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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Two.

I sat down on his big, soft and beautiful bed. The bedspread was wonderfully designed with Mickey mouse sketches.

His enormous room has a few, but carefully selected properties. The blinds, brown in color with flowery designs covered every wall that it would have been dark if the lights weren’t on.

I can’t even guess where his window is located because of the non-transparent nature of the blinds.

Everything seemed in order, no dirt, no disarrangement of things or tattered pieces anywhere.

The room smelt like him, his soap, body cream, and body spray all mixed together to form one scent, it’s all whole and male.

He inserted a CD disk and Lil Wayne’s song, Popular, filled the air. I don’t usually like music but I like peeping into celebrities’ lives especially foreign ones like Wayne, that’s how I got to know it’s his song that was playing.

He removed his round cap for the first time today ever since I met him and I saw his head for the first time. There’s no single hair on his head, carefully shaved and neat, but if anyone should be awarded for the best head shape, it must be him.

If it were otherwise, I would have laughed at the hairstyle but I can’t even take my eyes off of it, it suits him just fine.

“You wanted to show me something” I started as my eyes followed him.
He hung his cap and brought out a PS from his bag, and a laptop too.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“I thought…”

“My father didn’t mention it and you too, so stop thinking” he said and sat beside me on his bed. He reads my mind pretty much for him to know what I was going to say.

“Sorry about that, my name is Jennifer”

“Lovely, Jenny!” He praised grinning.

“Thank you” I said and watched him log into his computer, he connected the PS to it.

“Do you know how to play games with PS?”

“Not really, actually I haven’t used a laptop before and I don’t know anything about PS or how to play games with devices except physical games” I admitted shyly.

“Okay! Let’s play this one together!”

Chris is a very good companion, I observed. He accepted all my flaws and was patient in teaching me how to operate and play video games with his laptop.

I felt really happy, he laughs at every little thing I do and I couldn’t help myself but laugh as well, he’s a cheerful fellow.

I was sloppy in learning at first and I wanted to give up playing some of the games, but he cajoled me to keep trying and you need to see me jumping up in jubilation when I won for the first time.

I played six different games before I told him that I was tired. I wanted to go out because I didn’t trust myself when I was around him and in his bed.

“You still don’t want to tell me about our hometown?” He said, winking at me contemptuously.

“You don’t forget, do you?” I asked.

“Yes, for your information. And, it doesn’t seem like you have anything to do now, let’s make use of our time, babe!” He said, logging out of his laptop.

He returned it to its former position before joining me on the bed again.

“What do you want to know about the village?” I asked him.

“Many things, everything if possible!” He shrugged.

“Well, in the…”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He cut me off with another question, I knew that had been the question on his mind. Now, what exactly does he want to know?
I only gave him a side look.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to tell me, I mean…” He started, but I answered, anyway.

“I don’t have a boyfriend, I actually have boyfriends” I laughed at his reaction to my reply.

“I thought as much,” he said.

“I’m not into a relationship if that’s what you meant, but half of my mutual friends are male.”

“I know” he mumbled something else but I didn’t hear it.



“Do you have a girl, serious relationship I mean?” I inquired and I could see my own jealousy boiling up.

“None for now, I have two ex’s already” he said simply like it meant nothing, he waved it away.

I wish I could simply wave it the same way he did, but I couldn’t, I felt really jealous that some girl…not just one but two…has impressed him before.

“Not surprised at all, someone like you doesn’t need to work hard to get a girl into your web, you can as well change them anyhow, anytime” I snorted, batting my lashes.

“Whatever you say, girls are literally stupid” he shrugged not finding it funny anymore.

“Are you collectively referring to every female species!” I interjected.

“Don’t get me wrong, but I haven’t come across any girl that has some common sense, they…”

“Stop! I don’t think this conversation is going to end well” I interrupted him.

“Jeez! You haven’t heard the last one, I was going to say they…”

“I still don’t want to hear it” I covered my ears with my palms playfully and he tried to remove my hands from my ears so I would listen as he continued talking, I didn’t hear it.

That’s it, we played around his room like two kids in a playground. We ended up scattering his bed. I found where the window was located when I used his curtains as a shield, we crashed quite a lot out of his few properties.

I don’t know what happened next when he caught me between the blinds and shoved me to his bed. Everything happened fast, like a fast-forwarding movie on a television, he pinned me to the bed and his lips descended on mine.

That I was surprised is an understatement, he had knocked air out of my lungs and I couldn’t describe the sort of magic his lips were performing on mine.

A voice kept ringing a warning in my head that he’s my cousin, that I should push him away, that it’s not normal, that we have to stop but my heart and body shimmed in jubilation.

I wished that we could remain like that till eternity. My whole world spinned and my body vibrated as it wanted more.

In a second, I forgot the world, I forgot how to think, I forgot who he was, I forgot right and wrong and decided to make this moment a sweet memory.

I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him closer, and closer. My legs went around his waist and pushed him so close that I cursed the material (clothes) that separated our skin.

I felt him hard and ready, pressed on my lower abdomen. If he wasn’t in jeans, I swear, it would have torn it and sprang out for good.

His mouth and tongue sought, found, tasted and savoured every part of my face and neck, hungrily. Greedily. Possessively.
His hand was restless, it tried to get my zipper down and it succeeded.

“Oh” I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my lips when his fingers caressed my breasts, our tongues fought for dominance.

I lost it, my hands traveled down to his waist, and started working on his trouser’s buttons.

In one quick splitting second, he jumped off me like I just pressed the right button that snapped him back to his senses.

We stared at each other in amazement, as we fought to keep our breaths slow and steady.

When my eyes went down defeated, I saw my half naked body, I drew at the hem of my cloth and closed my zipper with shaky fingers, I stood up slowly from the bed. He stood frozen until I walked towards the door, he caught my hand.

“Don’t go, Jenny. I mean…not like this, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know what came over me, I…shit!” He cursed when his voice trailed off.

“You don’t have to be sorry, it wasn’t exactly your fault. I mean…what was I thinking, I should have stopped us from… I… I will just go to my room” I half ran out of his room.

I rushed into my room and shut the door. There are a lot of empty rooms in my uncle’s house, so I was given a separate room. It was when I ran inside that I figured his room was actually the one opposite mine.

I went to look at my face in the standing mirror, I couldn’t see my face but I saw what happened in his room vividly.
What would be going through his mind now? No! What actually happened right there? I don’t trust myself but I remember he was the one that…

My whole being wept and craved for his touch again.

“How am I going to face him tomorrow?” I murmured to myself.

I am tired, it’s been a long day. I thought of taking another shower but I dismissed the thought because I didn’t want to wash off his scent which still fills my nostrils.

His touch still lingered on my body and my mouth felt supple and swollen from his kiss. I threw myself on the bed and went on dreaming about what’s coming next.

*Next morning*
I was woken up from my daydream by my aunt’s voice when she called to wake me up that the day had broken.

Truly, when I left bed and looked at the wall clock at the parlour, I saw that it’s almost twelve past eight. I had brushed my teeth and washed my face before coming out of my room inside my private bathroom, so I joined my Aunt in the kitchen.

“Good morning, Aunt?” I greeted her and looked around to see what I would help her do.

“Morning, how was your night, Jennifer?” She replied.

“Good, I overslept… you should have woken me earlier” I commented.

“I know you must be tired from yesterday’s journey, so I had to allow you to rest, I woke you up so you would take your bath and then go back to sleep, it’s good for you” She said tapping my shoulder.

“I don’t usually sleep that long, I was just tired and now, am awake, so I have to help you out here” I said and took the tea mugs to rinse for her to share breakfast.

“Nice, I really won’t mind if you take a good rest, you know” she shrugged smiling.

My Aunt is a very nice woman, she’s jovial as well and she kind of likes petting people. My first impression of her was wrong, I discovered her virtuous side.

“Good morning, Mom?” His voice echoed in my head.

My heart sank. One of the mugs almost slipped off my hand, it was sheer luck that it fell back inside the washing basin.

My whole body shivered and I kept myself busy with pouring the tea instead. I have to make sure I don’t look up, I might end up wobbling out of the kitchen.

“How are you doing son?” My Aunt asked her son.

“Am awesome, and you?”

“Not bad at all!”

“How was your night, cousin?”

Cousin? Is he referring to me?
I am busy minding my business, why can’t he just go if he’s done greeting his mother?

Wake up, Jen. It doesn’t seem like anything serious happened last night, but why does it matter so much to me? It doesn’t seem like it matters to him, anyways. It’s no big deal!

I glanced at his face and forced a squeaky smile “It wasn’t bad, kinda refreshing and yours?” I rolled my eyes and brought it down to pouring tea.

“My night was splendid, let me help you with that” He chooses his English words carefully, I must comment.

He took the jug from me to pour tea himself, but I didn’t give him a chance.

“Mr helper, there doesn’t seem to be another male presence in this kitchen, it’s not meant for you, get lost!” I snorted.

“Huh? Jennifer, don’t be rude when a guy wants to help you out in the kitchen, it takes an intelligent man to help out in the kitchen!” My Aunt jumped in.

“Mom, don’t mind her, I know how to handle her!” he said as he carefully took out the tray pan to arrange the breakfast.

“Aunt, don’t tell me you are standing in for a guy in this kitchen o, doesn’t he know his place?” I objected.

A rush of aspirin ran through my system as his fingers brushed against mine when he took the last mug of tea from my hand.

I glanced at where he touched me and moved quickly away from him, what’s wrong with me? Is this really my heart?



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