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I was on my bed, hugging my white pillow, thinking about what happened yesterday.

Jenny’s right, I’m such an idiot for dating a younger boy, I’m too ashamed to go out, what was I even thinking?

All I wanted is a great future for my me and my mom, I just wanna get paid for babysitting for a month but I fell for Asher, my junior.

I don’t want this before, that’s why I’ve been avoiding Asher, now that I’m trapped, I’m in love with Asher.

I love Asher so much but I don’t think our love will last because we’re not meant for each other because of our age.

I don’t even know how to break up with Asher, I don’t wanna hurt his feelings and I don’t know what I’ll go through if I dump him.

I heard a knock from my door “Riley?” speaking of Asher.

I’ve been ignoring him since yesterday incident, I even locked myself in the room since.

I’ve not eat anything since then and I’m a really weak and sad.

My phone beeped.

I checked it, it’s Ken that texted me.

Ken✉️ Why can’t you just give me a chance? I love you.

Riley ✉️ Please leave me alone.

Ken✉️ I can’t leave you alone, take me back, you’re such an idiot for dating that guy that is young enough to be your son.

Riley ✉️ Shut up and leave me alone!!!

I throw the phone and weep bitterly.

I knocked again “Riley, I know you’re in there.”

Still no response, I’ve been worried about Riley since yesterday.

She locked herself in room alone, I’m really guilty about this.

I glanced at the hamburger and orange smoothie I ordered from Starbucks, for Riley.

I didn’t feel like cooking anything because I’m too angry and sad to cook, so I ordered but Riley needs to eat this.

I noticed that the food I left in front of her door yesterday is still there.

Riley hasn’t touched it that means she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday.

I banged the door angrily “Riley! Open this door right now! Let me in! Don’t try to kill yourself please!” I kept shouting but Riley didn’t reply.

“Please…” I sobbed.

“Riley, I know you’re sad, angry and even mad at me but please, don’t try to hurt yourself because of that, if you’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting me.” I said softly with tears filled in my eyes.

I wept bitterly for two minutes and I sniffed “I’ll dropped this food on the floor again and leave, I get it if you don’t wanna see me right now but please don’t starve yourself, think of your mom and Jacob.” I said sadly and kept the tray on the floor and walked away.

Good thing Jacob went to school camp yesterday morning for just four days, sorry that I just said it.

I went to the sitting room and sat on the couch as I wiped of my tears.

Ding dong, the door rang.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Olivia!”

I sighed sadly as I stood up and went to the door, I opened it and saw Olivia grinning.

I fake smiled “Hey.”


“Come in.” I said as Olivia walked in and sat on the couch.

“Where’s Riley?” Olivia asked.

“She’s not in a good mood.” I said.

Olivia became worried “What? What happen?”

I explained everything that happened yesterday about Jenny and about Riley trying to suffer.

Olivia’s eyes went wide “What? Not my bestie?” she stood up “Riley!” she yelled as she went upstairs.

“Riley!!” she yelled again.

I followed her to the hallway and saw that the food was gone.

I guess Riley have taken the food, I’m kinda happy right now.

Olivia tried to open the door but it’s locked, she begin to bang the door “Riley, open the door right now or I break this fucking door!!”

“Whoa girl, easy.” I said feeling surprised.

Riley scoffed “Like you can.” she retorted.

I smiled again, finally I heard her beautiful voice today, I can’t live in peace without hearing her voice.

Olivia sighed “Riley…”

“Fine, I’ll open it.” Riley said iconically.

Few seconds later, she opened the door and behold.

The beautiful messy girl, Riley looks miserable, her hair’s messy, she didn’t changed the clothes she wore yesterday and there are food stains all over her, especially her face.

I know it’s weird but she’s so cute, but still don’t like her like this, she’s a beautiful mess.

“Wow Riley, you look like you just come out of garbage dump.” Olivia said.

Riley rolled her eyes “Whatever.”

Olivia sighed “Come on Riley, it’s time for girl talk.” she held Riley’s hand as she (Olivia) walked into her room.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

“No, it’s girl time.” Olivia replied.

I groaned loudly as they closed the door on me.

Olivia made me sit on my bed as she sat beside me.

“What has gotten into you, Riley?” Olivia asked.

I bent my head sadly “I don’t know, I’m just so embarrassed.”

“Of what? You dating Asher? Asher must not know anything about this.” Olivia said.

I looked at her “But can’t you see what’s wrong with it? An 18 years old girl dating a 16 years old girl’s 16 years old ex boyfriend, can’t you see?”

Olivia shrugged “I really can’t.”

I gave her a glare.

Olivia rolled her eyes “Fine, I might see a little but that doesn’t mean that you should show Jenny how weak you are that you’re crying like a baby in front of Jenny, Riley don’t be a weak pussy, please.”

“You’re strong and amazing, don’t show your weakness to the world, you and Asher are meant to be together, no matter what, age is just a number.” Olivia said.

“You think so?” I asked.

Olivia smiled “I know so, baby and next time you see that bitch Jenny, make sure that you kick her stupid ass and say ‘I dated your ex, so what?’, okay?”

I smirked “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Great, one more thing.” Olivia said.


“Shower, you look like a stinky bitch then you apologize to Asher for snubbing him for nothing.” Olivia said.

“Yeah, I’ll do that for sure.” I said.

I stood up and went to the bathroom, got undressed and put my clothes in washing machine, I entered the big jacuzzi.

“Riley, I have to go, Maddie just texted me that I’m late for cheer practice.” Olivia said and I heard that she has left the room.

I finished bathing, came out of the jacuzzi and wore my white robe and came out of the bathroom.

I decided to wear my blue pyjamas top and pink pyjamas shorts and wore my pink bedroom slippers, I let my hair go and wet.

I went down stairs to the living room and met Asher sleeping on the couch, hugging a pillow with my face on it.

Seriously, Asher’s weird, I like it.

I smiled as bent down and pinched Asher’s cheek “Hey, sleepy head.”

Asher woke up and winced “Ow.” he became happy when he noticed me “Riley?”

He sat properly and I sat close to him, Asher bent his head sadly and held my hand “Riley I’m so sorry…”

I shook my head negatively “No, I’m the one who should be sorry, I ignored you for something stupid and I…”

“Hey, never ever apologize to me but there’s another way, you can make it up to me.” he smirked as he yanked me closer to him.

My eyes went wide, what’s he trying to do?

He kissed me passionately, took off my top and lay me down on the couch.

“Asher please wait…”

He ignored me and opened my legs widely and kissed me passionately, I hugged him tightly as we’re making out.

We got undressed and we had sex on the couch for 10 minutes.

It’s not as painful as the first one but I love this one.

After our intimacy, we went to our rooms and I took a quick shower, came out and wore another pyjamas.

I checked the window and saw Maddie sneaking around the building, holding her phone and entered her car and drove off.

I frowned “What’s Maddie doing here?”

I cried loudly on my bed after watching the video of Asher and Riley having sex on the couch, someone sent it to me.

I don’t even know the person that sent this video to me, it’s an unknown but that’s not the point right now.

The point is that the ex boyfriend that I still love had sex with his senior, twice.

I can’t believe Asher would do this to me, he betrayed me.

My life is totally ruined because of Asher and that bitch.

I must ruined that bitch’s life because she ruined mine, that idiot must be punished.

I know, I’ll blur Asher’s face and post this dirty video and make whole world know that Riley is a boyfriend snatcher and a dirty slut.

I got another texted from the unknown person.

Unknown ✉️ Don’t you dare post this video until I tell you too.

Jenny ✉️ Who are you?

Unknown ✉️ You’ll know, you have no idea what I would do to you if you post this video.

Jenny ✉️ I’m not afraid of you so tell me who you are.

Unknown ✉️ Just do as I say and don’t try to act smart, besides we’re on the same side of ruining Riley’s life.

Jenny ✉️ I don’t care if we’re in the same side, I’m blocking you right now, get out of my life.

Unknown ✉️ Block me and I’ll expose your dirty sad secret.

Jenny ✉️ What?

Unknown ✉️ About your little Dana.

Jenny ✉️ Leave my Dana out of this.

Unknown ✉️ Then do as I say and you’ll have to pay me, try to say something stupid and I’ll put your Dana’s life at risk.

Jenny ✉️ Fine, what did you want?

Unknown ✉️ $30 million dollars.

Jenny✉️ What! I don’t have that much money.

Unknown ✉️ Liar! I saw you one day buying an ugly ancient wristband for $10 million and a dangling earrings that you don’t like for $6 million and you’re telling me that you don’t have that much money? I don’t think you care about Dana.

Jenny✉️ Fine, I’ll give you the $30 million dollars just leave Dana alone, please.

Unknown✉️ good girl, send the money to me before next week, lemme tell you were Riley is right now.

Jenny✉️ where?

Unknown ✉️ At Starbucks near Asher’s mansion, he’s mansion is even 50 times bigger than yours, you’re so poor.

I ignored the text message and stood up from my bed as I sniffed, I took my hand bag and left the mansion.

I don’t care if I’m still wearing pyjamas, at least the pyjamas is more expensive than Riley’s generation.

I entered my BMW car and drove off to Starbucks.

I parked at the parking lot and saw Riley talking to Maddie.

I approached her and yanked her towards me “Hey bitch! Haven’t you learn anything that I taught you yesterday? You’re so ugly even on the inside.”

“I hate you so much, you even have the guts to fuck my ex boyfriend, you’re so irritating!” I snarled as I lift my hand to give her a dirty slap but she held my hand tightly and squeezed it.

“Don’t you ever in your life call me names.” Riley warned.

“Ow! Riley, you’re hurting me.” I winced.

Riley scoffed “Really? I’m hurting you? But you’re just trying to hurt me.” Riley laughed “Never ever in your life try to disrespect your senior no matter what they do. I had sex with your ex-boyfriend, so what? It’s not that he likes you anymore, you’re just a dirty slit that’s why he dumped you.”

“If you’re really nice and cute like me, Asher might not have dumped you, but he did because he didn’t even loved you, you ugly slut even on the inside.” Riley snarled and pushed me to the ground, my butt hit the floor hard.

“Ow!” I winced.

Riley and Maddie smirked “Let’s go Maddie.” Riley said and they walked away leaving me on the ground and dump.

I noticed people are staring at me making me to feel embarrassed.

I stood up and cried bitterly “I hate you!! Riley! I hate you!!!”

If not for Dana, I don’t care about what the mystery person said, I swear I’ll post the video.

Who’s Dana to Jenny?

By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
❌❌Do Not Copy And Repost ❌❌


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