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( #NOTE;; I’ve decided to change the name ” LUCIAN ” To ” LUTHER ” So don’t be confused ??)


Alysa keep on thinking about what happened, even when everyone is asleep. If she didn’t push him off,he would have kissed him,,

What was he thinking?? Definitely he’s drunk,,good thing he won’t remember anything in the morning. But the fact that he’s a devil suddenly cross her mind,

He’s going to remember, for sure.

She sighed and decided to sleep,,she will face anything that comes her way.


The next morning was a very busy one for Alysa,from cleaning to washing and all others.

” Alysa,,, ” Lady Kim called

She faced Amanda and Nikki,they nod their head ,she smiled before rushing to Lady Kim

” Lady Kim,,” She called

” Did anything happen between you two last night??” Lady Kim asked and Alysa’s heart skipped a beat

” What,,what are you talking about??” She managed to ask

” Luther called for you, and it seems like he’s mad or something ” Lady Kim said

” He’s going to kill me please,, I can’t go in ” Alysa said almost in tears

” What the hell?? Why will he kill you??’ Lady Kim asked

Alysa fondled with her lips unable to speak out,,she remember his face. Last night,,red,and his hair looking more long,,, she pushed him too.

” You don’t have much time, if you spend another second here,that’s when he will kill you. So you should go now ” Lady Kim said and walked away to the other maids.

Alysa breath out restlessly, she turned and made way to his chamber,,, she walked so gently and almost couldn’t feel her leg. She was so scared of seeing those eyes again.

After walking for some minutes, she knocked on his door

” Come in ” She heard his voice

She entered with her hands together and her head buried to the floor.

” Look up ” He said

She looked up immediately,, he was not even facing her,how the hell did he know that she’s staring at the floor

*he’s a devil* her mind whispered

She watched him gulped down his liquor and then faced her,,her heart suddenly started beating fast.

” What happened last night??” He asked

” Mas,,,master??” She called confusedly

” I asked a question Alysa, don’t make me repeat myself ” He groaned

” Nothing,, nothing happened ” She shuttered

” Are you sure I didn’t,,,,,, no,,” He muttered and she felt the invisible hand pulling her toward him

She tried struggling with it,,

” Stay still Alysa ” He said

She immediately nodded fearfully,, he closed his eyes and went into her mind seeing what happened last night since he can’t even remember anything no matter how hard he tried.

He suddenly opened his eyes back

” Good job,,,,” He said

” Good thing you pushed me away,”

” No master,,I didn’t mean to do that. Please forgive me ” She suddenly went on her kneels

” I just said it’s a good thing Alysa,,, get up ” He ordered

She stood up still starring at the floor

” If I ever try something like that again,,push me okay?? ” He said

” Sir?? ”

” Don’t ever allow me do that with you,,,never ” He said

She nodded instantly

” Get out ” He snapped
She ran out,,,

Luther breath out feeling more relived,, he was scared he had kiss the human and create some silly things with her.

He can only kiss his mate,,but she’s no where to be found. Maybe he doesn’t have one,he thought.

Alysa rest her back on the wall trying to catch her breath,,

” Am definitely not going to survive it here will I??” She asked herself

” What are you doing here??” A voice jerked her off from her thought

She stood up properly and faced the person,she gasped. Shannon??

” What are you doing here!!” Shannon yelled

” Am,,I,,,nothing,, nothing, ” She replied

” Good,,now leave. ”

Alysa bowed and ran off immediately,,

Shannon scoffed and walked into Luther’s room,,,

” what are you doing here Shannon ” He asked

” You don’t want me here??” She asked

” I didn’t,,,,”

She smiled and hugged him,

” Shannon,, am not in the mood for this okay??” He said and got up from the bed

” Come on Luther,,,what is bothering you this time?” She asked

” That girl,,there’s something strange about her. I can’t believe I almost kissed her last night” Luther said and she got up immediately

” What?? You can’t let that happen!!” She half yelled

” Then tell me what she is!! I can’t even get into her mind for too long,she has great effect on me ” Luther said almost angrily

” She’s nobody Luther,,just forget about her ” Shannon said and looked away

” if I find out that there’s something about her that you’re not telling me,,I won’t spare you Shannon, you know me ” Luther said and walked out of the room

Shannon sat on the bed, she knew what she’s doing is really dangerous. Luther can kill her without thinking twice. But she’s too selfish to let him go, she want to have him all to himself.

The moment he finds out that that human is his mate,,he will never have her time,she knows how well Demons cherish their mates,that’s what she’s scared of.


The night was so dark,,but the moon was shinning brightly in the sky. Luther watched from his room,,why his heart keep on racing, he doesn’t know.

He sighed and walked out of the room,,everywhere was so silent, obviously everyone is asleep.

He walked gently round the mansion,Lady Kim suddenly appeared in front of him

” Why are you still awake?’ He asked without any expression

” I noticed some footsteps, so I decided to check. Is everything okay Luther ” She asked and he shook his head

” I feel restless,, so I decided to walk around ” He said

” You feel restless because your heart is not at rest ” Lady Kim said with a smile

” Exactly,, do you know what is wrong with me?? I feel so weak,,I can’t even think straight ” Luther said

” It’s right here Luther,, but you need to find out everything yourself. That’s fate,” Lady Kim said

” Then Fate is unfair,,,I don’t seem to get anything about this. Am helpless,, ” Luther sighed

” You are not a weak man,,,you will find out,,soon ” Lady Kim said

” Goodnight,,, ” She added before walking

She smiled,, she knew Alysa the moment she entered into the mansion. But she’s not in the position to tell him,,who will believe it?? His mate is just human?? He need to find everything out himself.

Luther sighed and decided to forget about his worries,, he will definitely find out according to what Kimberly said.

He turned toward his chamber but it got him by shock when he saw Alysa right behind him

” What are you,,,”

” Am sorry Master,,but,you told me am not allowed to sleep before you” Alysa said sleepily

Luther was surprised, are humans really like this?? Keeping to every instructions?? Or the lady in front of him is just different??

He was so lost starring into her dark eyes,,but the sharp pain came right in his heart.

He immediately held it tightly trying not to be obvious in front of her,,

” Master?? Are you okay??” Alysa asked

But then,,, he disappeared into the air

” Arrghh!!!” Alysa screamed and passed out immediately



? #NOTE;; I’ve decided to change the name ” LUCIAN ” To ” LUTHER ” So don’t be confused ??


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.