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I woke up with a light groan, having a strong headache. Everywhere was blurry but it became clear.

I found myself tied up on my bed, in my white bikinis. What happened?

Asher still pressed me against the wall, grabbing my hair tightly and pointing his gun to my head.

“Asher please, drop that gun, it’s very dangerous.” I pleaded with a sniff.

Asher scoffed “I said, strip for me.”

Tears keeps dropping from my eyes, “Asher, I’m begging you…!!”

Asher finally let go of my hair, it’s like a heavy load was removed from my hair, so relieved.

Asher moved few inches away from me, still pointing the gun at me, he went and locked the door and threw the key away.

What’s Asher trying to do?

He sat on the bed, pointing his gun towards me and smirked “Now, take off your clothes.”

I bit my lower lip, trying to act stubborn.

“Riley…” Asher’s about to pull the trigger.

I sighed sadly as I took off my pink top slowly, exposing my white bra.

Asher shrugged “Go ahead.”

I sniffed trying to hold my tears and I removed my black leggings, leaving my white panties.

Asher smiled as he stood up and hugged my waist tightly and kissed my lips passionately, using his tongue to play with my tongue.

He carried me and dropped me on the bed.

I was weeping silently.

How is Ken worst than Asher?!!

Asher moved his face closer to mine, playing with my belly button. I know he’s gonna have sex with me, I’m not even in the mood for sex or anything.

“Asher please, don’t do this to me, I love you.” I cried silently.

Asher scoffed “Don’t do what?”

I sniffed “Don’t have sex with…”

“I’m not gonna have sex with you, not in this condition.” Asher laughed.

I gave him a confused look “What condition?”

Asher kissed my forehead and he immediately cover my nose with a white handkerchief.

Everywhere went blurry and I blacked out.

I can’t believe Asher would stoop so low all of a sudden.

I mean… It’s just a breakup, he’s the one that hurt my feelings by cheating on me, get kissed Jenny and he didn’t even want me to leave.

I don’t think he loves me, he just has lust in me but why do I feel that he really loves me? I don’t even know what I should think about.

I tried my best by struggling to cut the stupid rope Asher used to tie my hands.

I just hope he didn’t rape me when he made me unconscious. I don’t think he did, because the middle of my legs aren’t paining me.

I feel fine, why’s Asher acting like that? All of a sudden?

The door was opened “Sup babe.” Asher walked in with a tray with a white bowl covered with saucer and a glass of apple juice.

I gave him a death glare as he winked at me then sat beside me.

“I know you’re hungry so I made this.” he opened the plate, it was beef stew.

I’m seriously hungry but I’m not in the mood of eating right now, I just wanna go home.

Asher fetched a spoon and brought it towards my mouth.

I moved my face away from the spoon, Asher grabbed my face aggressively and moved my face to him.

“Eat.” he threatened me as he held my hair softly. I know he’s gonna grabbed my hair again if I don’t eat the spoon and I’m having headache.

I nodded nervously “Okay.”

Asher brought the spoon towards my mouth and I accepted and chew the beef stew.

The food is delicious but I don’t feel like eating anything.

He gave me another spoon of beef stew and I accepted, chewed and swallowed.

He gave me another but I still moved my face away “I’m not hungry anymore.” I lied.

“Argh!” I screamed as Asher grabbed my hair tightly.

“Don’t you dare lie to me.” Asher threatened me again “I know how hungry you are, you haven’t eaten anything since last night and today and you expect me to believe that you’re not hungry? Huh?”

I winced “No! I’m sorry!” I cried.

Asher let go of me and dropped the tray on my bed and stood up angrily “Feed yourself!” he snarled and left my bedroom and locked the door angrily.

“Arrrggghh!!!” I cried loudly and bitterly as tears kept rolling down on my cheeks.

Why did I even accepted this stupid babysitting job in the first place? None of this would happen if I didn’t accept.

I don’t even know what I should do. Is this how my life will be forever? What about mom? And Sadie? And Olivia?

I just don’t know what to do.

I would have rape Riley mercilessly when I had the chance but I didn’t because I know she’ll soon be pregnant.

I hope so. I know what I’m doing is wrong but I don’t care because I love Riley.

I don’t want her to leave me like what Caleb did to me.

Riley’s mine and mine alone, I would never ever cheat on her because I’m all hers.

I gave Jacob his dinner and locked him in his room, because I don’t want him to see what I’m doing to Riley, he’s too young for this.

I went to my bedroom and fell on my bed, missing Riley right now.

I know I’m obsessed with her and I’ll always be obsessed.

This is a sleepless night for me, I even closed my eyes for 1 hour but I can’t sleep.

I’m totally uncomfortable because I’m in the same position for more than 2 hours thanks to Asher that tied me up.

I must get out of here, I sighted the glass cup of orange juice, I used my foot to move the glass and the juice poured on the bed but I didn’t care.

Good thing I’m flexible, I moved the the glass with my legs till it reached my hand, I carried the glass and smashed it on the wall beside me. I carried a piece and used to start cutting the rope.

It was really hard to cut but I did it anyway. I finally untie myself. I stood up from my bed.

I put on my blue oversized shirt that almost reach my knee and a pink palm angels slippers, packed up my stuffs into my bag and slung it over my shoulder. It’s not that heavy.

I can’t escape through the front door, I will get caught by Asher.

I have to go through the window, it’s not that high.

I went the window and checked the height. Whoa!!! It’s very high!!!! But lemme manage. There’s a very large swimming pool, so I’ll just jump into the swimming pool and swim and get out of here.

I was a cheerleader by the way.

I climbed the window and landed on a flat roof under it.

I took a glance at the swimming pool and took a deep breath because this is gonna be tough and risky.

I threw my travelling bag and it landed outside the mansion’s big fence. I’ll carry it when I finally escape.

I took another deep breath and jumped in the air trying my best not to scream.

I luckily fell into the pool.

Phew, so close. I noticed someone’s coming so I held my breath and hid myself in the pool so that no one will see me. I sense that Asher came out of his room to check what’s happening. He didn’t see anything and he went back in.

I removed my head out of the water and was panting heavily. “That was close.”

I swim to the side of the swimming pool and came out.

I grinned happily because I’ll finally escape from that monster.

I headed straight to the gate and silently opened the gate.

“Argh!!” I screamed as I saw Asher right in front of me, outside the mansion.

I got confused, I thought he was still inside “How did you…?” I glanced at the building and looked at him.

How did he get here so fast? I don’t understand.

Asher smirked as he held my hands which is making me to feel so scared.

He moved his face closer to mine “I would have injure you without caring that you’re a girl but because of your condition…”

I punched his face and he winced and staggered.

I ran out of the gate and carried my cheer bag, and was about to run.

“Take another step and I’ll shoot you!” Asher yelled as he pointed his gun towards me.

I stopped feeling frightened.

“Now turn around and walk.” Asher ordered.

I scoffed acting like I’m not scared “It’s not like that stupid gun is even loaded.” I said rudely.


“Shut up! You’re just using that gun to threaten me, who knows that’s even a fake gun.” I laughed.

“Riley!” Asher gritted his teeth angrily.

“You know what? I’m out of… Argh!!!” I screamed and blocked my ears as Asher pulled the trigger and the bullet hit a tree.

My eyes went wide and I gave Asher a surprised look. What if that bullet hit me? Especially at the wrong place?

“That’s just a warning shot, the next one, you’ll big scar on your leg.” Asher warned.

I gulped and I walked towards Asher as he’s smiling, still pointing his gun towards me.

“Police!!” I yelled as Asher yelped.


I collected the gun from him and kicked him in the balls and he cried.

“Argh!!” he winced as he held the place and fell to the ground.

I ran with the gun, suddenly something hit me with my head and I fell to the ground and fell unconscious.

I woke up feeling a terrible headache, I found myself, tied up with a chain this time, on Asher’s bed with Asher sleeping next to me.

His arms were wrapped around me, I don’t even want him to let go but I just wanna go home and see my cousin but Asher won’t let me.

I can’t believe he would hit me with a brick, is he insane?

I noticed that a bandage is wrapped around my head because of the brick Asher threw at me, yesterday. I guess he’s the one that did this.

I struggled to release myself but it’s really tied to my hand that it hurts so much.

“Asher?” I woke him.

He groaned in pain“Riley, please don’t go.” he said feeling weak with his eyes closed.

I don’t think he’s okay.

“Riley, please stay with me, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” Asher said weakly.

I furrowed my eyes “Asher?”

I noticed that there’s a wide wound on his head.

Oh My God, who did this to Asher? Who’s responsible?

I used my leg to tap him “Asher?” he didn’t respond.

I don’t think he’s sleeping. He’s really injured.

I have to take him to the hospital but I can’t because I’m tied up.

I think Jacob should help us “Jacob!” I called but I didn’t hear anything.

“Jacob! Your brother is not okay, hurry up.” I yelled.

“I can’t get out of my room, Asher locked me up.” Jacob yelled back.

How did this even happen?


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