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He groaned in pleasure as she s**k him hard,,she smiled and keep on s**king his erected d**k seeing that he’s enjoying every bit of it. He held her hair and pulled her face closer,,she almost choked as his d**k hit her throat.

After a little while he pulled her away and pushed her on the bed,,

“ Am all yours,,okay?? ” she said and he smiled dryly, you can never see him with a sincere smile.

“ Get on your kneel Shannon ” he ordered and she immediately turned her back to him.

He moved closer to her and hold her waist,he inserted his d**k forcefully into her and started screwing her hardly.

“ Oh,,,,,yeah!!”

“ Oh goodness!! ”

“ Gosh!!! ”

“ Yes,,faster please ”

“ Oh,,,,,,”


Lucian watched as Shannon walked out of the bathroom with a short towel which hardly cover her thighs,,she smiled at him seductively and he scoffed

“ What do you want this time?? ” Lucian asked sipping from the liquor in his hand.

“ Nothing,, since you’re mine. What else do I want?? ” She replied and moved closer to him

“ Not again,,I need to do something. You can just leave if you can’t resist me ” He said

“ That’s rude ” Shannon rolled her eyes

He ignored her and gulped down the whole liquor

“ What do you think is going to happen now?? I need to find my mate before it’s too late ” Lucian said and Shannon frowned

“ What do you need a mate for?? Am I not enough?? ” She asked and Lucian shot her a deadly glance which send shiver into her vein

“ You’re nothing to me Shannon,,we are just doing what our body want and nothing else,, tell me where I can find her !! ” he suddenly became angry

“ You,,,will find her soon. When it’s time ” she said and moved to the wardrobe to get dressed

“ when will the time come?? Huh?? ” He asked

“ You’re just 28 ” Shannon snapped,,

Everywhere was silent until she felt the wardrobe falling,, it almost fell on her but she was able to stop it with her power. She immediately turned to Lucian,, his eyes has become so red and his hair standing.

“ Lucian!!!! Stop!!! ” She shouted but it was only becoming worst,,, his fingers were growing,,,

“ Lucian,,, ” she landed on her butt immediately she said that

“ Look for her,,or you will be dead Shannon,I would have looked for her myself! But she’s my only weakness, I can’t smell her. But you can,,so get her for me ” He said angrily

Shannon swallowed hard before nodding,,

“ But,why do you always blame me?? It’s not even my fault that she’s not close,why do you keep on yelling at me???!! Why!!! It hurt when you shout at me,,” Shannon broke into tears

He sighed and got up,, he moved closer to her. Their faces just few inches to each other, she was expecting a kiss,,,but she knew she can’t get it. A kiss always create a bond with a demon which he is. She has been trying to kiss him to create this bond but couldn’t.

He pulled her into a hug instead,,

“ I am so sorry ” he whispered

“ I know ” She rolled her eyes

He has never said that word to anyone,,,


“ Wow,,so you will be the one serving master from now?? ” one of her roommates,Amanda asked.

“ I wish I can change it,,I don’t know if I can survive this ” Alysa said sadly

“ It’s okay,,you will ” Amanda smiled and touched her hair

“ I love your hair,, it’s long ” Amanda said

“ Come on,this isn’t a time to admire my hair ” Alysa said and Amanda chuckled

Two other girls came in,,,

“ Oh,,the new girl?? What’s your name?? Am Nikki ” one of them said with a smile

“ Alysa ” she said

“ Hey ” Alysa said to the second girl but she rolled her eyes and sat down

“ Come on Liz,, she’s greeting you ” Amanda said

“ She’s master’s new maid ,,what should I say to her? ” Liz said,,

“ Just say you are jealous,, ” Nikki snapped

“ What?? Jealous ?? Of my situation? ” Alysa was surprised

“ she’s crushing on master,,” Nikki whispered

“ What?? Crush?? That’s crazy ” Alysa scoffed

“ Well,,you’ve not seen him. He’s so hot ” Amanda said

“ Who cares about hotness?? I don’t want to be here ” Alysa sighed.


“ Okay,, you’re taking his food to his suite Alysa ” Lady Kim said

“ how do I know his,,,”

“ I will take you there ” Amanda said with a wink

“ You don’t like me do you?? ” Alysa sighed

“ of course I do,” Amanda chuckled

“ Okay,,here we are. I will stop here,,bye ” Amanda said and ran off leaving Alysa to face anything that Comes her way.

She was about knocking when a voice came ,,

“ Come in ” A female voice said

She opened the door and went in,,,

“ Good,,,good evening,, master ” Alyssa bowed nervously almost dropping the food on the floor but she was able to drop it successfully on the table

“ Who are you?? ” Shannon asked and she turned to them

“ Am the new maid ” She said and Shannon gasped

She stared at Alyssa from her head down to her legs,,,,

“ What’s wrong?? ” Lucian who haven’t raised his head looked up to see Alyssa,, he doesn’t see anything about her but his heart skipped a little beat which was weird.

“ You can go ” Shannon said

Alyssa sighed and immediately rushed out feeling glad that nothing happened to her yet.

“ Did you feel that?? I felt something in my heart,,she’s weird ” Lucian said

“ Yeah,,you need to stay away from her,,,” Shannon said and swallowed

“ But I wasn’t able to read her mind,,I don’t think she’s,,,, ”

“ You are a demon and will become a devil totally very soon, and I am a witch. So you should listen to me for now ” Shannon said and got up

“ Where are you going?? ”

“ I need to go now,,I will see you later Lucian,, bye ” Shannon said and immediately went out of the room.


She got down from the car and rushed into the old library,,it’s the only building in that side,,it look so old and scary.

She opened the door and went in,,it was almost dark.

“ Wow,,see who we got here ” An ugly woman who look like she’s in her early thirties smiled out her dark set of tooth,her red hair look so scattered and her fingers really long. She’s a 100 years witch,, she have lived in that library for almost 70 years already.

“ Hey Lindsay,,I need your help right now ” Shannon said

“ You want the ancient book Now?? So soon?? ” she asked

“ No,,something more serious ” Shannon replied pacing around

“ What is it?? ”

“ Lucian,,,, his mate,, ” Shannon didn’t complete her sentence when she started laughing

“ Yeah,,his mate is here. But it’s a mere human,,,it’s going to be dangerous for him” Lindsay said

“ I don’t care about that,,, I want you to help me separate them. He can feel the bond already,, if he continue seeing her,,his love for me will wave off ”

“ He’s not in love with you Shannon ”

“ I don’t care,,I just want you to separate them ” Shannon snapped

“ It’s a hard thing to do,,,but I will help you ” Lindsay said and laughed again.
To be continued


🔴 Hmm Right Now And Obstacles Are Coming Alyssa’s Way


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