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❤♨️♨️ IN
I woke up to my alarm beeping, I stood up, went to the bathroom, took a 10 minutes shower before going back to my bedroom, I wore a pink long summer dress with slit on the side and a pink flower slippers then I fixed my hair in messy bun.

My phone beeped and I checked it.

Urrgghh!! It’s Ken again.

I don’t know how Ken have my number but I don’t like it at all.

He has been texting me everytime, I even blocked his number but I don’t know how he did it that it’s unblocked, I had to hide my phone from Asher.

Asher still thinks that Ken is a gay, so super weird.

Although I think Ken really likes Asher but he told me that he wants to take me back but I don’t like even like him.

Asher doesn’t know anything about this, I don’t want him to get angry and put himself in trouble.

The bedroom door was knocked and Jacob came in and hugged me.

“Good morning Riley.” he greeted.

“Good morning my little sweet candy, what’s up?” I asked.

“I wanna play games on your tablet.” Jacob pouted.

I chuckled “You will but first, I need to make breakfast.”

“Yay! Breakfast! ” Jacob cheered.

We left the bedroom, headed straight to the kitchen and I cleaned up the kitchen and made baguette bread and scrambled eggs with hot cocoa tea.

I arranged the breakfast on the dining table and Jacob and I took a sit and was eating. I sighted Asher coming down from the stairs, looking so cute as usual.

“Mmmm, what’s that beautiful smell?” he asked.

“Better hurry up before we eat it all.” I yelled.

Asher entered the dining room and smirked.

“Looks delicious.” he said.

“The scrambled eggs?” I asked.

Asher scoffed came closer to me and whispered to my heart “I wasn’t talking about the scrambled eggs.”

I glared at him as I realized what Asher’s talking about…

Asher took a seat and we ate our breakfast.

*Later That Day**At Jenny’s House*
I was lying sadly on my bed, shedding uncontrollable tears, my mascara is totally smudged up.

I’ve been like that for the past two weeks.

How could Asher do this to me? What have I done?

Even though I pretended to be a nice and neat girl doesn’t mean that he should just dump me over some stupid just like that. Who’s that useless girl?

I hate my life!! My life is ruined!!! I feel like killing myself.

I heard my door knocked by someone.

I sniffed “Don’t come in.”

“Jenny…” I heard my best friend’s voice, Vivi.

“You heard me.” I said bitterly.

Vivi ignored me, opened the door and walked in.

“I told you not to come in.” I said.

“And I did, sorry not sorry.” Vivi said rudely and sat on my bed, beside me.

I turned to the other side of the bed trying to ignore Vivi.

Vivi groaned “Come on bitch, you can just be like this for two weeks.”

“Yes, I can.” I said as I sat on my bed and hugged my knees. “By the way, Asher broke me.”

Vivi gave me a pitiful look “Jenny, look at you, where’s my Jennifer? Where’s the Jenny that always stand up for herself and bully nerds? Where’s the Jenny that always dress sexy? Where’s the Jenny that beats any girl that flirts with her boyfriend?”

“That Jenny is gone, now I’m a broken Jenny, thanks to Asher.” I sniffed with more tears sliding down my cheeks.

Vivi rolled her eyes “Bitch please, don’t be a stupid bitch and be your bitchy self.”

“How? I can’t even face the world, Asher is the only reason that I’m myself.” I cried.

Vivi sighed “You want Asher to back?”


“Then be a badass bitch and beat the hell of that stupid girl that stole your man from you and get your man back.” Vivi advised.

I smiled feeling inspired “Yeah, you’re right, I must get my Asher back.”

Vivi smirked and nodded.

“No one takes my stuff!” I yelled as I stood up.

“Yeah! That’s the spirit! bitch!” Vivi praised.

“I’m gonna show that useless bitch who’s boss.” I smirked.

“Yeah baby! That’s my Jenny.” Vivi exclaimed.

“Now go and shower baby, you stink like a shit.” Vivi covered her nose.

I went to the bathroom and took a long bath, I came out but Vivi’s gone.

Rude!!! She left without saying goodbye. But I’ll follow her good advice.

I’mma find out who that bitch is and beat the hell of that bitch and take Asher back.

I applied my expensive lotions on my skin, wore my pink bandana crop top, my red denim jeans pants, a diamond earrings and a pair of red Fendi sneakers.

I fixed my silky hair in high ponytail with curly edges, I applied shady makeup on my face.

I took my pink Givenchy handbag and checked myself in the mirror and smirked.

Damn I’m beautiful, Asher is crawl back and beg me to come back to him. He’s gonna dump that bitch because of me.

I think I’m gonna act like I’m gentle, I’ll use guilty conscience to kill Asher by ignoring him in his house.


I barged into Asher’s house angrily “Hey, where’s that fucking bitch that stole my boyfriend?!!” I yelled.

Asher was shocked to see me “Jenny?” he said as he approached me.

“Where is she?” I asked.

“Where’s who?” Asher asked acting confused.

I scoffed “Oh please, don’t act like you don’t know who, you told me that you already have a girlfriend.”

“Jenny, please leave.”

Seriously this idiot doesn’t even realize my sexy outfit.

“Asher, just tell me the name of that stupid bitch that brainwashed you so I can ruin her life too.” I half yelled.

Asher sighed “Jenny…”

“Asher, I love you so much, I had to change who I am just to be with you, I love you so much, why don’t you realize that?”

“Jenny please leave before my girlfriend sees you.” Asher said.

“I can’t leave you baby, I love you.” I said softly.

Asher sighed “Jenny, for the third time leave this house before I lose it.”

I scoffed again “Are you threatening me?”

“What’s going on here?” I heard a familiar voice and saw Riley coming down from the stairs.

Wait, is Riley Asher’s girlfriend? No, it can’t be, a 12th grade girl dating a 10th grade boy. No, I don’t think it’s true.

I furrowed my eye brows “Asher, don’t tell me that Riley is your…?”

“Yes Jenny, Riley’s my girlfriend.” Asher cut me off.

My eyes went wide “What? Riley Kendall? Your girlfriend? But she’s 18, you’re 16, why… I don’t understand.”

“No need to understand, just leave.” Asher said.

“But Asher…”


I scoffed bitterly “Seriously Asher? You choose your senior who’s about to graduate over me who’s right for you?”

Asher clenched his fist “Jenny…”

I shook my head and glanced at Riley acting like as if she’s hurt.

I scoffed “This is all your fault bitch, aren’t you even embarrassed of yourself?”

Asher sighed “Jenny, don’t bring Riley into…”

“Quiet Asher.” Jenny snapped and approached me “You’re disgusting bitch, I can’t even look at you.”

I bent my head feeling embarrassed, she’s right.

Who am I dating someone younger than me? How am I gonna face the whole school when we resume? What have I done? What was I thinking?

Jenny scoffed bitterly “Of all boys in your class, you decided to date my ex boyfriend, have you even fucked him?”

Riley bent my head in embarrassment.

Oh no! She didn’t!! Did she seriously fucked my boyfriend? I shook my head negatively, trying not to believe.

My jaw dropped “You fucked my ex boyfriend?”

Asher held my arm “Jenny, I said leave…” I yanked my hand and glanced at Riley.

I don’t care about what Asher says right now. All I care is that my ex boyfriend slept with his senior, he didn’t even sleep with me.

He hardly allows me to kiss him and he had sex with his senior.

Riley’s eyes are soaked with tears and sniffed.

Seriously this bitch is crying?

I gave her a weird look “Are you crying?”

She sniffed again as tears slide down her cheek.

I laughed “Geez bitch, after ruining my life, fucking my ex boyfriend, being his girlfriend and now you’re crying? Aren’t you supposed to be happy?” I yelled.

Riley sniffed “Look, I didn’t mean…”

“Shut up, I don’t wanna hear my dirty voice, you fucking bitch!!!” I screamed.

“That does it.” Asher said and he grabbed my ponytail tightly and begin to drag my hair out of the place.

“Ah, Asher!!!” I winced.

“You stupid bitch, you wanna ruin my life.” I muttered as I’m dragged stupid ponytail.

“Asher, you’re hurting me!!”

I just can’t take it anymore, Jenny’s gonna ruin my beautiful relationship with Riley.

I opened the door and literally kicked Jenny out of the house with my legs.

“And stay out of my life!!!”I barked and slammed the door.

I turned to Riley, who’s already crying and she ran upstairs.

“Riley! Wait!” I yelled as I ran after her.

I tried to stop her but it’s too late, she slammed the door on me.

Oh No!!! I’m not gonna spare Jenny.

I can’t believe Asher just throw me out of his house because of his dump senior.

I’m not gonna spare that bitch, I will ruin her but I can’t do this alone.

I need help, Vivi.

She can do anything for me because she’s my best friend, she loves me.

I hate Asher and Riley together, I can’t even stand them.

I’m gonna ruin their lives, frame them, humiliate them, they won’t be able to face the world.

I will destroy them because they’ve destroy mine and I’ll make sure that happens.

No one can stop me, not even the law because they won’t find out.

Who’s that unknown? Weird…

By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
❌❌Do Not Copy And Repost ❌❌


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