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☺️(Psycho Love)☺️

(An edited & longer version. Signed book)

✍️ Sha Ron ✍️

Chapter Ten.

I can’t even imagine myself sleeping without the thought of him or waking up without seeing his gorgeous face.
How was I able to live all those years before I met him?

The question that keeps popping up at the back of my mind is…why does it have to be him? Why must it be my cousin? Didn’t my heart see any other guy to beat for? To love? To hold on to? To crave for?

“Babe?” His voice is the best melody ever on record, is there any other voice out there to be compared? I guess none.

“Yes, my lollipop”

“I haven’t shown you the surprise yet, common, get on your feet let’s go eat and I will take you to where my surprise is” he said kissing my neck, my head was still thrown back.

“I guess today must be full of surprises” I beamed at him and stepped down “who knows what the next surprise will be?”

“Call me the surprise master!” He laughed and held my waist as we went back to my favorite spot, beside the white stone.

“Where are you taking me?” I questioned Chris when I noticed we had walked past all the man-made forest trees and went deeper into the bushy part.

“Taking you to my secret!” He chuckled, leading me through an open tunnel.

“Isn’t it a bit dangerous to go inside that …”

“Shush! Nothing dangerous is in here, I have been here twice before, you will love it!!” He shunned me and moved inside first.

“How in God’s name did you find such a place?!” I couldn’t help asking considering the fact that it’s quite deep in the bush.

“Come on! Let’s get inside first, then you ask me that question again!” He grinned sheepishly.

“I… don’t think it’s safe inside, I’m kinda scared, Chris” I refused to follow him inside.

“You don’t trust me?” He looked hurt.

“No! That’s really not the case, I just feel uneasy going…”

“And I told you that it’s safe here, I will protect you, Jenny, if eventually something happened, nothing is gonna happen, anyways”

I held him tight as I swung my leg inside and he helped me go in with him, the place was dark and I see that’s the reason why he carried a torch light.

“What’s this place called?” I asked curiously wondering if it’s a cave or another underground work of the Almighty, it might even be a man-made cave.

“It’s a cave but I don’t think anyone has discovered it here because if they have, it wouldn’t be like this” he said and flashed the torch.

“I thought as much. Wow! This is wonderful, Chris!! But…that is a flower, how did it get there?” I said enthusiastically as I went to touch the beautifully arranged flowers on a bedrock.

When my hands touched the flowers, it started spinning and split into two parts. After some time, I saw written words on the rock.

As surprised as I was, I snatched the torch light from him and took a closer look, I read out the words loud one by one;

“Jenny…you…are… beautiful… I… love… you” I jumped into his arms, I knew he was the one that did it “this is beautiful, Chris”

“I know…but, not as beautiful as you. You haven’t seen the other surprise, keep searching” he hinted.

“What other surprise? I’m already happy with the one I just saw. How did you come up with all these?” I trailed off looking from the bedrock to him.

“Jen, keep on searching…let me hold the light for you” he said with a sly smile.

“Okay… I’m searching…” I gave him the torch and took the flowers, it smelt wonderful. “Thank you” I said to him before I started looking around for another surprise as he said.

I was already getting tired of looking around when a paper fell off the flower to the ground, so I went down reluctantly to pick it up, giving him a side look.

I looked at it and ‘IF U WANT TO FIND ME, TAKE YOUR RIGHT’ was boldly written on it in capital letters.

“What trick are you playing with me, surprise master?” I teased and he twitched his mouth in amusement.

“Common! We have no time to waste here, do what it asks you to do” he whined.

“Now, I think someone is playing with my intelligence, but I will disappoint you today by putting up with it” I said, accepting his challenge.

I took my right as the paper suggested and went deeper into the cave, he was right behind me with the torch light shining at its brightest rate, we got to a brighter part of the cave.

“Awww!” I bent down as if the cave was falling down when two owls found their way out of the cave.

“Can you please do that again?” He teased because during the process of the bending, my buttocks did a great job on his dick.

“And later, you will say I’m the only one that’s naughty!” I laughed as I kept walking and looking around.

“You are, because I was minding my business when your backside rocked me and now the boy wants to jump out of his clothes”

“Your being nasty isn’t helping matters! Please, can you give me a clue on which way to follow?” I got tired, or was it that I’m overly curious about whatever it is?

“You have all the time in the whole world to find…”

“I thought you said we have no time! Chris, please nah”

“No way! Keep looking” he pouted his lips and looked away.

“Okay! Fine!! I’m in for that challenge!” I kept walking until we got to a clearer place. I didn’t know how the sunlight peered through but the place looked much brighter.

He switched the torch light off and stuffed his hands into his shorts pocket.
“Yes!” I beamed when I saw another white paper and I read out again “Check between the rocks”

I turned to look at him and he only shrugged “anything?”

“What’s this about, I’m already getting tired, I’m really dying to see it!” I said as I turned to look at smaller rocks at the left hand side.

“Keep looking, I’m a patient man” he snorted.

“Patient dog sounds better!!” I retorted, muffling my nose at him.

When my eyes caught a colorful design between the rocks, I reached for it only for the rocks to collapse before my eyes.

I smiled at the little tricky game he has set up just to make me feel special, he really knows how to make a girl’s heart flutter because these little meaningless things have touched a spot in my heart.

I took the colorful package and admired the designs before I started unwrapping it with care but unhidden curiosity.

“Gosh! How many more cartons am I going to open before I see the gift?” I asked when the package didn’t seem to end.

I’m working on the fifth one already and it gets smaller and smaller.

“I think…that’s the last one” he clenched his teeth and looked around as if he’s unsure of what my reaction would be when I finally saw the surprise.

“Oh my…!” I gasped covering my mouth when I saw the bracelet inside “Chris! Isn’t this too much? This is a diamond for crying out loud?!” I held my breath.

“I know that’s… nothing but I…”

“Shut up! Who told you it’s nothing? This is worth a lot of money and you didn’t have to spend so much money on me and go through all this stress”

“Don’t you…like it?” He asked quietly like a fish in a pond.

“Heck no! I love it, Chris! But I love you more!!” Tears filled my eyes as I looked at the glistering diamond, I didn’t know what I should be doing.

“Jenny, don’t do that… I only wanted to put a smile on your face, I know you aren’t into fashion and I thought you would like a simple bracelet, nothing is too much for you”

“But… I didn’t expect this…it’s…” I trailed off as he came and held me close, “thank you, Chris” I mumbled.

“What if I had bought you a car?” He teased looking at my face and smiling.

“It’s not funny, I don’t remember telling you to buy me expensive things, I only want a heart that would love me and nothing more” I said.

“How can I show you that I love you if I don’t give you the most I can afford?” he said, kissing my hair. “Smells heaven” he sniffed.

“How does heaven smell?” I asked jesting.

“Smells like you!” He hummed softly caressing my earlobe.

“I’m beginning to suspect I am standing right here with a ghost” I laughed as I wrapped my hands around his waist.

“You know… I wanted to buy you more things but I thought that my parents might notice it and start interrogating you about where it came from, so I had to buy you something small”

“But expensive! I keep wondering when and how you came up with all of this, I didn’t even imagine you would buy me something so… beautiful and charming like you” I kissed the bracelet and smiled up at him.

“Does…that make me…your…prince charming?” He drawled lifting me into his arms, I wound my long legs around his waist and threw my hands around his neck.

“Not just my prince charming, you are my knight in shining armor, my hero, my hairless Romeo.” I laughed at that and kissed his head. “My everything!”

“Now… you are sending sparks through my system and it’s spreading faster than a virus, I want you…like never before” he said and dipped his face into the hollow of my breast.

“Then…take me”

The packs that came with the bracelet which I held fell thump on the floor, I heard another thing fall and I knew it’s the torch light he held as well as his mouth maneuvered through my breasts.

“I’m going to give you another memory here, Jen. Today, right here… I want you to tell me where you want me to touch you and I will make sure you remember it for as long as you live”

He lifted his face to look at me before he moved towards the bedrock, “I want you to touch everywhere…every part of me, Chris”

He sat me down on the rock and looked me straight in the eyes, “when you say everywhere… I hope you know what that implies and how strict I am on following rules”

“I know and I’m ready for you… just be a devil enough to knock breaths off my lungs, I love rough games”

“Cards or dice?” He raised a brow.

“Just you! And you are mine of that,” I touched his lips lightly and he opened his mouth and took my finger into it. “Just that kind of game” I winked at him.

“Did you by any chance touch sugar today, because your finger tastes as sweet as one” he said as he ran his tongue through it and down to my palm.

“The only sugar I touched was you, it’s good you are having a taste of how sweet you are. If you were in my shoes, you will see that honey is nothing compared to how you taste”

“Can I lick your body so I would get half of the sweet?” His eyes never diverted from mine and I returned his straight to soul look.

“You are free to swallow me up” I offered him my other hand.

He took the bracelet I held between my fingers and kept it beside me while he licked my fingers just the same way he did to the first one, our eyes burning with desire.

“If you were a seed, where would you want to grow?” He brought his face close to mine, our nose clung and our breaths mingled as we gazed at each other.

“In your garden” I replied huskily and he planted a kiss on my lips.

“Even if it’s just weeds in my garden, would you still grow there?” He held my hands and squeezed gently.

“If I become a weed in your garden, sooner or later, you’re bound to remove me there forever and I won’t be of any use to you. I would rather I be a vegetable that you can eat, that way, I will be of use to you”

“A vegetable can be forgotten after being eaten, how about that?” He tilted my chin up and gained access to my neck, his tongue danced over it.

My hands flew up to hold his head and pull him closer, “Not when it has a different flavor, no one forgets their favorite”

“Nice choice” His hands went down to my thighs and caressed gently “I want to be your favorite, my cherry, I want to give you this moment, keep it and cherish it forever”

“Uh!” I whimpered when his fingers found their way into my panties and rubbed my pussy gently.

“I want to hear you call my name and beg for more” he whispered and used his left hand to pull down my clothes and his head bent over my breasts.

“Ouch!” I moaned the moment he took my nipple into his mouth and suckled, his fingers caressed my bare back.

His hands were quick to tear off my clothes, he bent me slowly so I would lay down on the bedrock while he bent over me, his left knee between my legs.



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