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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Eighteen.

I didn’t get a chance to talk with him for the rest of the day till evening. He left for work immediately after eating. My uncle too. Lisa and I went to my aunt’s shop.

She took me to a boutique and bought me clothes of my choice, shoes too as well as a handbag and jewelry.

She made my hair and nails even though I didn’t want all that fixings, but being a makeup artist, and Lisa supporting that it would look good on me, she fixed my nails and lashes.

We spent a lot of time at her shop and before we got home, father and son were already at home. He played games while his father read a newspaper.

“Welcome, honey. Today was stressful I presume” My uncle said as he stood up to give his wife a peck.

Sign of a perfect gentleman, Chris is just as caring as his father, happy is the woman that will be called his wife one day, she would be very lucky, fortunate and blessed.

While his parents were busy chattering, he took his mother’s handbag from her and deliberately touched my upper arm in the process, I stole a glance at him and followed Lisa upstairs.

“Christmas is fast approaching babe! I have been refreshing my phone’s calendar to know if I’m seeing right, nawah o!!” Lisa exclaimed, taking the stairs one at a time.

Her stomach has started protruding and signs of pregnancy are now visible and noticeable in every part of her body, her perfect shape is changing each day and fatigue too is taking over. Ah! Women.

“I wonder about this month, oh, I don’t even know if there are still four weeks in a month because the way it comes and goes surprises me” I supported.

Her phone rang and she excused herself, I smiled at her and dashed into my room. I feel a little bit awkward because the new hair still hurts and I’m still learning how to accept the nails and lashes.

My body itches from all the sitting down and walking around through the day, the only thing on my mind is to take off my clothes and take a long and refreshing bath.

“Jenny! You didn’t take your new clothes from the car!!” My aunt called as she swung the door open.

“Okay, I will…”

“Here, I told Musa to bring it” she handed the bags to me “you must be having a hell of a hard time adjusting to all that fancy!” She mused.

“As in eh! But, those ladies that carry it and even ones that look like canopy, do they have two heads? I must carry am oh” I said as I threw the bags on the bed.

“Hurry up and come downstairs for dinner, the men in the house ordered dinner from Tim’s restaurant, I can’t wait to pounce on it!” She grinned and turned to leave.

“Wow! Did they win a lottery to order food from that restaurant because it looks expensive to me!” I said recalling a big restaurant newly opened at the back of my uncle’s house.

I had thought it’s a five star restaurant the first time I got a glimpse of it through my uncle’s window the day I cleaned the house when I was bored.

It was when I visited my aunt’s shop first that I saw the banner that bears the name of the restaurant and I discussed it with my aunt who opened my mind to know more about it.

“Keep asking until I give up waiting for you and finish the food, they just relieved us of the stress of cooking tonight, i kana-aju ajuju! waka go baf jhoor!!” She laughed and closed the door behind her.

I smiled all the way to the bathroom, took my bath, wore a free size T-shirt and big shorts, no undies because I’m even tired of it.

I went downstairs, lo and behold! They are already enjoying their meal, Chris is the one feeding our big aunty. He seems relaxed today and am happy he’s accepting our fate the way I have… have I really done that?

I will answer that question when I leave this house and move away from him, and if I live long after doing that.

“Are you going to just stand there, join us!” My uncle beamed.

I sat down beside Lisa and that’s opposite Chris, he pretended his attention was all for his sister meanwhile his eyes were cornered and he kept winking at me.

This guy is just going to expose us one fateful day if I stay here one more week. I had thought Nancy would do that job after all!

“This is… sumptuous!” I commented when I tasted the jollof rice and salad.

“You can say that again but it’s not as delicious as my wife’s food!” My uncle said, chuckling at his wife.

“Oh my goodness! Thanks, I’m blushing” My aunt said giggling like a little kid and we all bursted into laughter, our neighbors might think we are celebrating something special.

“I like sister Jennifer’s food” Nancy said and I bent over the table to pinch her cheeks fondly, she giggled and covered her face shyly.

That’s how the rest of the evening went, enjoying good food happily, having an evening gist and retiring to bed in a happy mood. I’m only happy because he’s happy.

I switched off my light and went to bed. Sleep didn’t come even when I closed my eyes tightly, I looked at the ceiling and smiled at his face which kept appearing there until I heard a tap on the door.

I stood up slowly and went to open the door, he came in and helped me lock the door, “Can I switch the light on?” He asked.

“If you… wish to” I replied huskily. “I thought you were already asleep” I said sitting down, he switched the light on and joined me.

“Without kissing you goodnight? Kinda impossible because you are just everywhere around me and I still miss you so much” he said moving his finger up and down my legs, his eyes following his finger.

“Let’s go to sleep” I said simply as I reluctantly moved my leg away from his touch.

He didn’t move or say anything as I lay down properly on the bed and covered myself with the bedsheet, his eyes burned my skin.

I closed my eyes and ordered myself to slip to Dreamland but I couldn’t, how could I while he’s seated on this same bed watching me intently.

I opened my eyes and we gazed into each other’s eyes, “are you just going to sit there?” I asked in a whisper after somewhile.

“Go to sleep, I will switch the light off” he said and stood up to turn off the light.

“What about you?” I asked again.
“I will…go to my room now” he answered and walked sluggishly towards the door.

“Stay… Chris, don’t go…stay with me” I begged but he opened the door and left.

Hot tears ran down my cheeks even when I knew he’s doing the right thing. Why am I like this? Didn’t I tell him to let me go? He’s doing the right thing which I had suggested we do, I had better start waking up from my slumber.

I woke up the next morning clutching my pillow, I threw it away and jumped out of bed. I think I finally got a real headache and I must take paracetamol because my head hurts badly.

Where exactly is it coming from, my hitting head on the wall in his room yesterday morning or my crying all through the night till five o’clock this morning before I got exhausted and gave up to sleep.

Dark circles are visible under my heavy eyes and my cheeks look a bit swollen which is a sign of sleeplessness and I figured I will need more energy to compose a decent lie.

I kept looking at my face in the mirror in my bathroom as I brushed my teeth. Suddenly, his face appeared on it. I thought it’s his image again as it usually appears but when my brush fell and I bent to pick it up, my butt pressed against a strong leg.

I looked up at his face in the mirror again and waited for him to say something as he kept opening and closing his mouth.
“Good morning, babe. How’s your… night?” He asked as his strong arms went round my waist.

I couldn’t bring myself to push him away even when my sense of reasoning told me to, “good, I want to take my bath, please leave” I implored.

“You were irresistible last night because I saw through this dress” he said slipping his hand through my T-shirt and his d**k pressed hard on my *ss.

“Chris, you left…last night, can you please do that again because I want to take my bath?” I repeated, holding his gaze in the mirror.

He bent his head slowly and kissed my temple, his tongue darted on my earlobe, I just stood and watched him in the mirror even when his hand got to my breasts.
“I have really missed you, please, don’t tell me to go” he said kissing my neck repeatedly, “Jenny, please”

“Why did you…” I closed my eyes and swallowed hard when he pressed my nipples before I completed my question “…leave last night?”

“I wasn’t sure of what to do last night, I didn’t know what to do, I’m very confused even now but I know that I want you…now…this very minute” he said as I turned slowly to face him.

I cupped his face and looked into his eyes, “Chris, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and am not afraid to admit it, let’s not create more unforgettable memories together because it’s going to cost us a lot”

He clutched my hands and squeezed passionately, “I know… I have been trying to accept all this, it’s so hard, Jenny”

“I know, I shouldn’t have come here in the first place and I will be going back to where I belong in two days’ time, it’s better to stop now” I said and laid my head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry for being selfish, I couldn’t help myself. But I would want you to do me a favor” he said, rubbing his palm up and down my back.

“What?” I asked.

“Remember that we made a wish on that stone and I believe it’s going to be granted one day, please come back to me if it offers us a chance to be together” he said, teasing my earlobes.

I smiled derisively, he didn’t see that since my face was on his shoulder. “I hope it gets granted and our prayers too answered because I wouldn’t mind spending eternity with you”

“I love you, Jen” he breathed, breaking the contact and moving backwards.

“I know” I said and added quietly “…go”

He opened the door and left, I slumped against the wall and looked down at my shivering hands.

I brushed my teeth and freshened up after some minutes and went back into my room to find a nylon bag on my bed.
I picked the bag up reluctantly and opened it to see a wrist watch packaged in a designer carton. I smiled when I saw a card on it.

“I figured you would need a watch” I read out the words on it, “Yes, I need it” I murmured and repackaged it.

“Jennifer, are you awake?” Lisa’s voice asked from outside and I heard her footsteps as she approached.

I threw the bag inside a drawer and opened my closet for a change of clothes, “yes, wearing my clothes!” I called back.

She opened the door and popped her head in, “good morning, how’s your night?” She raised a brow.

“One of her best nights!” I replied ironically, she had better not cross question me.



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