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” Are you okay now??” A voice came into her head as she tried opening her eyes

” Alyssa?? ” The person called again and finally she opened her eyes

She remember clearly what happened last night,,how he disappeared, right in front of her. She sighed and turned to look at the person

” Nikki ” She called and Nikki sighed

” Gosh Alyssa,,,will you keep on passing out like this?? What if I didn’t find you on time?? What should I do with you right now??” Nikki sighed

” Am sorry ” Alysa said

” You need to get used to everything here,,and besides you are not the only human in this mansion,don’t be so weak ” Nikki scoffed

Alyssa nodded gently unable to talk,, she’s definitely still scared.

” You should get up and take your bath, and then eat. I will be going to get some things from the market ” Nikki said getting up

” I will come with you please ” Alysa immediately said

” What?? You can’t, what if master needs you??” Nikki asked

” He wouldn’t,, please let me go with you,,, please ” She pleaded

She really need to go out of this mansion and clear her head,,she really needed it at that moment

” Okay,fine. Maybe Amanda can help if master calls for you ” Nikki smiled

” How??” Alysa asked

” She can just take over your image and pretend to be you,she can do that ” Nikki whispered

” Are you crazy? What if he finds out?? He’s a demon ” Alysa whispered back

Nikki shrugged for a second,,,

” Amanda,,,,,,I don’t know what to say. But get prepared for now, he may want you and he may not ” Nikki said and Alysa nodded before going into the bathroom

After taking her bath and getting dressed,they both went to the kitchen to get something to eat.

” You two are going together? You should know that it’s dangerous,,, for Alysa ” Amanda said

” I don’t understand, why is it dangerous? I just want to go with her,any problem with that?? I need to clear my head from all these ” Alysa said almost In tears.

She was beginning to develop headache.

” It’s okay,fine I will help. But you two should be here soon,,please, I don’t want trouble ” Amanda said

” We won’t take long,,,” Nikki smiled


” Wow,,finally” Alyssa groaned happily as they walk getting different things from the market

” I guess you’re happy about this ” Nikki chuckled

” Of course,,I am,,really ” Alysa said

They suddenly noticed some crowd all over an old man in his early 60s,,

” What are they doing?? What’s happening?? ” Alysa asked

” I think he’s a fortune teller,,” Nikki smiled

” Really? Okay,,I thought it was something serious ” Alysa scoffed

” Of course it is,,,everything he says always come true,,let’s give it a try ” Nikki said

” No,,let’s just get whatever we want and go back to the mansion. I don’t believe in things like this ” Alysa said

” Come on,,trust me it’s not fake ” Nikki persuaded

” Gosh,,if we ever get home late,then it’s your fault. Just know that ” Alysa snapped

” Accepted,now let’s move closer ” Nikki said.

They both walked toward the crowd,,, waiting for their turn,,soon it was Nikki’s turn.

” Gosh,I can’t believe we are doing this right now ” Alysa complained and Nikki smirked before moving closer to the man.

After she was done,,, she moved to Alysa who was reluctant to move closer.

” Come on Alysa,just give it a try ” Nikki said

” Fine ” She scoffed

Nikki also followed her,,

The man took Alysa’s right hand for a minute,, Alysa who was uninterested stared at him with confusion written all over her face. Soon,,the man looked up.

” How will you take it if you find the person you will live the rest of your life with?? ” he asked

” I don’t understand,, ” Alysa said

” Old man,,you mean ,like a soulmate?? ” Nikki asked

” Yeah,,soulmate ” The old man replied

” Soulmate?? ” Alysa asked again and he nodded

” Yes,,,,,it’s going to be something scary. But you have to accept it that way,,it’s your fate ” The old man smiled

” I will excuse her ” Nikki said

” You don’t have to do that,, ” Alysa called but she was already far from her

” Why will it be scary? Is it something bad??” Alysa asked

The old man smiled,,

” Your soulmate,,,, is searching for you. You will know him soon ” he said

” is he someone I know?? ” she asked

” Am not allowed to tell you that, you will find out ”

” How are we going to meet? I don’t even go out of the mansion. How will I know my soulmate when I see hjm? It’s going to be difficult ” Alysa scoffed

” You can’t control the heart daughter,,,,a kiss in the garden under the moonlight,,, ” The old man said

” A kiss in the garden under the moonlight,,,,,, thank you old one. Even though I hardly understand you ” Alysa smiled and the old man laughed

” Am not that old,,,but you are welcome” He said

Alysa bowed a little before running off toward Nikki

” So how was it?? ” Nikki asked

” You all really want me to start believing in magics and superpowers,,,, now am going crazy” Alysa groaned

” You will get used to it soon Alysa, trust me. And one thing,,, stay away from the master’s mistress. She’s dangerous ”

” You mean lady Shannon?” Alysa asked

” Yeah,,Shannon. She’s a powerful witch,,, I hate her ” Nikki scoffed

” Because she’s more powerful?? That’s crazy ” Alysa smiled

” You can’t understand,,,, ” Nikki sighed


Lady Kim entered the maid dorm,,

” Oh,,okay,,, Amanda,where is Alysa?? Luther want her now ” Lady Kim said

” Oh,,I will inform her ” Amanda got up immediately

” Okay,,be quick ” She said and went out

Amanda breath out nervously,, she closed her eyes and her face changed to Alyssa’s. She sighed loudly before going out ,,,,,

When she got to master Luther’s chamber, she knocked gently.

” Come in ” Luther answered from the inside

She went in,,,praying silently that he doesn’t think of going into her head.

” Alysa? ” he called starring at her

” Yes master” She replied

” About last night,,,,,did I scare you?? ” Luther asked

Amanda was confused,,what is he talking about???

” Alysa?? ” Luther called

” Yes,master, ”

” You seem nervous,,, never mind. You can go ” Luther said

Amanda breath out and almost ran out,,,

” Wait,,” He called back and she stopped

” turn ” He said in a commanding tone

Amanda faced him

” Who are you?? ” he asked and her heart skipped a beat

” Sir??”

” I don’t repeat myself twice,,, you are not her,,,,,,” he said



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.