STUCK WITH MY CEO … (18+) … Part 1

🔫⚔️Stuck With My C.E.O🔒🔒
☣️☣️My Psycho Boss➡️⬅️
Written by Author Fehimuan✍️✍️

Cho-bi’s POV
“Dad, I’ll be going to the organization for the interview, I pray I get the job”. I said after stuffing the last piece of pancake in my mouth
“Ok Cho-bi, you will certainly get the job, you’re brilliant”. Park Oh-Yi replied.
“I trust my sister”. Little Ja-sung added and I chuckled mouthing “thank you” to him. I took my handbag after wearing a black suit and a black skirt.
I entered the city bus to the office. I sat facing a guy who was holding newspaper covering his face. When he dropped the newspaper on the table, I gasped, he was the most handsome guy I have ever seen… He looked cute and intelligent, he’d caught me staring at him thrice.
“Hey, why are you looking at me?”. He asked as the bus continued moving.
“Looking at you?”. I asked trying to make my voice feel like I was surprised…
“Or are you blushing?”. I asked
“Why should I blush because someone meaningless is looking at me?”. He asked rudely as my eyes widened with shock.
“You jerk”. I snapped.
“You started it first”. He replied as I took his juice and poured it on his white clothes and it got stained badly.
“Now you look cute, are you okay or should I pour you more so more meaningless people would stare at you”. I asked.
“You insolent bitch, you will pay for this”. He said and I laughed hysterically as the bus pulled to a stop and I came down in front of the organization…

Kyu’s Movie Organization… My plans to be an actress was slowly developing and I would overcome an obstacle.
“Good riddance to rubbish”. I said and flinged my hands up in the air. I brought out a mirror from my bag and checked my face.
I entered the organization straight to the receptionist.
“Anjoung Haseyo”. I greeted as she nodded.
“I’m here for the job interview”. I said and she eyed me.
“Are you Cho-bi?”. She asked and I nodded.

“Well, let me give you my rules”. She said as I quirked an eyebrow in question.
“You have rules?”. I asked surprised.
“If at all you’re given the job, don’t try to seduce Min-Kyu, don’t go near him, don’t…..
“Hey ya, if you don’t shut up now, I’ll make you cry blood”. I screamed at her and entered the elevator quickly and it closed after a man wearing a black T-shirt entered.
“We finally meet again”. He said and I turned back shocked. It was the guy I insulted on the bus.

“What are you doing here, you’ve been stalking me right?”. I asked.
“Stalking you?, I work here in the cleaning department of this movie industry”. He said as he came out of the elevator.
“You jerk”. I answered trying to blow him.
“Where’s the interview office?”. I asked
“Ohh… You came for an interview?”. He asked.
“No, I came to mourn your death”. I said and walked into the office facing me.
Some men were gathered and sat on the same line while I greeted them and sat on a single seat facing them…
“I’m Cho-bi”. I said.
“Unfortunately, we can’t start this interview without Mr Min-Kyu”. A man said and the others nodded.
“I’m here”. I heard a familiar voice enter the building and as I gasped… I shouted loudly. . “You?”.

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