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“Congratulations Riley.”

“Congrats Riley.”

“I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you.” I grinned happily as the girls are congratulating me, especially Olivia and Wendy, people are taking pics of me with them, also other girls.

“Moi Miss!” I heard Asher’s voice as I saw him, Jacob, Ashley and my mom.

“Moi Mr.” I retorted.

“Congratulations Riley!” Jacob said as Ashley barked.

I giggled “Thanks guys.”

The first person I hugged tightly was my mom “I’m so proud of you Jelly Bean, your father is also proud.” my mom whispered emotionally.

“Thanks mom.” I smiled feeling emotional.

Asher kissed my cheeks and I cleared my throat with a glare at him because my mom’s here.

My mom sighed with a fake strict face “I can see you two are dating and you haven’t introduced yourself, young man.”

“But I told you about me during the pageant.” Asher said.

My mom shrugged playfully “didn’t hear a thing.” I giggled lightly.

“Okay mom, meet Asher.” I said as I hugged Asher’s waist “My boyfriend.”

My mom smiled “Nice to meet you Asher, feel free to call me mom.”

My eyes went wide as I disengaged from Asher “Mom?!”

Asher chuckled feeling shy.

“Don’t mom me! I’m so ready to see be a grandma right now.”

I covered my face with my two palms, feeling embarrassed, my face is totally red.

“Okay, I guess I’ll leave you two alone, give me your prizes, I’ll help you carry them, if you need me I’ll be in the car.” my mom said as I gave her my prize gifts and my mom left with Jacob and the dog.

I turned to Asher “I’m so sorry about my mom.”

Asher scoffed “For what? Your mom is fun and amazing artist.”

I chuckled “What did she create?”

Asher hugged my waist and his face is close to mine “You, my Miss California.”

I blushed more and more, my face is totally heated up, I gazed into his sweet, soft, pinkish lips like strawberries and cherries.

I closed my eyes as I connected our lips together, I wrapped my arms around his neck and continue the make out session.

I noticed people are gasping, glaring, gossiping, clapping and wooing at us but I didn’t care.

“Ahem.” I heard that disgusting voice.

I opened my eyes and pulled away from Asher, I glared at Maddie, who’s smirking at me.

“I guess you two are having fun.” Maddie teased.

I clenched my fist, I feel like punching her stupid face.

“What did you want from me?” I snarled.

Maddie scoffed acting like she’s confused “What are you talking about?”

That does it! I’m gonna kill Maddie.

I gritted my teeth angrily, “You fucking bitch!” I begin to grab Maddie’s hair and was dragging it.

“Ah!! Riley stop!!! Stop!!!” Maddie cried.

“Riley stop!!!” Asher grabbed my waist trying to separate me from Maddie but he couldn’t.

“Riley stop fighting, she is worth it.” Olivia said also trying separate us.

“I hate you Maddie! I hate you!!” I yelled still grabbing Maddie’s hair.

Maddie grabbed my hair back and we begin to catfight like little children.

“What’s going on here?” we heard Stacy’s voice “Girls stop fighting.”

Stacy, Olivia, Asher and the girls finally separated the both of us.

Maddie and I tried to fight each other again but they held us tightly.

“What the fuck is wrong with you??!!!!” Maddie screamed.

“You try to ruin everything for me!!!” I screamed back.

“Shut up both of you!!!” Stacy snapped “What’s going…?”

“There she is!” Vivian came with two police officers “What did you want from her?” she asked the officers but the officers ignored her and approached me.

What’s going on?

“Excuse miss, are you Maddie Lawrence?” the female officer asked.

I shrugged feeling confused “Yeah why?”

The male officer brought out a handcuff “You’re under arrest for manipulating a competitor’s property.”

My eyes went wide “What!”

“Yeah what?” Riley added.

“Is sabotaging illegal?” Olivia asked.

“According to Los Angeles rules and regulations, sabotage is a crime.” the female officer said.

“But I didn’t sabotage anything.” I protested.

“Yes you did!” Riley retorted.

I frowned “What!”

“Yeah, you’re the one who cut Riley’s suit with your scissors.” Olivia added.


“And you stole my cheer leading uniform then spoilt my evening dress with your ink!” Riley said.

I scoffed bitterly “What are you talking about Riley, you know that I would never do such a thing.”

“Stop acting like a good innocent friend, I already know your true colours.” Riley snarled.

“May we take a look at the evidence that proves that Maddie did all this?” the male officer asked.

“Yes sir, follow me.” Olivia said.

“Come with us Maddie.” the officer said and we all followed Olivia to the dressing room.

“Check her wardrobe.” the police officers begin to inspect my wardrobe.

Riley’s still glaring at me, they brought out my cheer sport bag and was searching for the so-called evidence I don’t know what they’re talking about.

“We can see a pair of scissors.” the woman said as she showed everyone the scissors.

“That’s what she used to shred my dress.” Riley said and everyone gasped.

I scoffed “No, I didn’t. I used it to cut the sleeves off my interview dress because I don’t like them, lemme show you.”

“Later, let the officers find the evidence.” Jenny smirked.

“And a bottle of black ink.” the officer added.

“Yeah she used it to ruin Riley’s dress.” Olivia said.

I gave the both of them a look of disbelief, tears begin to drop from my eyes, is this a prank or dream?

“And we found two cheer leading uniform.”

Riley’s eyes went wide “That’s my uniform.”

She collected one of my uniform and hugged, I frowned “Hey that’s my uniform.”

Riley pushed me away “No it’s mine, you stole it away from me so that I can lose.”

I scoffed again “No, I didn’t, it’s my uniform, I have two you know.”


“I even have a name tag on it.” I collected the uniform and showed everyone my name tag.

“Who knows, you just put it there?” Olivia asked.

“Guys, isn’t this Riley’s cheer uniform?” Vivian asked showing us a cheer leading uniform.

Riley approached her and collected the uniform, “This is mine. Where did you found it?”

“I saw it in the laundry basket, maybe the janitor thought it was some dirty clothes, so she packed it.” Vivian said.

The janitor came “I’m so sorry Riley, I didn’t know.”

“It’s okay.” Riley fake smiled.

“So that means, Maddie didn’t stole your uniform.” Asher said.

Riley felt a little embarrassed.

“But what about the ink and scissors.” Olivia asked.

I groaned and checked my wardrobe then brought out my interview and evening dresses, I showed everyone the evening dress first.

“Look guys, I used this ink to design my gown because I thought that Riley’s gown and my gown are the same.” Maddie said.

“Ohhh… Opps”

Maddie carried my interview sleeveless dress and the teared sleeves and showed people “look at the sleeves and dress that I used this scissors to cut, that means I didn’t do anything.”

I’m totally confused and more ashamed. So Maddie didn’t do any of these? I’ve been a jerk this whole time?

Olivia is still trying to protest “But what about…?”

“Hey guys, who owns this empty black ink bottle and scissors?” Vivian asked as we saw the two objects on the floor.

The police officer carried the bottle and scissors “That must be the scissors and ink bottle the suspect used to sabotage Riley’s stuffs.”

“Who did this?” Asher asked.

It doesn’t matter who sabotaged my stuff, I’ve offended my close friend who helped me, I’m such an idiot.

“I’m sorry officers, false alarm, I was playing with the scissors and ink earlier, I don’t know how it’s ruin my clothes, I’m sorry.” I lied.

The officers sighed “Okay Miss Kendall, we understand, and whosoever called us should not give us any false alarm.” the officers said and left.

“What a waste of our precious time.” Jenny said angrily and everyone all left the dressing room, except Asher.

Asher gave me a weird look “Riley, why would you say that? I know you didn’t do this.”

“Because I deserve this, I accused Maddie of sabotaging me but she’s actually trying to help me.” I said.

Asher shrugged “Come on Riley…”

“Let’s forget about this incident, my mom’s waiting for us and I’m seriously tired.” I snapped trying to change the topic.

“But…” I held Asher’s arm and we left the Hall.

We entered Asher’s Mercedes Benz, my mom and Jacob’s at the backseat with Ashley, I was at the passenger seat and Asher’s at the driver’s seat. He drove off and dropped my mom at our house then drove off to his house.

Immediately I walked in, I fell on the couch feeling extremely tired.

I laughed as Riley fell on the couch “I’m so tired.” Riley moaned.

“Lazy bone.” I muttered.

All of a sudden, I heard a long snore, Riley’s fast asleep, I chuckled lightly.

“Jacob, take Ashley to your room and get ready for bed.” I said and Jacob carried Ashley and went upstairs.

I gently carried Riley in a bridal style. Damn she’s still heavy.

I managed to carry her to her bedroom, even though I’m staggering.

I dropped on the bed, I woke her up to change for bed, she went to the bathroom and took a shower.

She came out looking sexy in her pink towel, she sat on the bed and I went to her bathroom, took a long shower and came out wearing her robe.

I saw that she’s sleeping already. Sleepy head.

I lay down on beside her and hugged her tightly. She didn’t even move a inch but still snoring.

I caressed her wet long hair and kissed her forehead and doze off.


By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
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