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💵Sold to
🕶️Mafia King 🤴
(🤦He doesn’t give a f**k about her but
won’t let her go 🥺)

By Authoress Fik ky ✍🏻📝📚

Chapter 21 🥃

Xavier’s POV 🍺

I have seen her from the moment she entered my wearhouse.

I thought as much that she as fire that girl because I have people watching the girl every move now.

I mean from the minute I found out she is that man’s daughter.

I am ready to collect her from her dad in the next one week.

Because I want her to enjoy the job she just found at my restaurant before I make her work for me.

And right now, she is in her friend’s house where she has been for days now.

But unfortunately, this people go back on their words and fire her.

They even trick me by sending another person thinking that’s the best thing to do instead of telling me what they have done.

Even this girl who kept on sleeping with her boss (the CEO of the restaurant she works in.)

Thinking he would give her the position of assistant manager.

But the man kept promising her that he would do so and the stupid girl kept opening for him.

Even till now, she is so desperate to be there just because of money but me, I don’t care.

I have been horny since do her been here would just make things easier.

Taking my phone out, I quickly stop the slut I have ordered for.

Although, I transferred the same amount of money I promised to give her.

Dropping my phone, I turn around to the already waiting b**ch.

“Come here.” I said in a low dangerous tone making her stand before me.

“Remove the shirt.” I ordered sitting down on one of the couch.

“Must I tell you what to do next? Remove the belt! “I yelled.

She is nothing but a hole so she deserves to be treated as one.

So next time, she would think twice before coming into this place to seduce me.

Just as she remove my blet, she threw both the blet and shirt on the floor.

Then she make her hand to my d**k touching it.

“Did I ask you to do so?” I asked slapping her then she shook her head negativity.

” Word hole. “I ordered.

“No sir.” She replied with fear.

“Now you see this?” I asked pointing to my member.

” Yes sir. “She replied although after shaking her head positively.

“Good. You are going to make me cum in the next two minutes. Just a blow job.

But mind you, I don’t cum until I am able to drill into someone.

But if you don’t make me cum without drilling, I promise you death. ”

I said and she quickly get to work while I walk on my own laptop.

She kept trying to make me cum by licking and sucking both my d**k cap and the balls.

But unfortunately, two minutes pass by without me releasing.

I pulled her head away aggressively while dropping my laptop.

Holding her with her hair, she whine as I drag her complaining she is hurt.

The first thing I did was to rip away her panties then I opened the hot pot of spiced chicken.

Tearing away the laps of the chicken, I dip the laps into more sauce then dip it into her anus.

She Yelp in pain trying to reamove the chicken I put into her anus.

I pull her hand to the front and tied it to the table while I went back to business.

“Didn’t I said you should make me release before the next two minutes? Did you? ”

I asked shoving the chicken lap in and out of her anus alongside adding sauce into her hole.

“Yes sir.” She cried out.

“Did you?” I asked then she shook her head negativity.

” Words! “I yelled slapping her butt cheek and pinched it.

“I tried to.” She replied letting out the tears she was trying to keep.

” Do you think you are here for the fun? You are to pleasure me but you were pleasuring yourself. ”

I said pouring a little bit hot chicken stew on her back that she let out a long cry.

“Am sorry sir please let me go,I will never come back.” She cried out.

” I know but today, I didn’t ask you to come did I? It’s your greediness that pushed you here. “I said.

Still torturing her, my brothers entered and saw what I was doing.

They wanted to comment but seeing how pissed off I am, the just walked in fully and took their seats.

“Now, you would sever us our food but mind you, that chicken in your anus must not come out. ”

I warned and she nodded wanting to get up quickly.

Losing the tie, I used my hand to tear her bra then I was shocked by the fallen kingdom I saw.

I took my own seat also and await her to bring our food.

She tried covering up but one hard stare from me, she drop her hands back then severed us.

After serving us our food, we pull out the cutleries and dip it in.

Tasting the food, the first thing I did was to spit it out on her face.

“Don’t, it’s too salty and doesn’t have a taste. “I said to my brothers who were about to take a bite.

With Anger, I poured all th hot food on her then asked her to pack and everything and leave.

Although, I called my boys and they gave her little beating to say.

But yo her, it would be the beating of her life. Am sure she wouldn’t be able to stand up for the next two weeks.

After packing her things, she rolled it out after all the stubbing and limping.

I called in our cleaner then left for my own restaurant to cook.

O can’t believe they trick me and also brought me a stupid food.

I am going to deal with that restaurant later tomorrow but I need to eat something… TBC

God 😱 the receptionist has suffer 🤣🤣🤣


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