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I walked out of the school with Olivia and the cheerleaders, we went to our separate ways and waved each other good bye.

I was walking towards the school bus then I noticed that someone’s following me again.

Asher, I guess…

I tried to walk faster but the person caught up with me and held my hand tightly.

“What’s your problem Asher? Leave me alone!” I yelled as I yanked my hand from him. Wait…

“Geez girl!” Wendy cringed “I’m just tryna surprise you.”

I heaved a sigh of relief “Oh Wendy I’m so sorry, I thought it’s Asher.”

Wendy is my black bestie, also my babysitting partner, she’s the one that influenced me to start babysitting, plus she’s fun to be with and a teaser.

Wendy giggled “That guy’s still bothering you?” she teased me as we’re walking together.

“Yeah!” I replied feeling irritated.

Wendy laughed “You sure you don’t like him back?”

I cringed “Ew gross, I’m older than him.”

Wendy shrugged “Age is just a number.”

I rolled my eyes “That statement is gross.”

“So how’s your babysitting job?” Wendy asked.

I shrugged “It’s good, especially when someone hired me to babysit her son for a month.”

Wendy furrow her eyes “That’s not babysitting, that’s being a nanny.”

“Well she’s gonna pay me $5000, by the end of the month.” I smiled.

Wendy’s eyes got wide “Whoa! That’s huge but not as mine.”

I scoffed “What about you?”

“I’m gonna get paid $4000 for babysitting a kid for just a 2 weeks.” Wendy said proudly.

“No way.” I laughed.

“Yes way, oh you’re gonna miss the bus, hurry up bye.” Wendy said.

“Bye!” I ran to the bus and went inside.

Great, the bus is full but I can see an empty seat but Asher is sitting beside the empty seat.

Oh God, he waved at me to sit down with him.

Well, that’s a no!

I walked towards him, glaring at him.

“Sit or you’re gonna get tired.” Asher smirked.

I rolled my eyes “I rather stand.”

Asher shrugged “Okay, if you say so.” he said and minded his business.

Idiot, he can’t even beg me to sit. Well I’m tired so I have no choice, because my legs and weak, they need rest.

I slowly sat down beside him, feeling a little uncomfortable.

He didn’t even look at me or made fun of me or even talk to me, I know I’m suppose to be happy but I’m not.

I feel useless and bored.

“Jerk.” I muttered.

I heard when Riley called me jerk and she’s gonna love this jerk.

I decided to keep quiet because I think I’ve made her uncomfortable enough, there’s still more to go.

She’s just so hot I could suffocate.

*Few Minutes Later*
The bus stopped in front of my house, I came out of the bus feeling a little surprised.

Asher didn’t even talk to me throughout the bus trip, but how come?

I mean, last week he pinned me on the lockers and kissed me passionately in front of everyone, today he pulled me and made me sat on his rising dick, which is making me feel disturbed but I kinda like it.


But he didn’t even look at me or touched me, how weird.

I shrugged and went inside the house and met my mother washing dishes.

I scoffed and approached her “Mom, stop it, I’ll do the dishes.” I said as I tried to collect the plate from her hand.

“It’s okay sweetie, you’ve tried enough, lemme just do the dishes today, okay?” my mom smiled as she continued.

I pouted “But mom…”

“It’s okay jelly bean, I just feel like cleaning today, okay?” my mom said.

I bit my lips nervously “Um, mom?”

“Yes, Jelly bean?”

“There’s something I wanna tell you…” I grinned.

“What is it?” mom asked.

I sighed sadly “A woman hired me to babysit her son for one month and I’m don’t wanna disagree because of the money she’s gonna pay me and it will really help us but I don’t wanna leave you…”

“It’s okay Jelly bean, Wendy already told me everything and I’m really proud of you.” mom smiled.

I grinned “Really? Can I go tonight? ”

My mom shrugged “Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

I hugged my mom “I love you mom.”

“I love you too Jelly bean.” my mom whispered.

We disengaged and I went inside my bedroom.

To the bathroom, took a quick shower, came out, do the usual routine.

I wore a grey joggers, pink oversized shirt and white sneakers, fixed my hair in messy bun.

I stuffed my clothes and the stuffs I need into my cheer sport bag and left the bedroom and went downstairs, to the kitchen.

Mom saw me and smiled “Hey, I cooked your favorite meatball spaghetti.” she said and gave me a small warm cooler filled with the food.

“Awww mom, you shouldn’t have.” I pouted.

“Anything for my baby.” my mom grinned.

“Thanks mom.” I smiled.

“So, just be careful, don’t talk to strangers, make sure nothing happens to that kid and don’t only take care of the kid but also yourself, I know you can be selfless sometimes.” my mom advised.

I chuckled “Mom.”

“Just give mommy a tight hug.” mom said and I hugged her tightly.

“I’m gonna miss you mom.” I sniffed.

“I’ll miss you too, Jelly bean.” mom said and we disengaged.

I left the house and waved at my mom “Bye mom!”

“Bye jelly bean.” she waved back.

I stopped a taxi and he drove me to the woman’s house or should I call it mansion?

Because this house is damn big and beautiful and luxurious.

Like it’s a president living in that mansion, I’m kinda nervous about this job.

I groaned as my parents are moving their luggages.

I didn’t even bother to help them because I’m angry.

“Asher sweetie, please help us carry our luggages to the car.” my mom pleaded.

I rolled my eyes “But mom, we don’t need any babysitter, can’t I babysit my own brother?”

“Last time you babysit your brother, you left him at amusement park.” my dad retorted.

I shrugged “Well at least we saw him later that day.”

Mom sighed “Sweetie, you’re suppose to go to the movies with Jenny and we can’t leave Jacob with you again, you’re careless.”

“Oh so, you wanna leave Jacob with someone we didn’t even know and you’ll still pay him.” I scoffed.

“Asher, we don’t have time for your unnecessary conversation, we’re gonna be late for our flight.” my dad said.

“But we don’t need any babysitter.” I protested “Right Jacob?”

Jacob is not even listening to us, he’s busy playing with his toy cars.

Ding dong! The door bell rang.

“That must be the babysitter.” my mom said and I groaned loudly.

Mom went to the door and opened it and she walked inside. My eyes went wide when I saw her.

“Riley?” I called her name softly.

My jaw dropped, I feel like screaming right now.

Asher lives here? That means I’m babysitting….

No! this can’t be happening.

“Okay Riley.” Mrs Harrison snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Yes Mrs Harrison, am I gonna babysit him.” I pointed my finger to Asher “Isn’t he old enough to take care of himself?” I asked.

“Can’t you take care of me?” Asher smirked, I gave him a weird look.

Mrs Harrison scoffed “No, you’re not babysitting him, you’re babysitting his little brother, he’s going to the movies with his girlfriend.”

Phew! I heaved a sigh of relief, not only Asher will not be at home, he has a girlfriend but why is he always bothering me?

Why do I feel angry about Asher having a girlfriend? Whatever.

“Well , we have to go, please take care of my baby, especially Jacob, I’m gonna miss you baby.” Mrs Harrison squealed and kissed Jacob’s head.



The couple left the house leaving me and the boys alone in this big mansion.

Well, what a day…

I mean this job is amazing, I’ll get paid for just babysitting with an adorable blue eyed boy but how am I gonna live my life with the most annoying guy I’ve ever seen?

Look at him smirking devilishly at me, he even winked at me while licking his lips.

Who knows if this guy will rape me or try something drastic, I’m scared.

Is my life gonna be ruined because of him?

Oh no! No! No! No! No!!!

Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The love of my life will babysit me… I mean my brother.

But I will make her babysit me, if you know what I mean.

She’s so hot even with the oversized outfit she’s wearing, her sexy body is showing, I must have her all to myself.


By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
❌❌Do Not Copy And Repost ❌❌


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