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I woke up feeling tired and angry, because of Asher.

Although I love the we had sex with each other, that’s my first time, but I’m scared about it.

Also, I can’t believe Asher locked me in throughout yesterday… Well, I don’t care, at least I can still go out today.

I’m taking Jacob to the playground because Maddie is also taking her baby sister to there too, so we can hang out together.

I stood up from my bed, went to the bathroom, took my bath, came out, applied lotions.

Then I wore my green floral strapless dress that reaches my knee, a Levi’s been jacket then I let my hair go, then I wore my green sandals.

I took my black purse and left the room, I stood in front of Jacob’s room and knocked twice.

“Jacob! Are you ready?” I asked.

“Yes! I’m coming! ” he replied.

“Where are you going?” I heard Asher’s voice.

I turned to him and smiled nervously “Oh… Hey Asher… Um, good morning.”

Riley, what’s wrong with you? Stop stuttering!

“I’m just taking Jacob to the playground.” I said.

Asher scoffed “Why?”

“Because we wanna have fun.” I grinned.

“But I told you yesterday that you can’t leave this house till school starts.” Asher informed me.

My grin fade away into frown “Excuse me?”

Asher shook his head “You’re not going anywhere.”

“What why?” I asked.

“Because this is my house and I said so, so go to your room.” Asher ordered.

I think Asher’s joking, so funny.

I scoffed in disbelief “Asher, you’re hilarious.”

Asher frowned “Didn’t you hear what I just say.” he pointed at the direction to my room “Go back to your room.”

I huffed and folded my arms “Yeah right… Ow!” I winced as Asher grabbed my wrist tightly like he’s squeezing it, then was dragging me to my room.

“Asher, let go of me!” I winced as I was pinching his wrist but he didn’t care, he’s just dragging me to my bedroom.

Asher opened the door and pushed me to my room then locked the door.

I begin to bang the door “Asher! Let me out! Asher!” I kept telling but he ignored me.

I sat on the floor, wondering what’s going on.

Yesterday, Asher had took my virginity then he’s telling me that I shouldn’t leave this house. Are you kidding me?

What’s going on with this guy?

I stood in front of Jacob’s door as he opened it feeling happy.

“Yay!” Jacob cheered but frowned “Where’s Riley?” he asked.

I rubbed my head “Uhh, she said she’s sick so she need some rest, we should don’t disturb her.” I lied.

Jacob believed it and nodded “Oh okay.” he sighed sadly “I guess I’m not going to the playground.”

“Hey bro.” I bent and pressed his cheeks “it’s okay, I’ll go with you.”

Jacob grinned “Really?”

I nodded with smile “Yeah!”


I secretly opened Riley’s door so that she won’t starve, Jacob and I left the mansion but I still locked up the entrance door and we went to the garage.

Entered my Mercedes Benz and drove off.

I really feel bad and guilty for Riley, I just don’t want to let her go just like what my brother and Sasha did to me.

I know Riley’s gonna leave me too and I don’t want that, I really regret the way I treated her this morning but I think that’s the best idea.

I’m tired of her ignoring me, I love Riley, I love her so much that I don’t wanna let go of her.

She’s everything to me, yesterday was the best day of my life, thanks to Riley.

Even though she’s not the first person I’ve sex with she’s still the best.

I’ve had sex like two times by two girls, Sasha is the first one while Riley is the second one but my first love.

I was sitting on my bed for 30 minutes not knowing what to do.

I texted Maddie that I’m stuck babysitting, she was annoyed but she let it go.

She looks mean but deep down, she’s calm and nice, that’s why I like her.

I dialled my mom’s number and placed my phone on my ear, it rang and she picked the call.

(Mom’s name is Katelyn.)

Riley ? (grins) Hi mom.

Katelyn ? Oh my Jelly bean, I’ve missed you so much, how have you been?

Riley ? (Shrugs) great, I love my babysitting job.

Katelyn ? no wonder you didn’t bother to call me.

Riley ? Mom…

Katelyn ? It’s okay, you’re totally busy, taking care of a kid is not easy, trust me, I’ve been there that’s why I allowed you to leave me for a month.

Riley ? (Gasped) Mom!

Katelyn ? I gotta go, my break is over I gotta go back to work, have fun with your babysitting, and tell Jacob I said ‘Hi’ (Smirks) also Asher.

Riley ? (rolls her eyes) Seriously mom?

Katelyn ? bye (Hung up)

I chuckled as I kept the phone on the the bed, my mom is so funny and fun to be with. I love her.

I stood up from my bed and left the bedroom… Wait, I thought Asher locked my bedroom door but he didn’t.

That means he didn’t also lock the door entrance, I grinned happily and ran down stairs to the entrance.

I held the door knob and tried to open the door but still didn’t open.

“Dang it!!” I yelled angrily.

“How could you do this to me?” I yelled again and suddenly, my stomach begin growl in pain little by little till it begin to pain me harder.

I held it tightly and winced “Oh no!!! ”

What’s happening to me?

I begin to feel weak, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

I managed to run upstairs to the bathroom, I sat on the closer and checked my dress.

Oh No!! It’s stained with blood! I’m on my period, today?

Uh oh!! Why today? Why now? I don’t even have any sanitary pad.

What am I going to do now? There’s only one way but it’s super embarrassing.

I got undressed, took a long shower and wrapped the white towel around my body and packed my hair in messy bun, I carried the clothes I was wearing then I put them in the washing machine and turned it on.

Yeah, every bathrooms in this house has it’s own washing machine.

I went to my bed and took a my phone and went back to the bathroom then sat on the water closet.

I dialled Asher’s number and it’s ringing.

My stomach still hurts like there’s sword in my stomach, menstruating isn’t easy for a woman.

I was sitting on the bench discussing with Felix and watching Jacob playing with other kids on the slide.

My phone begin to ring, I checked it it was Riley, I smiled happily, I walked away from the bench , cleared my throat then answered the call.

Asher? Hello?

Riley ? (Weak voice) Ash… Asher?

Asher ? (Worried) Riley what’s wrong? Are you okay?

Riley ? (shakey voice) d…don’t…worry, I’m fine, it’s just…

Asher? doesn’t look like you’re fine.

Riley ? I’m serious, it’s just that I need you to get something for me.

Asher? Sure, anything for you, what is it?

Riley ?…..

Asher? hello?

Riley? It’s just embarrassing to say it.

Asher ? just say it.

Riley? It’s that thingy that is made of cotton and it has wings.

Asher? (Confused) huh?

Riley? You know, that thingy that women use, that is white.

Asher? (still confused) what’s that?

Riley? That thing that kinda looks like diapers for women.

Asher? wait, are you talking about pads?

Riley ? (sighed) Yes, I mean pad, now hurry! Ow!!!

Asher? (scared) Okay, I’ll hurry (hung up)

I stood up and ran to Felix “Felix, I need you to look out for my brother I’ll be back.” I said with my fast voice and ran away before Felix could say anything.

Felix also has a little brother here.

I ran as fast as I could to the nearest supermarket I didn’t even bother to drive, I just ran like Flash.

I entered the supermarket and rushed to where they’re keeping the pads and women stuffs.

I stood in front there looking dump, because they’re many brands of pads and I don’t know what to choose.

I saw ‘Always’ pad,, ‘Stayfree’ pad, ‘Sofy’ pad, ‘Kotex’ pad and so on.

I saw a very big pad packet called “Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads”, I think it will be enough for Riley.

“OMG he’s so cute and handsome.” I heard a girly voice.

I turned and saw three 8th grade girls starring at me and they squealed and screamed.

“Ahhh!!! He’s starring at me!” the blonde one said.

I turned to confirm if it’s me they’re talking about, but I didn’t see anybody so that means they’re talking about me.

“He’s so hot.” the brunette said.

“I wish he’s my boyfriend forever, because he’s damn cute.” The red haired girl squealed and they all giggled.

I blushed a little but a little bit disgusted because I only want one person to be calling me like that.

I’m sure Riley would be jealous if she’s here.

This is kinda embarrassing, a boy buying a girl’s sanitary pad, like what is he using it for?

I quickly snatched the ‘Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads’ and ran away to meet the middle aged cashier (a woman).

I can still hear the girls gossiping, they all gasped.

“Who is she?” one of them asked.

“He bought pad for his girlfriend?”

“I’m so jealous.”

I cringed at them and turned back to the woman and smiled “Good morning.”

The woman smiled “It’s actually 12:30 in the afternoon.”

“Oh!” I said and gave her the pad to price.

The woman nodded “Hmmm, I guess your girlfriend weighs 200 pounds.”

I gave the woman an offensive look. Did she just call Riley fat?

“Excuse me? My girlfriend only weighs 90 pounds.” I retorted.

The cashier laughed “This is not the type of pad your girlfriend should use, this is for fat woman bigger than two large bedrooms”

My eyes went wide “Seriously?”

“Don’t worry, just return this one then you pick Always or Sofy, those pads are teenagers.” the woman suggested.

I grinned “Thanks ma’am.” I said and went back to the pad shelves.

Thank God, those three girls are gone.

I returned the oversized pad and carried three ‘Always’ pads so that it will be enough for Riley.

I gave it to the cashier and paid for it and she put them inside a white plastic bag.

I walked out of the supermarket and I sighed deeply “Wow.” I muttered.

I went back to the park and pick up Jacob, entered the car and drove off to my house.

I parked the car in front of the gate when I found out that something’s wrong with the car.

I came out to check “urrrgghh dang it! Flat tire!” I groaned angrily.

Good thing, we’ve got home before it’s too late and we have a spare tire in the car boot.

“Asher! Baby!” I heard that annoying voice, Jenny.

She even look like a witch with that her caked makeup on her face, and her super tight black mini dress, walking towards me like snake.

She walked towards me and hugged me tightly “Baby I missed you so much.”

I secretly cringed in disgust “Hey Jenny… What’s up?”

“I’m so proud to have a perfect boyfriend like you, you’re my first and best boyfriend, that’s why I pretending to be the type of girl you want, I’m glad that you didn’t hate me for being a dirty slut, that’s why I love you so much, I love you, don’t you dare leave me.” she grinned happily.


I fake smiled “Okay babe, you can let go of me now.” I said and she disengaged the hug.

She looked at me sincerely “I love you.” she kissed me unexpectedly.

Gross, her mouth stinks, I don’t think she brush her teeth today.

She pulled away and grinned happily, I gave her a fake grin.

The only reason why I dated her in the first place was because she used to dress like a good innocent girl and act nicely and sweet but I realized that she’s pretending for me to date her and I regretted it since then.

I just don’t know how to break up with her because I don’t want to hurt her feelings and I’m her first boyfriend also I don’t like to see a girl sad even though she deserves it.

She frowned as she noticed the white plastic bag I’m holding, I think she saw the pads.

“Who’s the pads for?” Jenny asked.

Oh no, bursted!

I started stammering “Oh um… They’re for… Um… Art supplies.” I lied.

Jenny got confused “What?”

“Yeah, I wanted to draw a sanitary pad so I buy a lot so that I can choose the pad I want.” I lied.

Jenny believed me and nodded “Your art class is weird.”

I shrugged.

Jenny held my hand and smiled “Let’s go inside.”

I sighed and yanked my hand off “look Jenny, I hate to break it down to you but the both of us can’t work out, it’s over, I’m sorry.” I said.


“And this pad isn’t for drawing, it’s for my girlfriend inside the house and she must not see you or else you’ll be in deep trouble. Bye.” I added.

“Wait Asher baby!” Jenny cried.

I entered the car without listening to what’s she gonna say, and managed to drive the car into the garage.

I heaved a sigh of relief “That’s close.”

Good thing Jacob didn’t hear anything because all car windows are closed.

Jacob and I came out of the car and went inside.

Jacob went to his room and I went straight to Riley’s bedroom, I knocked the door “Riley, I’m home!”

She didn’t even reply, I don’t think she’s in the room, I opened the door slowly and peeped inside.

I saw her in her white towel wrapped around her, sitting on her bed near the window feeling depressed, I think it’s menstrual cramps.

I walked in with a smile “Hey Riley, how’s are you doing?”

Riley didn’t even steal a glance at me, like I did something bad.

I sat closer to her and held her hand, but she removed her hand from me.

I frowned, is Riley made at me?

“Riley, what’s wrong?” I asked.

Riley turned to me and I noticed that she has been crying, her eye cycles are dark and swollen, her tears are dried in her cheeks.

I was shocked “Riley are you okay? What’s wrong?”

She sniffed “I can see that you’re still with Jenny because I saw you two kissing.”

My eyes went wide “Wait you saw us?”

Riley scoffed bitterly “I’m so stupid.”

“Riley…” I tried to stop her but she snatched the plastic bag from me.

“Thanks for the pads.” she said and went inside the bathroom and slammed the door.

Oh no!

I entered the bathroom, sat on the closet and I begin to weep bitterly.

I can’t believe Asher would do this to me, he ruined my life.

I stood at the window and was watching Asher and Jenny kissing each other.

Now I’ve realized that Asher only wants me for sex, I thought he loves me.

He made me love me, he used me, he took advantage of me, he’s just playing with my feelings.

Is that why Asher didn’t allow me to go out? So that I won’t find out that he’s still dating Jenny?

I’m such a big fool for allowing him to have my body. I’m such an idiot.

I heard Asher knocking the door “Riley, are you okay?”

I rolled my eyes “Go away! What did you want from me?!” I cried.

“Riley, I’m sorry, I didn’t want this to happen, if you can just let me explain.”

“Just go! Leave me alone!” I cried.

“Riley please, I love you.” Asher said softly.

“just give me some space please!” I sniffed.

Asher sighed sadly “If you say so… But just to let you know, Jenny and I have broke up with each other.” he said and I heard him walking out of the bedroom and closed the door.

Liar!! Pretty annoying liar!!! Do you expect me to believe you?

After weeping enough tears, I took a long shower to clean it off and I arranged my undies with the pad, Asher gave me and I wore it.

I came out the bathroom and wore my pink pyjamas dress, and lay down on my bed feeling sad and sick.

My stomach still hurts like hell, I kept on wincing and rubbing my stomach.

“Oh!!!” I winced again.

Menstruation is hard for a woman.

“Ah!!” I keep crying for 1 hour and the pain didn’t go away, I can’t even sleep.

I was rolling on the bed till I mistakenly fell on the floor still rolling, rubbing my stomach and crying.

Asher knocked “Riley?”

“Go away.” I snarled “Ow!” I cried again.


By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
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