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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Nineteen.

“I see, the food from last night made everyone wake late” she laughed. “Okay!” she clapped her hands practically together and added, “I was wondering if you would want to go out with me and Chris”

I looked at her sharply, what’s she talking about? “How?” I asked pulling down the polo shirt I was wearing.

“Actually, it’s my idea for us to go out together with his friends and have a good time since you will leave soon, babe” she said, giving me a pleading look moving towards me.

“Well, I don’t…know if I will be able to go out, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want to have another memory with him” I said slowly, returning her look.

“Hey babes! He said the same thing too but he finally accepted on a condition that I will be the one to tell you since the last time he asked you out, it went wrong” she said and joined her palms together in plea.

“Aunt and uncle, have they taken breakfast? I think we should go… ” I tried avoiding the topic but she got me.

“They’ve left already! Do you even know the time?” She exclaimed, my eyes widened when she showed me the time on her phone.

“Jeez! I didn’t know… I overslept” I drawled and went to sit down on my bed, “Isn’t he going to work?” I asked her more seriously to know if there will be a possibility of us not going anywhere.

“He isn’t, and…one more thing, he said you should get dressed in the same clothes you wore the last time, I hope to see how stunning it looks because he said so much about it!” She said enthusiastically.

“I haven’t told you that I’m going!”

“You don’t need to say the word, I see you going already” she smiled and dashed outside, “get ready quickly babe!”

*After few minutes*

“Wow!” Lisa beamed when she saw me walking down the stairs, Chris stood beside her all smiles.

He’s dressed like a gentleman, black jeans and Calvin Klein yellow polo shirt, a pair of black canvas and a face cap, everything looks great on him, even rags though he wouldn’t dare dress in them.

He came over and helped me down the stairs because I was in high heels, though not too high for me but being a gentleman, he offered a hand.

Lisa doesn’t look bad either, she wore a sleeveless grey gown, ordinary designer slippers and carried a Louis Vuitton white handbag, the necklace and earrings she wore glistened.

A simple but expensive outfit. “Shall we” she said smiling as she took the lead.

“Thanks” he said close to my ear and kissed my wrist when he noticed I’m wearing the wrist watch he left on my bed and also the diamond he bought for me.

I nodded and took the cap off his head, “let me hold it for you” I said laughing, it always looks good on him but I don’t think it’s fashionable with his look today.

“I like your hair” he said touching it and I only smiled at him, the heels helped me grow a bit because I matched his height and our faces are level.

He opened the car door for me and carefully led me inside before he took the driver’s seat. Lisa, who was already seated in the car, grinned at me. We shared the backseat.

“Where are we going?” I asked curiously looking at her as we drove out.

“We are actually kidnapping you!” She teased looking at Chris through the mirror.

“Where exactly?”

“You dare ask the person holding you hostage about where he’s taking you, do you want to get hit?!” She played on and we all laughed.

“We are going to a beach in the outskirts of this town, you will love it” he answered seriously.

“We will also grab lunch and dinner at some special places, you will find out soon and remember, his friends are with us, they are there already!”

I looked at him through the mirror and I caught the sadness that crossed his eyes at the mention of his friends.

I understand that look and it’s nothing but jealousy because his friends usually don’t let me breathe.

I wonder why he would accept to include them in the invitation list while he doesn’t like them hovering around me like flies to wounds.

“Are they coming with their… girlfriends?” I asked a foolish question that even made him look at me through the mirror, I twitched my mouth in amusement and he relaxed a bit. Better.

“A few of them might tag their babes along”

“Hello, Jenny!” Caleb shouted, taking my hand immediately I stepped out of the car.

“Wow! She’s stunning!” Greg praised snatching my hand from Caleb, he glared at him.

“Hello guys!” I waved and smiled at some of their friends, I recognized some and it seems I haven’t met some, especially the girls with them.

“Hello Jen, we have heard quite a lot about you and I must say, you are beautiful,” one of the girls said, returning my smile. Some of the others flashed their teeth while their eyes told a different story.

“Thanks sweetie, nice to meet you” I said and took the hand she extended, at least she’s being honest and friendly than the other girls.

“My pleasure, the name is Vivian,” she said. She is pretty and brown skinned, not too slim and has good eyes.

“So, no one saw me!” Chris tried calling their attention to himself, his male friends went to him and the girls came around me and Lisa when she finally came out of the car, she had been busy answering a call.

“So, how’s you and Bob, Viv?” Lisa asked Vivian, Bob is her boyfriend, I heard. “Hope you are giving him the bad girl style?”

“Oh yes girl! I can’t afford to loose him to some stupid next door girl because she wears bikini pants, I give him back to back like…you know nah!” Vivan replied laughing and looking over at the guy in question.

“That’s nice, wish you luck though you gotta be careful” Lisa said cynically. I just stood in the midst of five girls and looked from lips to lips as they discussed their different boyfriends.

“I heard what happened between you and Jerry, how could he leave you helpless like that?” Vivian shook her head.

“True babes! If any guy does that to me, I will kill that person even if it’s the last thing I do, I can’t take that shit from any maga” Nuella, a Niger Delta beauty said, she doesn’t look as tough as she talks, but you know girls and their wagging tongues.

“The guy will come back, bet it, because he will never find anyone who would love him and tolerate all his nonsense as Lisa does” Kamzy, not too pretty on the face but she has a good shape said boldly.

“Excuse me babes, let me…take this” Lisa excused herself as always to take a call, I keep wondering about how many people call one person in a day.

And that makes me wonder if she’s as decent as she claims, well…who knows. Could it be that Jerry is back again already?!

“Hello ladies! I think it’s time to go have some fun!!” Caleb shouted as the boys came over, he linked my hand with his and took me towards the beach.

I looked over at Chris, he was trying to mingle as the others talked to him but he was looking at me too.

I removed my heels and dipped my legs deep into the cool sand. Caleb said something but I didn’t hear him as the wind blew my hair over my face. I didn’t bother asking him.

“Is it true you are traveling?!” I think he repeated the question more loudly when he realized I didn’t hear him.

“Yeah! I will leave this weekend” I replied huskily and moved his hand away from my waist in a friendly manner so I wouldn’t offend him.

“Are you ever going to come back?” He asked and moved to stand in front of me so he would have a better view of my face. I made sure a smile brightened my eyes.

“Dunno” I replied simply.

“Please, Jenny, give me your number so we could talk over the phone. I have talked to Chris about it but he finds an excuse not to give me your number” he said holding me in my arms so I would stop moving.

“I…well, I guess it’s because he doesn’t…have my number”

“But, why would that be? I mean…he…”

“I don’t have a phone” it’s not exactly a lie, the phone was bought for me a few days ago, right? So I have got no phone.

“That’s… weird for a big girl like you to have no phone, you must have your reasons, anyways” Thank God he took that.

“Yep!” I smiled radiantly and walked towards the water, he followed me.

“Did Chris tell you anything?” He asked and I shook my head, what could that be?
“Mmm” he shrugged.

“What’s that? Anything serious?” I queried, he said no but I know that’s not true.

“Jenny! Aren’t you going to swim with us?!” Becky called, she’s among the girls and they all have already changed to swimming pants.

“The love birds are catching up! Can’t you see?!! Caleb is finally going to have a babe!!!” Vivian whined and everyone bursted into laughter except me, Caleb and Chris when I looked at their faces.

“I don’t know how to swim” I managed and walked away from them, I imagined the surprise look they all were throwing at my back.

I met Lisa under an umbrella, a guy was seated beside her and talked so intently to her but all her attention was on the phone she’s holding. Does she run an online business? Whatever.

“Here you are! Aren’t you going to swim with your friends?” I called her attention and sat beside her, the guy said see you later and left.

“Huh! Some guys don’t know how to give a girl some breathing space, can’t he see my baby bump?” She said instead.

“He’s more concerned about the beautiful and sexy lips he would kiss and not bothered about the bad odour that emanates from the mouth” I offered.

“Like seriously! And I know if I go a mile away from here, he will come back for you” she hissed.

“Anyways, your baby bump isn’t all that visible, he’s just being straight forward and shooting his shot” I laughed.

“Just like Caleb,” she said. I looked at her in awe, she pouted her lips and gave me a side look.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked because I know she’s referring to me when he mentioned Caleb.

“See, Caleb planned this outing because he wants to use this avenue to express his feelings for you, babe, you need to get something real” she emphasized.

“What? How could you do this, Lisa, without my consent?!” I snapped and even wondered if Chris knew about it too, no wonder those girls were behaving like that.

They even gave us space to talk and I guess Caleb doesn’t have enough nerves to speak up to me yet.

“Jen, don’t get me wrong okay? I only want to help you, you and Chris will never be together no matter how much you two love each other, I just want you to give Caleb a chance and that way, you will start loving him and forget about Chris, you might as well not go home again”

“Wow! Amazing!!” I snorted “Do you think I’m stupid?! What do you take me for? Did I tell you that I need a guy to hookup with?!!”

“Calm down Jen! It’s for the betterment of you both, Chris even knows about this because he too wants to forget and move on” she said exactly what I want to hear, now I understand.

No wonder he looked so nervous and uncomfortable when we were coming and he stayed with his friends when Caleb took me away without trying to interfere as usual.

“I’m so stupid” I mumbled and walked away from the umbrella. “I have no common sense at all”

“Jenny! You have to understand, we mean no harm, please!!” She called and ran after me.

I stopped walking and faced her, “don’t worry, I understand” I forced a smile.

“Where will I change my clothes, I want to swim”

She looked pale and calm at once but she pointed towards the changing cabin.

“Thanks” I went into the cabin and changed into swimming pants and went to meet the others for a swim.

The sun gently caressed my skin and I felt nude but if the other girls can dress in it, I can as well, my long legs showed off proudly and I could see many heads turn to look at me.

“Jen! Over here!” Caleb called and I didn’t hesitate to go to him, “I will teach you how to swim” he said close to my ear and took me to the water.

“It’s a good thing you finally accepted to swim with us” Nella hummed.

“Why shouldn’t I? I was just afraid of water but since I have got Caleb, I trust he will make a good teacher to me” I said flashing him a smile.

The other girls exchanged looks and grinned, as he took me into the water, I turned to see Chris moving away, Bob followed him while the others joined their babes.



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