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Chapter Twenty-Two.

“I have learned to accept my fate”

“I wish I was lucky to find a guy that loves me like that, things we want is always far fetched”

“Lisa, don’t worry, the person meant for you will come, you just met the wrong person for now and who knows if that wrong person will come to right his wrong” I said coolly patting her chin.

“I pray so!” She laughed and we packed together for a while before she said, “Caleb fainted after you guys left”

“You are not serious, are you?” I asked chuckling at what the scene will look like, “thank God I didn’t witness that”

“All of them will wander around in wonderland for God knows how long!” She exclaimed, laughing loudly.

“Easy before someone comes in to ask what’s happening” I grunted.

“No seriously! You should have seen the look on their faces, it wasn’t funny then but now that I think about it, I can’t stop laughing!!”

“Who knows what they would be thinking!” I joined her.

A few minutes later, she said goodnight and left, I lay down on my bed quietly and refused to think about anything till sleep came.

Early the next morning, I was told Chris left early to work when I woke up, I didn’t see him all day and he came back in the evening when I was ready to leave.

He carried a bag with him and he offered to drive me to the bus stop where I would board a bus going to Ebonyi state.

After hugging Lisa, Nancy, aunt and saying a big thanks to my uncle for the money he gave me and everything he has done for me, I got into the car beside Christian and he drove out.

After some minutes driving on, I was gripped by fear when he took a lonely route and it’s already getting dark. What if he’s running away with me?! Why didn’t I remember he talked about eloping just yesterday?!

“Chris, where…why…” I didn’t know how to ask him what I was thinking and I prayed inwardly that it’s not what I am thinking.

Oh God!

“Chris, please stop the car!” I fumed trying hard to control my emotions because it’s about to explode, how could he do this to me?!

“I know you will hate me for doing this but you will come to love it when you understand what I’m about doing, we are going to be happy together” he said slowing down to cross over a bump.

It’s a kind of rural area because, apart from the main road, left and right are all people’s farms and many zinc houses are visible at the left side, people pass by there much more than vehicles so the bump is a good thing to avoid over-speed.

“No! Don’t do this Chris, it’s not the right thing to do and I am sorry I will not go anywhere with you, please stop!!” I begged more calmly, touching his arm.

“We love each other and that’s what should matter to us, if we stay back we will never be together and I can’t live without you, you are my world Jenny, trust me, I will make you forget every other thing and think of nothing but us!”

“You are crazy! I am the only child of my parents and your father has been more than an uncle to me, they also love you Chris, think about how they will feel if they know about this, where’s your sense of reasoning!!” I fused as tears wetted my face.

“They will understand and we will come back to them when we feel we are ready to face them” he said and sped off.

“Okay! You know what? Just turn around and let’s go back to your house, I won’t go to the village anymore, I promise!!” I piped swiping at my face and using my cloth to clean my nose.

He didn’t look at me or show a hint that he heard what I said as the car roared farther away to God knows where he was taking me. I knew I had to do something to stop this madness.

“Stop the car now?!” I fused and hitted his upper arm violently and repeatedly, he kept driving and even turned the headlights on as it was getting darker.
I pushed him and he looked over at me and said, “Jen, stop! You are never going to regret this, I promise you, babe please listen to me?!!”

“No! You listen to me because I’m already regretting this and I hate you for deceiving me like this, you told me that you love me and yet you don’t want to listen to me, what is wrong with you?!!” I shouted bitterly and gave him another push.

This time when he looked over at me to stop me from pushing him, the car bumped on something and flew into the air, “No!!!!!!” He shrieked and used his body as a protective shield over me while the car tumbled over.

Everything happened and ended in a wink of an eye and my head felt dizzy, I couldn’t move even as much as I wanted to, his body was heavy over mine and I couldn’t push him off because of our position in the car.

“Chris, please wake up” I cried as breathing became hard for me. It felt very hot in the car. I opened my mouth so it would aid in taking in oxygen to my system but it felt as if I gulped in a massive amount of shimmering hot water.

“Help!” I managed to call out when my vision got blurry before I gave up and blackness loomed over.

“You know I love you, Jen” Chris said and drew me closer to his arms, he sniffed my hair and smiled at me.

“I know and I love you too, my hairless Romeo!” I placed my head on his chest as I followed his dance steps, “I’m sorry I don’t know how to dance”

“It doesn’t matter to me, I’m always ready to be your teacher and thanks for giving me your first dance” he grinned.

“Who told you I gave you my first dance?” I looked at his face.

“You don’t need to tell me, there are certain things I know about you that you would be more surprised if I mention them” he stuck his tongue out playfully.

“Oh my gosh! He knows me more than I do know myself, and that’s why I will always let him take the lead and I will follow” I went on tiptoe and kissed his lips lightly and he lifted me up and twirled me around as pink colors rose to my cheeks.

“Thanks for making me your number one, in my life, I will always put you first after God, okay?”

“I trust you, babe” I threw my head back and laughed huskily, he held me tight on my waist.

“This is a big hall meant for parties, why are we the only ones dancing here?” I asked curiously looking around the big hall.

Different colors of lights shone brightly from every corner of the hall, flowers were arranged at every table and some were used to design the whole place. It’s beautiful and adoring.

“Don’t you like it?” He questioned winking at me.

“I love it, I am just wondering,” I replied.

“It’s beautiful but not to be compared to your beauty tonight, you are my heart’s desire and as alluring as you are, I want to take you over the moon” he said and bent slowly. I knew he’s gonna kiss me so I pulled his head down and hugged him tighter.

“You are irreplaceable in my heart, how fortunate I am to meet the best creature on Earth, the stars are rejoicing because you exist” I quoted before his lips caught mine.

“My name on your lips is the best melody ever in history, my world is beautiful because you are in it and loving you is what I live for” he returned and stopped moving.

“I have something for you” he said and reached to the table behind him, when he turned to me again, he held up a yellow box.

“What’s that?” I asked and made to take it but he raised it higher and told me to back off and close my eyes until he told me to open it.

“Eyes closed?” He asked, tapping my nose.

“Yes, I’m anxiously waiting” I said sharply because I couldn’t wait to see what he has for me, he’s my surprise master and I trust in his capability.

“Here! Open!!” I heard him say and I opened my eyes immediately, my hands went over my mouth as I gasped;

“Oh my God! Chris, this is wonderful!!” I grabbed the box and admired the beautiful ring inside, “this is diamond, isn’t this too much, Chris?” I said as fresh tears slid down my cheek.

“Nothing is ever too much for you, I’m just worried if you would accept the proposal that comes with it” he said calmly and I reached to touch his face.

“Anything from you is always acceptable by me, I promise to do anything you want as long as it’s the right thing” I assured him.

“Marry me, Jenny” he proposed and I couldn’t hide the surprise on my face, he’s not serious, is he?

“Chris…we…we are cousins, how could you think of that? What about our family, please forgive me because I can’t accept this proposal, it’s wrong!” I said and pushed the box and its contents into his hand.

“But you promised” he reminded me in a moody state.

“When you are on the right track, remember?” I also told him about the condition that followed my promise, he slumped to the ground at once.

“No! Chris!!” I knelt beside him, cupped his face and urged him to wake up but his eyes didn’t open and his body went rigid.


“Chris! Wake up, I will… please, stand up!!” I opened my eyes to reality, Chris wasn’t here, his mother and father were standing right beside me and a man on white garment.

“Oh God! She’s awake!! Doctor she woke up!!!” My aunt called the man’s attention, my uncle knelt down and whispered praises to God.

“Where am I, Aunt, what’s happening here?” I asked and made to stand up but the man pulled me down and told me to lay still and relax.

My mind started recalling, the smell of medicine drifted into my nose and I noticed the man is a doctor, “what am I doing in a hospital?” I asked again, looking at all the drips and wires fixed on my two arms.

“Don’t worry darling, you will be alright” my uncle said and pecked me.

My aunt kept kissing my knuckles and calling God different kinds of names, ones I know and ones I haven’t heard of.

“You are not strong enough to move now” the doctor said and I figured he’s right because I felt dizzy and weak.

“Chris, where’s Chris?!” I asked immediately and almost jumped up from the bed. If not for the doctor and my uncle, they were quick to hold me back.

“He’s still unconscious but the doctor assured us that he’s alright, okay? Calm down” My uncle said sincerely.

“I want to see him, please, uncle… I really need to see him and confirm he’s alright” I sobbed.

“Ma’am, is she his wife?” The doctor asked curiously looking at my aunt, she shook her head and he added, “I’m just curious because he keeps calling…Jen, or are they lovers?”

“What are you saying? Christian is my son and this is Jennifer, my sister’s daughter. They are probably worried about each other because they are both involved in the accident.” My uncle cleared the air.

I kept quiet when I realized where my worry was leading me . I felt better because of the doctor’s words which shows he wakes up if he calls my name.

“Oh! I see, they have strong spirits and like I told you before, they have no complications and they are mentally alright, but…meet me in my office, Mr. Mark” The doctor said and left.

But? What’s the but about? I hope there’s nothing wrong with my Chris, my uncle followed the doctor out and my Aunt smiled down at me.

“Don’t worry, Chris is alright and you too, oh…my happiness know no bounds to see that God answered my prayers”

“Lisa and Nancy?” I asked after my big aunty and Chris’s borrowed wife.

“They will probably be worried at home but they are okay, I will just call Lisa and tell her that you have finally woken up” she said and fumbled for her phone inside her handbag.

I wondered if it’s day or night, though I remember it was dark when I was in the car with Chris. I will ask her when she’s done answering her call.
I took a deep breath, relaxed a bit more and closed my eyes…

I had drifted slowly to sleep while waiting for my Aunt to finish her call. When I woke up again, there was tension in the room and they didn’t notice I was awake.

“What are we going to do? I don’t want my son to die, please help me, Mark. You promised to help me give him a good life and you have always been more than a father to him, don’t let him die now” My aunt was really crying.



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