen. You are driving me wild, you have brought out the beast in me” he made an open confession.

“Then…tame me” Was all I could say as he parted my legs wide enough to accommodate his waist as he was ready to do my bidding.

He threaded his fingers through mine and raised them above my head on the bed. Gently, slowly, he entered me. “Okay?”

I closed my eyes dreamily and nodded as my body stretched to accommodate him, I sighed softly welcoming him inside me.

“You are…so tight” he mumbled.

Treating me with care, he slid in and out, setting a rhythm that made catching my breath impossible.

I bet his thrusts quickened and stopped almost at the same time that I felt a sharp pain and I felt like something had just left my body, something irreversible. I’m a woman!

Grasping, I opened my eyes to look at him, his expression was that of utter amazement and I wondered if he had decided to end it here.

My eyes shone brightly with fresh tears that came with the pain. “Jen?” He called quietly.

“Chris, please, don’t stop now” I begged as I shook my head and forced my eyes to look at the blood on his bed sheet.

“Ah! I shouldn’t have done this. What sort of a person am I? I didn’t even…gosh! You didn’t tell me, why?” He was still on his knees beside me.



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