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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Twenty.

I wasn’t enjoying the swim, not at all, but I had to pretend and laugh out loud to upset him wherever he is, he must be dying of jealousy right now and I don’t care anymore.

He really wants to move on at my own expense right? Does he think it’s easy for me? Even if he doesn’t love me as he claims, he should at least respect me.
Look at me talking about respect while I had sold my dignity, self-respect and pride at a cheap rate to him and still want him even more each and every day.

Which other respect is there? I will just use Caleb today and leave on Saturday because it’s really obvious I don’t belong here. Who knows if he hasn’t discussed me with his friends and they are about to take their turns on me!

My anger keeps boiling up and I really want to cry it out but I must be strong so I would save a little respect for myself, the worst part of this is that I don’t even regret giving myself to him, the feelings are still there in my heart and I hate myself for that.

I still feel his touch, his strength fills my nostrils even now that he’s not close and I know if he still wants to have me now, I will still surrender to him and he would always have his way with me.

Which other word is used for such nonsense, is it stupidity, craziness or…whatever it is, it’s a mental disorder and the one in my heart is heart problem, it’s not making sense at all.

“Guys! Bob has invented a new game, let’s go play and have fun!” Vivian shouted and everyone ran out of the water.

We all sat down forming a circle on the sand, everyone sat beside their partner and Caleb held me possessively but I didn’t even notice because my mind was decades away from the beach. Chris isn’t in sight and I foolishly searched for him with my eyes.

“When I spin this bottle, anyone the bottle’s mouth points at will have to answer truth or dare and you understand what I mean, right?” Bob explained the game with so much enthusiasm.

“Yes!!!” Everyone chorused. I so much wanted to ask Bob where Chris went but I had to force myself to keep quiet and try being happy.

“I will spin the bottle now” Bob announced, chuckling as he wheeled the bottle to life.

“Oh no! Not me!!” Nella scoffed when it faced her.

“Truth or Dare?!” Bob asked.

“I think I will go for…truth!” She said thoughtfully.

“When was the first time you had s*x?” Bob asked.

“Jeez! Isn’t that one hell of a question?” Kamzy said, rolling her eyes.

“Sometime around last year” Nella replied, covering her face.

“Huh! Who is the guy that defied our innocent girl, I know you can be modest for the whole world back then in school!” Vivian laughed.

“Who else if not…that her landlord’s son” Becky added and laughter filled the air.

“You guys are cheating! Bob, say something! They are already crossing the line” Caleb said even though the person being talked about is laughing heartily.

Sin can be fun but it always has a penalty at the end especially to unlucky people like me, and Lisa who is facing the penalty of her atrocities.

“It’s okay, time for another spin!” Bob came in and held the bottle ready for another spin.

He spun the bottle when the laughter subsided and it faced Kamzy whom Greg has been trying to hold and she keeps moving his hand away, that’s how it has been since I saw them, I wonder what they are.

As I mentioned earlier, the babe is not what I fancy as being pretty on the face but she has a better shape than myself and she looks innocent and she’s too quiet unlike the other girls.

Greg is handsome, they are the same height and I could see he’s taking his chances at her but she’s being adamant about giving him a place in her life because as I heard, he’s a playboy.

That explains why he’s flirting with her publicly and she’s giving him the backseat as the good girl she is. He has been hitting on me from the first time we met and I don’t blame the girl for safeguarding her dear heart.

“Kamzy! T or D!!” Becky shouted, touching her hair fondly, they seem to be best of friends.

“T” Kamzy replied quietly.

“Will you ever date Greg?” Popular asked sharply. He’s someone canny and your choice of a free and funny human being, always smiling as if he has never faced trouble in his life before.

I met him once when I visited the plaza. His fun tactics always get customers for him, he easily wins girls over so I can’t say if he’s in a serious relationship with Becky because of his personality but he is a nice guy.

I don’t even know if anyone knows his real name because he introduced himself to me at the plaza as Popular Crude and I still laugh whenever I recall the name.

“That would be the last thing I would do!” Kamzy replied pushing Greg whose hand doesn’t seem to know how to stay in one place.

“Oh my gosh! Someone got dumped!!” Bob mocked.

“That serves him right!” Vivian commented.

“Rejection of the highest order!” Lisa came in, she sat beside me and smiled, I kept my face straight and pretended I didn’t notice she was smiling at me.

“Another spin!” Bob announced and we all looked at the bottle, its mouth pointed between me and Lisa. “I think I will spin it again”

“Oh no! Ask them each a question” Greg suggested.

“Spin it again jhoor! I just came here and it’s already choosing me” Lisa said, throwing her face away.

“Okay! Here we go!!” Bob exclaimed and spun it again. I wasn’t in any way amused by what they are doing, I just looked from one person to another as if I don’t understand what they are doing.

“Are you okay?” Caleb whispered softly to my ear, I nodded affirmatively and he squeezed my hand lightly.

“Bob!” Nella exclaimed pointing at Bob, the bottle’s mouth facing him “T or D?!” she asked immediately, clapping her hands.

“D” Bob said grinning.

“I dare you to grab Vivian’s breasts” Popular said licking his lips, Becky hit him playfully on his back for being so nasty.

“This one knack me for head like weed!” Greg mused. “I wish I got this lucky!”

“Someone should change that one, all of you are birds of the same feather!” Kamzy countered.

“You don’t need to change it” Vivian said and eyed Bob naughtily, he kept grinning and folded his hands as if he doesn’t want to use it to commit evil while I know it has already done that a million times.

Vivian lifted his hand slowly to her breast and urged him to press with an inclination of the head, he did it and she went on her knees and kissed his lips.

“Wow! Someone is proud of the love of her life, I wish I’m Bob right now” Popular said and Becky gave him a side look.

“You two should stop already!” Nella snorted and pulled Vivian away from Bob.

“Bob? Aren’t you lucky?” Kamzy hummed, clapping.

“Oh yes I am!” Bob admitted and spun the bottle again.

“It can’t really be me, there’s a mistake somewhere!” Caleb said when the bottle faced him, he tried using his leg to push it away but the others already caught him.

“T or D?!” Bob winked at him.

“Dare bro!” Caleb answered closing his eyes, “you guys gotta take it easy on me oh!” He chuckled.

“I dare you to kiss Jenny!”
That sentence made my head snap up to look at Bob.

“Hey! Bob, they aren’t a couple, what stupid thing are you saying?” Vivian rebuked giving him a warning look.

“Who told you? Even if they aren’t, we are just having fun, aren’t we? And everyone else did what they were told to do, they too should obey the rules of the game” Becky rebuffed.

“Well, that’s a bit too much,” Lisa said.
Caleb stared at me, there’s no escape from this and I could only return his look.

“You guys are wasting time, eeew!” Nella whined.

“Someone should take the lead, bravo!” Popular added and all their attention was on us.

Caleb bent slowly to kiss me, I didn’t move, it’s just a touch of his lips on mine, right? There’s nothing there.

His breath was already caressing my face when a hand tore us apart, “don’t you dare!” Chris shrieked.

“What the fuck!” Caleb cried pushing him but his hands were tight on his arm “get your hands off me, Chris!!”

Chris didn’t flinch, he gave him a disdainful look, he held Caleb so tight that tears shone brightly in his eyes.

Bob and Popular went to pull them apart but they received punches that sent them flying.

“Jesus Christ! What the heck is wrong with you, Chris?!” Bob cursed, touching the corner of his mouth where he got hit.

“This is serious!” Popular blew out a breath and backed off.

“Chris, don’t do this, you are going to hurt your friend” Lisa said, she contemplated whether to touch him or not, but she knew better and kept her hands in order.

“Christian! What is your problem?!” I spoke up and he looked at me immediately.

“Jenny… I…”

“Get your hands off him!” I yelled at him and pulled at his hand, it was tight at first but his hand loosened and his clenched jaw softened.

“Jennifer…” I can’t recall the last time he called me by my full name with such a troubled voice, he reached to touch me but I moved his hand away and looked at Caleb.

“Are you okay?” I asked Caleb, he nodded and I hugged him, “I’m sorry about this, he doesn’t have manners at all”

“What?!” Someone exclaimed, I didn’t know which of the girls because it’s a female voice. I know I have made a big mistake but I want him to feel the pain I’m feeling.

He wants me and Caleb to become an item right? He should go back home and rethink! I hate him for taking a part in bringing me here in the first place.

What happened next knocked me off my feet, he spun me around and crushed his lips on mine, my knees gave up and I went weak against him.

What’s he doing in front of his friends? How in God’s name did we get here?!
I can’t even break the kiss… I held him tight and returned his kiss with equal hunger.
Am I cursed?

“What in God’s name are they doing?” Another voice snorted and that brought my mind back to reality.

I pushed him away forcefully and I looked at the people surrounding us, everyone was stunned and they all watched us in bewilderment, he didn’t even look remorseful at all.

“Aren’t they supposed to be cousins?” Popular asked in awe.

“There was a popular saying that wonders never cease to happen, I believe it today” Vivian added and shook her head.

“I suddenly need water and air!” Kamzy cleared her throat and paced around.

God! I have finally gotten myself stuck in a web, I looked down at the ground and tears streamed down my face.

He grabbed my hand and stormed away. When he got in front of the cabin, he released my hand and told me to change so we could go home.

I went inside and changed but I walked past him to the car when I came out, he followed me immediately, “Jenny!” He caught my hand before I got into the car.

I turned sharply and slapped him hard on the face, he sure didn’t expect that because he staggered and looked surprisedly at me.

“I hate you!” I went down on my knees beside the car and cried.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have accepted to bring you here, I thought it was going to help us. I just realized how selfish I was, please, forgive me” he begged squatting beside me.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” I pushed his hands away when he placed it on shoulder.

“If you want to kill me…then…” He lifted me into his arms and sat me down in the car carefully so I wouldn’t hurt myself because I fought to free myself from him.

He jumped into the driver’s seat immediately and brought the car to life and raced out of the place, Lisa will find her way home by herself.

He didn’t drive home as I expected, he raced through a lonely road which I know wasn’t the busy road he took on our way to the beach.

He stopped by the road and jumped down from the car, he came over and opened the door for me but I didn’t even stir.

“We need to talk,” he said, offering a hand. When I glanced at his face, the tears on his face and the sadness in his eyes made me agree that there was a lot to talk about.

“I can come down on my own” I shifted his hand and stepped down.

“I’m sorry, Jen,” he pleaded.



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