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I groaned as the alarm clock woke me up from my peaceful sleep. I stretched my hand and banged the clock to stop ringing.

I sat upright and stretched my body and yawned.

“It’s a new day.” I sighed and stood up from my bed.

I arranged the bed properly and wore my pink fluffy slippers, took my pink robe and went straight to the bathroom and took my bath.

I left the bathroom and went to my makeup table, applied some lotions on my skin.

I stood up and wore a white off-shoulder crop top, a red high waist pleated skirt that almost reaches my knee, wore a pair of silver dangling earrings and applied a light makeup, then I fixed my hair is side ponytail.

I wore my red boots that reach my knee and I wore pink Dior backpack.

Then left the room and went downstairs to the dinning room (which is in the kitchen) and meet my mom, already in her waitress uniform, cooking.

I grinned happily “Good morning mom.” I greeted with a tight hug.

“Good morning my jelly bean, how was your night?” She asked and we disengaged the hug.

“It was good except my air conditioner stopped working.“ I shrugged.

My mom sighed sadly “Sorry sweetie, I don’t have enough money to fix it, even mine isn’t working either, I don’t even have enough money for your school fees next month.”

I scoffed “It’s okay mom…”

“No, it’s not okay.” mom protested “ever since your dad left us, things hasn’t been okay, I just wish he’s still us, I don’t even like the way you’re stressing yourself because of me, you even quit cheer leading because of me.”

I smiled and wrapped my arms around my mother and leaned on her shoulder “It’s okay mom, I’ll be fine and dad is always with us in our heart, I know what you’re going through, I’m also trying my best to help you, everything is gonna be fine, mom.”

I noticed that my mom is already shedding tears and this can make me cry too.

I turned to her “Come on mom, stop crying, at least we’re not suffering, we have home, food, clothes… You.”

My mom chuckled and I hugged her again “everything is gonna be fine.”

“I love you jelly bean.” my mom said.

“I love you too mom.” I replied.

We disengaged and I turned to the table.

“So what’s for breakfast?” I asked.

“Waffles with chocolate syrup and orange juice, your favourite juice.” mom answered.

“Yippee!” I squealed and sat down then started devouring on the food like an animal.

I might not be fat but food is my first love, I love eating like animals but I don’t care.

“Hurry up, you’re gonna miss the school bus.” Mom said and I became snappy with the food.

After breakfast, I kissed my mom good bye and left the house and ran to the school bus.

I entered the bus and sat at the front and the bus started moving.

Moments later, I can feel that someone’s starring at me, I turned and saw my junior, Asher smirking at me, I gave him a weird look then he winked at me.

I rolled my eyes and sat properly, feeling uncomfortable because he’s still starring at me.

What’s up with that boy? He’s always checking me out and it’s making me to feel really uncomfortable.

He even tried to flirt with me but I didn’t give him any chance, I’ve tried my best to make him understand that I don’t like him but he won’t leave me alone.

I mean the guy is cute, handsome and smart but I’m older than him, I’m 18 years old, he’s 16 years old, I’m a 12th grader, he’s a 10th grader and it’s not normal for a girl to date a guy who’s younger than her, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

Also I don’t feel like having a boyfriend ever since Ken dumped me for a cheerleader, I was seriously heartbroken because he was my first boyfriend, I even joined the cheer leading team because of him.

I quit because I got tired of it and I wanna help my mom.

Opps! I’m so sorry, don’t mind my manners, My name is Riley Kendall, I’m 18 years old, of course I’m the only child, my dad died in a car accident when I was 16 years old, I live with my mom.

So my mom have been trying so hard to make my life easier, she even once worked as a maid, she was maltreated so they fired her for something she didn’t do.

After my father passed away, my mom and I decided to leave New York City and moved to Los Angeles to start a new life so she started working as a waitress in Starbucks.

I don’t like to see my mom suffer like this so I quit cheer leading and started working as a babysitter to assist my mom, good thing we’ve bought our two bedroom farmhouse already before anything else, so no need to pay rent.

The bus stopped at the school parking lot and all of us came out of the school bus.

I was climbing the stairs and I mistakenly tripped, I almost fall but someone caught me, holding my waist with his soft hands.

“Are you okay?” I heard his deep familiar voice, it was Asher.

I groaned and pushed him away and stood upright “I’m fine, leave me alone.” I said rudely.

Asher scoffed “Ouch, is that what I deserve for saving a damsel from falling?” he held my hand.

“Don’t touch me.” I yanked my hand away and turned to leave.

“Can’t I at least get a Thank you?” Asher snapped.

I sighed in frustration “thank you.” I said and walked into the school.

I smirked and bite my lips as I watched her walking away from me.

She’s my crush since last year, I just wish she should love me as I love her.

I took a look at the silver earring I secretly removed from her ear when I held her, I know this is for her father.

I know everything about Riley, I really felt pity for her as she’s doesn’t have father.

Yeah I’ve been stalking her for a while she didn’t know and I kinda put a tiny camera in her hair one time I bumped into her.

Okay, my bad, I know it’s very wrong to be invading someone’s privacy but I can’t help it.

Hey, I’m Asher Harrison, 16 years old, I live with my parents and little brother Jacob, he’s 8 years old and troublesome, I’ve been in love with Riley ever since we collided on each other during sport.

I ran to one corner “Felix, throw the ball to me!” I called at the boy bouncing the basketball as he tossed the ball to me, I caught.

I bounced the ball, dodging other players from collecting the ball and I tossed the basketball into the air and it lands right in the hoop.

“Yes!!” I laughed as I gave my other team players hi-fives.

“That was awesome men.” one of them said.

“Thank you.” I chuckled.

I’m sweating and thirsty, my water bottle is in my sport bag but…

I sighed as I realized that I will have to go through those cheerleaders (practicing) to get my sport bag, but I have no choice.

“5! 6! 7! 8! ” Maddie the cheer captain yelled.

Great, now they are stunting, this gonna be hard for me.

I walked gently towards them trying not to bump into any one.

“Dude, watch out!” I stopped when I heard a beautiful voice from up.

I looked up and saw a beautiful damsel, doing crazy stunt, three girls carried her, only holding her but they couldn’t, they shaking, like they couldn’t hold her very well.

“Whoa!!” she screamed as she fell on me and we collided on the floor.

Our eyes went wide when we noticed that our face are touching each other like we’re about to kiss.

She smells beautifully, her lips are irresistible, I can feel her soft boobs on my chest, I don’t want to let go.

“Riley! get up!” Maddie yelled and Riley stood up immediately and went back to cheer leading practice.

I stood up and thought about what just happened, I scoffed thinking that I’m in love.

Riley, what a beautiful name, it really suits her, she’s beautiful, she has a perfect body shape, I’m sure I can fit into her.


I watched her laughing and chatting with her best friend, Olivia.

Riley’s so beautiful, her sweet pinkish lips that are irresistible, her long brownish black hair attractive like magnet, her brown eyes are like diamonds, her curves are so perfect.

“Hey babe!”

I yelped as someone grabbed my arm and hugged it tightly, it was Jenny.

I groaned secretly ” Hey Jenny, what’s up?” I said with a fake smile.

Jenny pouted “What’s up is that I’ve missed you so much.”

I rolled my eyes “It’s just a day.”

Jenny scoffed “it’s more than a day which means we’ve spent 28 hours, 35 minutes, 18 seconds without seeing each, can you believe that?”

Wow, no wonder mathematics is her best subject.

“So, do you want us to go to the movies tonight?” she grinned.

Before I could talk, The bell rang for first lesson.

“Yeah, thank God.” I sighed of relief as I walked away from Jenny and rushed into art classroom.

Thank God, Jenny is not into art, she’s into science, this is my best time and it would be better if Riley is with me but we’re not in the same class, she’s a senior.

About Jenny, she’s my girlfriend but not my type, I only dated her because I thought she has a good behaviour but I was wrong.

She’s rude, selfish and clingy, she didn’t want me to talk to any other girl, I’m getting so sick of that idiot.

I sat on my seat, playing with the earring I stole from Riley when I bumped into her earlier.

One day, I’ll have her no matter what.

“Hey, who’s the cheek?” Felix asked with a smirk on his face.

I chuckled “No one.”

Yeah Felix is my best friend, my seatmate and we’re in the same basketball team.

Felix scoffed “Come on bro, I know that you like someone especially when you make that face and I know that you stole that earring from that girl so tell me who she is.”

I shrugged “It’s for Jenny.”

Felix laughed “No it’s not, Jenny doesn’t wear dangling earrings and I know you hate her already, I hate her.”

“Yeah me too.” I said feeling irritated.

“So tell me, who is she?” Felix asked.

I sighed “fine, promise you won’t laugh?”

Felix shrugged “I promise.”

“Riley.” I confessed.

Felix eyes went wide “Still Riley Kendall?”

I nodded.

Felix knows what I love Riley, everybody does.

I took my phone and went online on Instagram.

“Dude, she doesn’t like you, she thinks that you’re younger than her so you can’t date her, just have a crush on another girl in your class or maybe in 9th grade or something.” Felix said.

I was acting like I’m not listening so that he can stop talking.

“Whatever man.” Felix sighed.

“Hey you want us to hangout at the Inside Out Burger across the street?” He asked.

“Sure sounds good.” I replied and the teacher walked into the class.

I was pretending to listen to our geography teacher explanation because I have no choice.

I started playing with my soft ear and I noticed that one of my earring is gone.

“What the…?” I checked both ears noticed that I’m only wearing one earring.

Oh No! That earring cost $100, that’s my dad’s last birthday gift, I can’t lose it.

“Oh God!” I mumbled as I checked the floor.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Olivia whispered.

“My earring’s missing.” I replied.

“Miss Kendall, is everything alright?” the geography teacher, Mrs Josephine asked.

“No, I can’t find my earring.” I said feeling frustrated.

“Have any of you seen Riley’s earring?” Mrs Josephine asked the whole class and they all denied.

“I’m sorry about that but that doesn’t mean you should distract my class, you will look for it in the Lost and Found box after my class, Okay?” Mrs Josephine said and I nodded.

“Don’t worry, I will help you find it okay?” Olivia said.

I sighed sadly “Thanks, that earring is my dad’s last gift before he…” I sniffed.

“It’s okay, I’ll help you.” Olivia smiled and I smiled back.

I’ve checked the lost and found box but I can’t find it, instead I found a lot of weird stuffs like used and unused condoms, foot cream, makeup… I mean what type of school is this?

I was in the cafeteria having lunch with Olivia and some cheerleaders.

Yeah just because I left the cheer leading doesn’t mean we’re not still friends, even Maddie, the cheer captain is sitting with me.

“A family of snakes sneak into my dad’s company last week.” Maddie said and I burst into laughter thinking that it’s a joke.

I realized that Maddie’s serious and I stopped “Oh, you’re serious?”

Olivia nudged my arm “Hey.”

“What?” I asked.

“Asher’s looking at you.” she teased.

I rolled my eyes “Olivia, stop that nonsense, I don’t like it.” I said in a serious tone.

“Sorry.” Olivia scoffed.

She’s right, he can’t stop starring and smirking at me, he raised his hand and started wiggling something at me.

I gave him a weird look and tried to look closely at what he’s wiggling. Wait…

My earring! He stole my earring. That’s it.

He may make me uncomfortable, disturb me even try to steal something from me but he dare not to take any stuff my father gave me, never!!

I stood up angrily and walked up to where Asher’s sitting.

That goat is still smirking at me “Sup babe?”

“Give me back my earring.” I said and Asher laughed.

“Come and gerrit.” he said.

This is so embarrassing, people are starring at us.

“Stop it, my dad gave me as my…”

“Blah blah blah, I said come gerrit.” Asher cut me off.

I clenched my fist “That’s it” I bent to snatched the earring from him but he held my hand tightly and made me sit on his lap.

Everyone wooed and cheered.

I opened my mouth widely, because I felt something touching my butt and it’s like my skirt is not covering that part, I think it’s he’s…

Gross!!! It’s like we’re having sex in the cafeteria.

I collected my earring, stood up and ran out of the cafeteria straight to my classroom.

Good thing people didn’t notice.

I can’t believe I felt Asher’s dick, I mean I’m too young for this, he’s too young for this.

So annoying, at least I have my earring back, this is not the first time this type of thing happen.

Last week, he pinned me to the wall and kissed me in front of everyone, I’ve been trying to avoid him but he’s always with me. Whhhyyyy?????

My phone beeped, it’s one of client, she asked me to babysit her 8 years old son for one month, that means I’m not going to leave in that house for one month but I can’t leave my mom alone, I feel like denying the offer.

I checked the message and she begged me and…. Whoa!!! No way!!!

She told me that she’s gonna pay me $5000 if I agree.

I don’t know what I say, I don’t want to agree because of my mom but I wanna agree because this money will help me and my mom a lot.

I have to, I texted her that I accepted the offer but why do I feel that this babysitting job will change my life forever?


By Authoress Tolu Writes ❤❤❤
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