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Alysa was still breathing heavily in shock as she entered the dorm,, gosh why is everything scary when he didn’t even spare her a glance??

” Oh,,you’re back ” Amanda said with her mouth filled

” She didn’t die,,” Nikki teased and they laughed

” Okay Girls, I don’t see anything funny in this,my life is at stake. What if he just kill me ??” Alysa asked sitting on the couch

” It is,,how can you be scared that much?? ” Amanda asked

” Coz she’s human ” Nikki replied

” What do you mean by am Human?? Are you not human?? This is getting crazy,, what are you guys if am human??” Alysa asked

” Am not human,, am a witch,, dark witch ” Nikki said and Alysa immediately stood up

” I don’t understand, witch?? ”

Nikki sighed and stretched her hand to the bottle water on the table,,,it moved and landed in her hand

Alysa gasped and covered her mouth with her hand,,,

” Well,,,am,,,” Amanda cleared her throat made a flame of fire with her finger

” Ahh!!!!!” Alysa screamed and fell to the ground

Nikki immediately helped her up,

” Come on,,we won’t hurt you ” She chuckled

” But all these are little things beside the power of the master,,,he’s a demon ” Nikki whispered

” I think he will become a devil soon though,,,, ” Amanda said and Alysa couldn’t take it anymore, she passed out


Her eyes seems heavy as she tried opening them,, finally it went wide open.

” Finally ” Nikki groaned out

Alysa sighed and tried getting up

” Humans are so weak,,I hate them ” Liz said from the room corner

” So,,does that mean,,am the only human here in this room??” Alysa asked and they nodded

” F**k,,” She muttered

” We won’t hurt you okay?? You don’t have to be scared,, we are friends now ” Amanda said

Alysa managed to nod her head,,if someone told her a week ago that she’s going to make friends with nonhumans,she will definitely slap the person,but now here she is. In the midst of witches and devils.

” The lady I saw with master, is she a witch too??” Alysa asked

” Lady Shannon?? Of course,,a powerful one indeed,,she’s master’s girlfriend,, or what should we call her??” Nikki said

Alysa nodded and sat still on the bed,,,gosh why is her life like this?? Huh?


Lucian sat down with his eyes closed,,his two legs crossed together and his two hands wide opened.

He was so deep in his meditation when he suddenly forced his eyes opened,,,his red eyes are becoming calm gradually,,,,he sighed and stood up.

He made way to the freezer and brought out the liquor,, it’s his favorite and it’s like it always calm his demons down a little.

” Why can’t I find you huh??” He asked before opening the bottle and drank the whole content.

He breath out loudly,, causing a little breeze outside.

” Okay,let’s calm down ” He said like he was referring to some things

Suddenly a knock came on the door,,,he turned toward the door and shone the light in his eyes,,he scoffed. It’s the new maid,,,Shannon told him to stay away from her.

But why? Does he have to listen to whatever Shannon says?? No he can’t,,

He opened the door with his mind,,,Alysa came in almost shaking even though she have planned to remain calm,but right now she couldn’t.

Weak human,, Lucian thought inwardly

” What do you want??” he asked and she flinched

” Am,,I,,,,I ,,,am Alysa. ,,,your new,,,,”

” Is there anything on my face??” Lucian asked and moved closer to her,,she immediately moved back

He held her tightly with his power without making a move,,

She struggled out of the invisible grip but couldn’t,

” Please,let me go ” Alysa pleaded in tears

Lucian sighed and released her,,

” You’re my new maid,Alysa. That’s all??” He asked and she nodded

” Okay,, what else?? ” he asked

” Your,,food” She said

” I am about going out right now,,bring it here when am back” He said

” How,,will I know when you’re back? ” she asked not knowing where the courage came from

” You don’t get it?? You can’t sleep until am home, that’s what you are here for ” He snapped starring into her dark eyes. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart,,,

He groaned and hold it tightly,,

” Master!! Are you okay?? ” Alysa ran to him

” Get out!!” He yelled and the light went off

Alysa became so scared,she find her way out of the room immediately.

Lucian sat down on the bed trying to know what’s happening to him,,he had this pain the first time he saw her,,now he’s having it again??

Was that the reason why Shannon asked him to stay away from her?? Minutes later, the pain went down. He sighed and arranged his hair before going out.


Shannon sighed hard trying to forget about the human,, Alysa that’s her name. But she keep on coming to her head,and for the fact that she couldn’t do anything to separate her from Lucian make her mad.




” Am sorry Shannon,,it’s impossible. The only one way is to keep them from seeing each other ” Lindsay said

” But that’s not possible Lind,,she’s his maid. They will definitely see each other every day,” Shannon said

” Then you should let it be fate,,,he can feel the bond already,,it will be created fully with just a kiss ” Lind said

” I won’t let that happen,,,no,,it can’t happen. Lucian will never kiss an ordinary maid,he Haven’t even kissed me yet ” She rolled her eyes

” She’s not an ordinary maid,,his mate ” Lindsay said

” You know what?? I need to go ‘ Shannon said and left the library.


” Hey dude,,finally you’re out ” Shane said with a wide grin

” Yeah,,I guess it’s been long ” Lucian replied with a straight face as usual

” You want to drink? ” Shane asked

” That’s why am here,,I feel restless ” Lucian sighed

Shane ordered for the two of them,,

” You said you’re feeling restless?? How?” Shane asked

” My heart,,,, hurts ” Lucian replied

” Are you in love or something?? Shane teased

” This is no jokes Shane,,” Lucian frowned

” Am sorry,, I just don’t know what to say”

” Never mind,,” Lucian said gulping down everything in the bottle
He doesn’t get drunk easily,, but tonight he was planning to get drunk no matter what.


Alysa got up immediately she heard the car horn,, finally he’s back. She have been waiting at the entrance since forever,, it’s almost midnight.

She went to the kitchen to dish out his meal,,,

After she was done,, she made way to his suite,,he was already there facing the window and his back facing her.

She dropped the food,,.

” Master,,, here it is. I will leave now” She bowed and almost walked out when the strange hand held her again,, this time taking her to his side.

She wanted to scream but couldn’t,, what does he want this time.

He faced her and she gasped,, his blue eyes are red now,, is he drunk or possessed? Alysa thought,,

She was so scared, what if he try to kill her?? Then she will die like that??

His long grey hair are now standing,,before she could think of what to do,,he grabbed her and pinned her to the wall

” Oh goodness ” She gasped

His face moving closer to hers,,

She blinked her eyes ,,what is he trying to do ??
His lips almost met with hers,, but she was lucky enough to push him off,,she immediately ran out of the room.



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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.