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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Eleven.

I shut my eyes and did nothing but feel, take and hold onto what he’s giving. He lifted his body, my eyes stuttered open and followed his movement, he parted my legs wider and inserted two of his fingers inside me.

I swung my legs over his shoulders as he fingered me, he spanked me and urged me to spread my legs wider.
“Don’t you want me to touch you here?” He gave me a wicked grin as he fondled my breasts with his free hand, a cry escaped my lips.

“Chris! Please!!”

“Say that again” he growled as his fingers thrusted quicker and went deeper into me. I held the edges of the stone and forced my legs to stay still when it threatened to close.

I waited for a while before I surprised him. I also want to be in control, I want to satisfy him and show him that I’m made of metal and can’t easily accept defeat, not in this field.

I pushed myself up and pulled him up with me, I jumped into his arms and crushed my lips on his, I kept angling my head as I pulled on the back of his head to deepen the kiss.

He pinched my butt and that sent my head backwards for a wince as he grasped, “that was close to death! You are a daredevil, Jen!!”

“That’s just a reminder that you don’t play tricks on experts!” I mocked him as he found it hard to breathe.

“I hope you won’t run because I’m enjoying this part of you” he said as I came down from his arms, he kissed the tip of my nose and added, “you’re a wonderful bed partner”

“You aren’t bad either, we are just… good together. That’s why I love you more, I would have been on my heels if you weren’t a good striker” I said coyly, rolling my tongue inside my mouth.

I placed my head on his chest and smiled slyly when pink colors rose to my cheeks.
“Awwn, she’s blushing after she almost killed me with her lips” he teased and tilted my head up so I’d look at his face. “I’m not done with you yet!”

“I know, I just think I’m the one that has unfinished business with you but… I’m not doing that again without…protection”

“Yeah! Thoughtful of you, I got protection but I think it’s inside my car, let’s go get it because I can’t wait anymore”

He picked up his torch light and took the bracelet while I picked my clothes. He carried me swiftly into his arms before I even got a chance to wear my clothes.

“Chris, someone might see us!” I said, wrapping my arms around his neck, “you know…”

“Shhh, no one comes around here by this time of the day, and it’s no use wearing it because it’s already torn, thank God I bought extra clothes for us!” He said adamantly.

I reached for the clothes with one hand and threw it over my body, I don’t want to risk being seen nude by an unknown transposer.

“That means…you purposely ripped it off” I whined, biting his ear lightly.

“Crazy! I was just…you know… I couldn’t wait to touch your bare skin, don’t you know you make me go gaga and I don’t try restraining myself because I love the way you make me feel” he teased.

I felt like a little girl seeing her crush on a first date, I buried my face on his neck, “I’m the one feeling crazy, not you and I can’t even help it” I am not even ashamed of admitting that.

He carried me out of the cave and moved towards the river. I closed my eyes and filled my nostrils with the sweet smell of him. male. strength. love.


“Yes, babe”

“I want you to make love to me in your arms”

“Granted! Is that all you want?”

“Yes and many more” I mumbled.
When we got to the river bank again, he sat me down on the white stone and went to his car to bring protection.
I stepped into the water and swam around for a while, when I surfaced, he’s already running into the water.
He dived into the water and came to me with a mischievous smile that sent my heart skittering.

He removed his shorts and threw it on the dry sand, “come here” he said and tore open the condom.

“Let me help you sheath” I took it from him as we moved a bit away from the deep side of the water.

He stood still, his hands at each side of him as he watched me caress him before I sheathed him, “good to go?” He rolled his eyes.

“We’d better be fast, as you can see, it’s getting late” I warned.

He lifted me into his arms, I inserted his dick inside me with my left hand and relaxed a bit before we shot off.
It felt good to be in control, to be the one executing the thrusts, to be the one shooting the shots and taking all the pleasure at the same time.

My arms around his neck, my head thrown back and my legs around his waist, I enjoyed the air seeping through my skin.
His eyes shut, his fingers dug my skin as he held my buttocks and helped me up and down him as I rode him like a horse, soft moans filled the air.

My head refused to think or remember, I just lived in the moment and took all I could, who knows how many more moments are going to be like this? I only have to take the best I could.

The ecstasy was maddening and we fought to hold the accelerator and the climax came quick as his knees gave up and he went down on his knees, he fell on his back into the water with me clinging to him.

The bright blue sky turned gray in my eyes, I shut my eyes when the world we lived in at the moment didn’t stop spinning, he called my name and it only kept roaring in my ears.

“You are the best” I heard myself say and that too came with a resounding ring that we are damned.

“Did he take you to an amusement park?” My aunt’s voice snapped me back to reality.

After yesterday’s little fun at the man-made forest, all the scenes kept popping up in my mind and I can’t help smiling at each memory of it.

“Sorry Aunt, what did you say?” I asked because I didn’t hear what she said.

“I was asking you if Chris took you to an amusement park yesterday because I can’t define your radiant smile” she repeated patting my shoulder.

“Yeah” I lied rolling my eyes, she simply shrugged and left the kitchen.
I grinned and continued arranging the plates which I just finished washing, it’s Tuesday morning and everyone is ready to leave for work, Nancy to school and myself to another boring day.

My uncle had left immediately after eating and I am sure Chris must have left too because I have been busy in the kitchen. Aunt too is off with Nancy, she will drop her off at her school as usual.

“Any other thing?!” I talked to myself looking around the kitchen to see if there’s anything else I would do before going outside.

When I found nothing, I went into the parlour to watch television though it’s not one of my favorite things…it makes me sleepy and I prefer reading a book.

I moped at it for a while and lost interest in whatever Nollywood actors and actresses were doing. I changed the channel to an American action movie, which got worse because my eyes kept closing.

I hissed at it and switched it off, I went outside to meet the gatekeeper, he was dancing to music streaming on his radio cassette, I joined him.

“Ah! Small madam!! I sabi dance oh” he showed off his yellow teeth and I think he has to receive an award for his good English.

“Before nko? Oya na, let’s dance!” I kept shaking my waist.

I laughed when he said; “No! You na temptation, I don’t want to lose my job”
He switched off the radio and went inside his quarter with it, I sat down on his chair and waited until he came out again.

“So, my friend, where’s that chess game?” I asked, at least, let me not die of boredom.

“I sabi play am?”

“Yes nah, go bring am make we play together, I go beat you like small pikin” I said trying to imitate his accent, the way he speaks his English is always very funny.

“I no fit beat me, me na baba for chess kwo” he said and dashed inside his quarter again to bring it.

He brought it out and we played for a full hour, he won all the rounds and I could only use him to catch cruise, we talked about useless things and were only interrupted by a knock on the gate.

“Let me check who’s at the gate” I said standing up but he refused saying that if it’s his boss or madam, they might scold him.

I accepted and allowed him to do his job, after all, he gets paid for it. I looked at the gate to see who it was though, I wished that it would be Chris but I already know he’s only going to be home in the evening.
He spent the whole of yesterday with me but I miss him already, I even miss him when he looks elsewhere and not at me. I’m not sure if I am normal.

“I’m looking for Christian” A female voice said to the gatekeeper, I stood up to go and see what she looks like and what exactly she wants.

“Musa, let me talk to her” I said and invited the girl inside.

She’s my age mate though I can’t tell her precise age, she looked nervous and spoke calmly as if a mosquito entered her throat. That’s how we used to refer to someone who has a tiny voice.

I didn’t need to ask her questions to see that she’s rich because she’s pretty, hot and her earrings alone can pay my school fees at the government school I went to back then in primary school.

We sat down on a couch in the corridor and I could only offer her a friendly smile; “well…can I get you anything?” I asked to make her at ease a little bit.

“No, don’t bother yourself, I’m fine…I’m alright” she said quickly looking at my face for a while before she averted her eyes again.

“You said you were looking for Chris?” I questioned her again and added when she nodded, “he isn’t around, hope there’s no problem?”

“Oh no! He’s my friend and I only came to see him so we would talk about something he wants to help me with” she was quick to respond.

“Okay, he left for work this morning and he will be coming back in the evening, I wouldn’t ask you to wait for him so it’s better if you go and come back or go to his workplace”

“I guess I had better get going home, just tell him that I came around” she said and that brought my mind to what her name is.

“So…what’s the name?”

“I’m Lisa, just tell him Lisa and he will understand it’s me” The girl said and stood up to leave, I saw her off and didn’t bother to tell her my name since she didn’t request it.

When the girl left, I kept wondering who she was and what exactly she was to him until dawn.

In the evening when everyone came back home, I really wanted to tell him about it but I didn’t get a chance because my aunt told me to lose her hair.

She said she wants to make a new one tomorrow and I would go with her to her shop because more hands are needed since one of her clients is celebrating her wedding anniversary.

The rest of the week went fast and I really missed him a lot because I had to go to my aunt’s shop and keep a busy schedule till the weekend.

On Saturday morning, he was the one that woke me up and kissed me goodbye before he left for work. He gave me a flower and promised to come home early on Sunday.

I longed for him till Sunday morning, he came home early and woke me up from bed as he had promised and I love him more because that proves that he’s a man of his words.



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