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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

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Chapter Twenty-Five.

I guess I should have known the whole thing from the very beginning because I knew when my uncle and aunty did their wedding, so they mustn’t have given birth and hidden him purposely for no reason.

Lisa found a place and she is moving in today, I also found out her boyfriend has been the one calling her and chatting her up asking to see her which she is yet to do.

I understand, she’s still contemplating because of her last experience but in my opinion, since the guy has realized his mistake and is ready to make up, I know with time, she will reciprocate.

I can still remember her saying that she still loves the idiot…or did she say fool? Lolz, love is wicked.

I guess I will even go to her wedding ceremony first and I will actually catch the magic for my own day.

“What are you thinking about?”

I looked up from the book I held to my face and faced Chris. He just finished bathing and he has made a habit of coming into the room naked ever since we started sharing his room.

“I’m thinking about you moving around naked, one-day Nancy might just come in here and freak out!” I teased.

He took the book away from me and kissed my forehead, “Then I will know you called her in to pay me for making you blush like this” he tapped my cheeks.

“Aunty Jennifer! Mum said you can help me do my assignment!!”

Speaking of the devil! I laughed loudly as he ran back into the bathroom and Nancy came in almost at the same time.

“Count yourself lucky!” I threw myself on the bed and laughed until tears came out from the corners of my eyes.

“What are you saying?” Nancy asked and struggled to climb up the bed.

“Don’t worry, darling… you will not understand!”

“Uhm…Babe! Help me get a towel, please?” He called from the bathroom.

“You will remain there until our baby kicks” I mocked him, which normal human being goes to the bathroom without a towel… I’m going to catch an evening cruise.

“What if we were really cousins?” I asked in wonder as we lay side to side on his bed.

“Well, God is not stupid, we wouldn’t have met in the first place” he replied simply.
His sister had left immediately.

I helped her finish up her homework, we had gone out for dinner and a really long evening walk and here we are… exhausted. Everyone has already gone to bed.

“Right. And I would live a boring life forever”

“You could have met your soulmate and he might be more lovable than I am” he said again.

“Lie, I don’t need another lovable person, I love you just the way you are” I smiled at the darkness.

He had switched off the light ready for bed but we enjoyed the night talks. “I miss you” he murmured and brought his face closer to mine.

“But I’m right here by your side, here to stay forever and you will never miss me again” I replied, pinching his nose playfully.

“Do you know it’s been two months and we haven’t…ridden a horse and my baby wants to tear off my jeans’,” he winked and I covered my mouth to subdue the laughter that threatened to erupt.

“I was thinking you are a gentleman, no more horse riding for me oh!” I joked and he turned feigning anger. “What’s wrong with this one?” I laughed.

“Just wait until we move into our new house, I will make sure you scream and wake all the neighbors every night”

“Oh I’m shivering! Is that what you want to hear?” I kicked him away from the bed. “Go and buy s*x control” I said, throwing the sheets over my head.

“Even if I buy a load of it, your presence alone is enough to destroy it, don’t you see how irresistible you are?” He laughed and jumped on top of me.

“Am going to shout” I played trying hard to push him off me.

“That’s a good idea, my mother will congratulate me and my father will call me son of the soil” he threw the sheets away and pinned me to the bed.

“Okay! Fine… I will… I have really missed you, I was thinking the accident has broken your spinal cord and you won’t be able to ride a horse again” I teased submissively and bent his head for a kiss.

“Holy ghost fire! God knows I can’t deal with that while I have a sexy young wife” he grinned sheepishly.

He has shaved off all the prickles of hair that has tried growing on his body except the ones on his chest and he’s back to the hairless Romeo I used to know.

“Why didn’t you cut these ones?” I asked, splaying my palm on his chest.

“Because I know your fingers will always want reins to hold onto when we get on a horse back” he chuckled pinching my cheeks.

“You are crazy! Stop playing with horse riding so it won’t be the first word our baby will learn” I wound my arms around his neck and bent his head for another kiss.

“Thank you, Jenny, you stopped me from making the most horrible mistake of my life,” he said with a serious look.

“I’m also sorry for causing you pain in the process, what could I have done if I had lost you” I said, hugging him tight.

He smiled and thrust his tongue into my mouth without warning. Johnny Drille’s song slipped into the room through the open window, it flowed with the night air.

“Did you hear that?” He asked as he tongued the back of my ear and slowly to my neck. “You be my Juliet and I will be your Romeo, my love” he followed the song when I nodded.

“That voice will close the studio, don’t ever think of choosing music as a career” I grinned though he has a good voice just like his father.

“Why hasn’t my dad’s voice closed the studio?” He laughed, lifted his face to look at me and licked his lips. “I want to see who I’m making mine, tonight” he jumped off the bed and went to switch the light on.

“You have always seen me, horse rider! When are we moving into our new house?” I asked when he joined me in bed again.

“I know you can’t wait to scream the walls down in pleasure, I trust you”

“Oh gosh! I won’t marry you again, how can I marry a man whose mind is always going negative like neutron”

“And I don’t want to marry a lady who is always being sassy indirectly and says I’m false” he ripped the buttons of my gown in one swift movement and sent it flying.

“Did you lock the door? You know your sister has recently started sleepwalking and beware is boldly written on her forehead” I commented and helped him out of his Jean trouser.

“Yep!” He kissed my tummy as his trouser fell on the floor, I felt excited for no reason as I watched the love of my life make me his over again.

Months Later.

“Hold my waist you fool!” I hit him hard on the cheek.

It’s nine months already and my water just broke, he doesn’t even know what to do, he’s running helter skelter.

“Oh my God! Why did you do this to me, Chris?!!” I screamed, the pain was excruciating and the baby wanted to push his head through.

“I’m sorry, baby. We will get to the hospital soon!” He said as he helped me into the car.

We moved into our new house…home recently and refused blatantly to heed to my aunt’s advice that we should stay with them until I give birth.

We have been enjoying our home until this morning. Now, I’m experiencing the pains a mother faces that makes them love their children with their lives.

My uncle and Aunt must be on their way by now because they were the first people Chris called and no doubt, my parents too.

“Drive!!!!! Chris, you have killed me oo! Hei !!!” I screamed bitterly, grinding my teeth as he drove out of the gates.

“Baby, I’m sorry…we… I…”

“Stop babying me! Concentrate… focus and just drive!! I will kill you if I survive this!!!” I swore and held my waist.

“God punish you! You only know how to ride a horse and am the one carrying the cross, Chineke mooo!!” I cried again.

It was a thirty minutes drive to the hospital, I was taken into the labor room by the nurses and after minutes of gnashing my teeth, I gave birth.

I saved a breath and looked at my baby before I fainted and when I woke up, my whole family was right by my side, what else does happiness look like when you feel loved.

“Thanks, honey” my husband kissed me and my mother danced around her grandson.

“So, it’s true!” Lisa ran into the room, a man was behind her and he carried her beautiful daughter.

She pecked me and said a big congrats to her friend.

“Welcome to the father’s club, man!” The guy grinned and shook hands with my Chris.

“This calls for celebration, I am now a grandfather!” My uncle smiled, Nancy hasn’t moved away from the baby’s bed ever since I opened my eyes and her full attention is on him.

Does she think the baby will fly away if she looks away? Children can be so funny.
“I’m also a grand Papa!” My father chuckled.

“What am I then?” The door opened and Chris’s father joined us, he wore the best dress and smiled brightly than other times.

“You guys are busy making noise, the owner of the baby is already playing with him!” My aunt joked and every head turned to look at our big Aunty.

“Which name is suitable for him?” Lisa threw the question.

“Chris Jr.!” Chris said immediately and captured my lips with his.

I closed my eyes and dreamed all the way to our bright future of a beautiful castle and a garden filled with the best children.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.