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“What am I gonna do?” I cried still struggling with the chain.

Ken jumped in from the window “Riley, are you okay?”

“Do you see that I’m okay?” I asked sarcastically.

I don’t care about whatever he’s doing here,as long as my Asher is fine.

“Asher’s unconscious.” I said.

Ken was shocked “What!! What’s wrong with him? What have you done to him?” he yelled angrily.

“Shut up and free me from this chain and help us!” I screamed and Ken immediately released me from the painful chain, we got Jacob out of his room.

I stood up and I called 911, they came and they took Asher to the hospital.

I met Olivia and Felix on the way so they followed us.

Ken made me promise that I should not to tell Asher about how Ken helped him.

Why do I feel that there’s a connection between the both of them?

Olivia stayed with me for 30 minutes in the hospital, she left when she was tired.

Jacob was with Felix playing together.

Few minutes later, I went to Asher’s room, starring at the unconscious boy.

I held his hands tightly, cried emotionally for 10 minutes and went to sleep.

I woke up feeling dizzy,having a huge headache, every where’s blurry and white.

Where am I? I think I’m in a hospital. Everywhere went clear and the first person I saw is Riley, sitting on the floor and lay her head on the bed, holding me hands, sleeping.

I noticed a bandage wrapped around my head. I did this to myself.

I saw Riley running away, I stood up as I gritted my teeth “You’re not going anywhere, you bitch.” I murmured.

I carried a brick from the floor and threw it and it hit Riley’s head and she collapsed and fainted.

I approached her, took the brick, carried her in a bridal style and took her back to the mansion.

I entered my bedroom, so that I’ll be watching her because she’s smart.

I went to my wardrobe and carried a rope to tie her, I cringed. This rope won’t be enough, Riley can escape from it again.

I dropped the rope and carried a long chain and used it to tie Riley’s hands very tight.

I sighed sadly starring at the innocent lifeless girl. I really don’t want to do this but Riley didn’t allow me to explain.

I can never ever kiss another girl without an important reason. But I really feel bad for Riley. I didn’t want to do this to her. I’m such a monster.

I’m not supposed to hurt Riley like this, I’ve vowed before that I won’t pity anybody that hurt my Riley but I did. So I need to punish myself.

I took the brick and sat beside Riley, I used the brick to hit my head. “Argh!!” I cried.

Man!!! It hurts like hell, it’s like my head is like fire. So this is how painful it is to Riley. I’m a wicked monster.

“Ouch! ” I hit my head again. I keep hitting my head repeatedly till I got weak, everywhere went blurry.

I noticed my head and my mouth is bleeding, I collapsed next to Riley, my hands are on her and I blacked out.


Oh no! What have I done? I realized that I’ve caused a lot of pain to Riley. I’m a monster. I don’t wanna be like this.

I just want Riley to be with me but I would never try to harm Riley, I’m such a monster. What’s wrong with me?

I deserve to die, this is because Caleb left me two years ago. I don’t deserve Riley at all. I get it if she break up with me or even be afraid of me.

But after how bad I treated Riley, she still helped me. I don’t think she really wanna leave me because this is a great opportunity to escape from me. But she didn’t.

Riley is really in love with me. She loves me but she doesn’t deserve a monster or jerk like me.

But how did I actually get to this place? I mean… I tied Riley up in my bedroom, I locked Jacob in his room, I even locked the mansion door and hid the key. So who helped me?

“Mmmm.” Riley groaned as she woke up. She was shocked when she saw that I’m awake.

“Asher?” she grinned and hugged me tightly. “You’re awake! I thought I’ll lose you.” Riley cried.

I pulled her away from me and gave her a surprised look “Why did you still care about me?”

What’s Asher saying? That I’m not considerate?

“W… What are you talking about?” I stammered.

Asher bent his head sadly “I treated you badly for the past three days and you didn’t run away from me. Why?”

I smiled and held his hand “Because I love you. I just can’t leave you in this condition.” I said sincerely.

Asher scoffed “Really? I love you too.”

I bent my head and blushed.

“Look.” Asher raised my chin up “I’m really sorry for how I treated you.”

I shrugged “It’s okay, I understand.”

Asher got confused “Understand what?”

Riley sighed “Olivia explained everything to me, you had a big brother Caleb, you two are best friends, you’re inseparable, both of you do everything together, you eat together, play together and even bath together.”

How can Olivia do such a thing? I told everyone not to talk about this, I’m trying to forget about my brother’s death, why is she doing this to me?

She has caused me nothing but pain! She always threaten me like a dog. Why?

Riley continued “So one day, when you were 14 years old, your brother wanted take bus to go to college but someone set a bomb in the bus and it blast up the bus with your brother in it and…”

Riley stopped as she bent her head nervously, she thought I’m gonna vent my anger on her. But why aren’t I annoyed as before?

Anytime my parents are talking about Caleb’s death, I always vent my anger, scatter the place and even injure someone or any other violence.

Wait!! Is my IED gone?

IED is an Intermittent explosive disorder, I got that anger issue ever since Caleb had accident. I was not myself ever since then, because of this stupid disorder, I hurt my Riley, but now it’s gone, I’m so happy!

I don’t want Riley to know anything about my anger issues, because she’ll freak out, on the bright side. It’s gone so nothing to worry about.

But Riley deserves to know.

“Asher? Are you listening?” Riley snapped me out of my thought.

I scoffed “I’m just happy that…” I smiled “Two years ago, when my brother died, I begin to have this disease called IED.”

Riley’s eyes went wide “What? Why didn’t you tell me about it?” she asked in worry.

I scoffed “I just don’t want you to break up with me.” I said truthfully.

“So you thought that if I found out about your anger issues, I’ll break up with you?” Riley asked.

I nodded sadly, feeling guilty.

So that’s why Asher had been violent, because of the IED.

I know it can never be Asher, Asher’s sweet and nice, he can never be this violent.

But even though he is, I can never leave him, even if I try.

I just want to leave the mansion because I want to see Sadie, at least once. So I brought him to the hospital where Sadie was admitted so that I can see her but I’ve not seen her.

I just want to know if Asher’s okay, before I see Sadie but I got scared when Asher told me that he has IED and he’s still hurt. What if he had amnesia?

What if something worst happen to his brain? I’m glad he’s fine but what about his IED? I’m worried.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me anything!” I pouted.

“I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to harm you, I get it if you leave me forever, but it’s okay,I think the disorder is gone.” Asher bent his head sadly.

I smiled and hugged Asher “Oh Asher, I can’t leave you and I won’t.”

Asher pushed me away and I frowned “You don’t deserve to be with me, especially with my IED.”

“B.. But you said it’s gone.” I said.

“It might come back again and I might hurt you and I don’t want that.”Asher said.


“Just go Riley, I don’t want anything to happen to you, I’ll pay you extra salary.” Asher said.

“Asher, are you sending me away?” I snarled.

“I’m saying this because I wanna protect you, I love you.”

“But Asher…”

Asher sighed “Just go, I don’t want to hurt you again.”

Tears begin to slide down my cheek “But ash…”

“Is everything okay?” the doctor walked in and was shocked to see me. He wanted to cry but he hide his emotions.

Why do I feel that there’s a connection between me and this man?

“Umm, doctor please give my boyfriend a check up.” I said.

The doctor gave Asher some check ups, and he smiled.

“How’s my boyfriend, doctor? ” I asked.

“Oh, he’s fine. He just need to take some medicines for one week but his mental illness is miraculously gone due to the hitting of his head.” The doctor said.

I smiled at Asher, who’s totally happy.

“Buy this medicines I prescribed for him from the clinic downstairs, make sure he uses it every day and night.” the doctor said as he gave me the list of the medicines.

“Yes doctor.” I nodded.

The doctor smiled “I’m just happy to see you again, I thought I lost you.” the doctor smiled.

Why is he talking like my dad?

I gave him a confused look “What?”

The doctor sniffed “I’m sorry, just take this medicine regularly.” he said to Asher and left the ward room.

Weird man.

I smirked at Asher.

“You still have to leave.” Asher told me.

I shrugged “No.”

Asher cringed “No?”

I nodded “Yeah, I’ll never leave, especially when I have to give you your medicines.”

“My parents will be back tomorrow, so I’ll explain to them.” Asher said unemotionally.

“Oh.” I bent my head sadly.

I can’t believe, I’ll leave Asher even if I don’t want to.

So it’s already a month, I’m so sad.

I sighed sadly “I have to check on Sadie.” I said and stood up.

“Riley, wait…”

“I’ll buy the drugs, give Jacob, he’s with Felix outside the hospital.” I said as I was walking out of the room angrily.


I ignored him and slammed the door as I leave the room.

I can’t believe Asher’s driving him away, I’m so angry.

Olivia explained to me what really happened at the party, when he kissed Jenny. I really feel bad for him because I didn’t allow him to explain.

I forgive Asher about Rolex stuff.

I understand his pain, he has gone through a lot. But he’s not supposed to chase me away like that.

I went to the clinic, bought the medicine and gave Jacob to give his brother, I secretly watch him giving his brother the medicine.

I felt that Asher’s guilty.

“I love you Asher.”

“I love you too, my little nincompoop.” Asher said playfully to his brother and he hugged his little brother tightly with smile. I guess they’ve made up.

I headed straight to Sadie’s ward room.

I saw the same doctor treating the poor little bald girl wearing a purple head warmer, sleeping.

He was done and he saw me and smiled.

“Doctor, how’s my cousin?” I asked.

“She’s getting better, she’s totally responding to the treatment.” the doctor said.

I grinned happily “Really?”

“Yeah, you should check her hair.”

I moved closely to her and gently checked opened her head warmer.

The doctor is right, her hair is growing, she’ll be better in no time.

My eyes was soaked with tears of joy, my cousin/ best friend will be okay very soon.

Thank God!!!!

I kissed her forehead and smiled at the doctor.

“Sir, thank you so much for helping us.”

“Don’t thank me, thank your boyfriend, he’s the one that paid for the treatment.”




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