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? EPISODE 17 ?

Alyssa walked into Lenora’s room with a glass of milk in her hand,, Lenora didn’t notice. Alyssa sat down on the bed beside her and she finally opened her eyes which was already red from the tears,,she was surprised to see Alyssa.

” Hey,,,,are you okay??” Alyssa asked,, she shook her head slowly and sniffed in
” It’s okay,,” Alyssa sighed and pulled her into a hug.
” You don’t have to cry,,your brother didn’t mean everything he said okay?? Stop crying ” Alyssa said

” Am,,,sorry if I was rude. Am sorry ” Lenora muttered
” It’s fine,,I understand. Here,,have this so you can calm down ” Alyssa gave her the glass.
She took it and drank from it,,
” Thank you ” She said
” You’re welcome ” Alyssa smiled
” You are not mad at me anymore??” Lenora asked and Alyssa smiled

” Of course not,, we are cool ” She replied and Lenora smiled shortly
Just then Luther came in,, Alyssa stood up
” We will talk later,,” she said to Lenora who nodded and then Alyssa walked out.

” Hey,,,, ” Luther called,,Lenora looked up
” Am sorry okay??? I’m sorry I made you cry,I just want you to have a good relationship with her. ” Luther said and she burst into tears again
” But you were mad at me,,you even shouted at me ” She said in tears
” Am sorry,,you know I love you. Am so sorry ”

Lenora nodded and stood up to hug him,,

” I won’t shout at you again,, that’s if you stop being rude ” Luther said patting her hair
” I will,,” she said and Luther smiled
” Good,,so we are cool now ” He said
” I love you brother ”
” I love you too ” Luther replied and pecked her cheek


Austin laid on the bed starring at the ceiling with his lips in his mouth,,,,just then Serafino came in with his tail moving left and right.

” I never asked for you,,I want to be alone ” Austin snapped at the black wolf
” Okay,,,I guess you don’t want to know who the future Luna is ” The wolf said turning back
” What??? Wait!!” Austin jumped out of bed
” What do you mean by that?? Future Luna?? Where??” Austin asked

” Come with me,,you will be shocked ” The wolf said and they both walked out of the room
” Make sure you are quiet,,I think it’s a secret ” Serafino said loudly,,well only Austin can hear him speak.
” Okay,,” Austin nodded as they continue walking closer to the throne room

They got to the door and stopped,,,Austin’s parent,, the most powerful Alpha and his Luna were talking.

” How could you Raul,,how could you ask him to bring that Witch ” His mother shouted at his father
” To get her killed,,I can never allow that witch stay with my son never ” Raul replied dryly
” Are you crazy?? Get her killed?? Through Austin?? That’s total wickedness, how will Austin feel when he find out that the witch you asked him to bring here is his mate??!!” Lilith yelled and Austin gasped but immediately covered his mouth with his palm

‘That witch,, Lenora,,,is my mate??” Austin thought inwardly

” Exactly Lilith,, reason why I can’t spare her. She can’t be a witch and a Luna as well,,it’s going to be dangerous for the pack. Wolves,Demons,witches, devils are not allowed to be together. It’s dangerous” Raul said

” Are not allowed together or because you and Rodolfo aren’t a thing??? ” Lilith snapped
” Don’t bring him into this!! Don’t!!! He’s dead!! ” Raul yelled angrily

Austin opened the door and the two stopped their argument,,,

” Austin,,,,” They called at the same time
” You really,,sent me to kill her. The future Luna,,, my mate??? Isn’t that wickedness??? How could you father!!! How could you even think of using me!!! What if I had succeeded????!!!! ” Austin shouted angrily
” You have to understand me son,,,you two can never be together,, that’s it!!”

” Do I even have to follow your own plans?? Are we not two different Wolves?? Are we not?? Don’t look for me ” Austin said walking out of the room
” Austin stop right there!!!”

Austin ignored them and walked out,, Serafino followed him immediately.

He walked out of the Pack,,,the other wolves bowed to him as he walked out.

” So,where are we going right now??” Serafino asked
” Make yourself f**king invisible!! You won’t want to scare the humans!” Austin yelled and he immediately became invisible snapping into his mind.
” I don’t know where we are going,, or rather, I don’t know where am going. Father is too wicked,I can’t stay in that Pack any longer ” Austin replied

After few minutes of walking,,.
” This is a dangerous forest Alpha ” Serafino whispered
” Am not an Alpha yet,,am Austin ” Austin snapped
” Okay Austin,, this forest is not the right choice,,a powerful devil,,I can smell him. We need to get out of here ”
” A devil?? Do I need to be scared of a devil??” Austin teased

” This is not the right time for your useless jokes Austin,,run ”
Just then the forest became troubled,,, the wind from nowhere started blowing,, the trees were restless,
Austin almost ran out but the wind surrounded him immediately stopping him from running,,, he fell on his kneel trying to protect his eyes from the sand blowing with the wind.

He saw an image in front of him,,all black. The wind was not affecting him,his long hair covered one part of his face, his hands behind him and his eyes were bringing out green light which scared him.

” okay,you are dead. It’s the Devil himself ” Serafino whispered and Austin gasped
The wind stopped and Austin swallowed not knowing what to do,,,

” Which Pack??” Rodolfo asked
‘He knows, am a wolf ‘ Austin thought
” Raul ” He replied
‘you just made a mistake by mentioning your father’s name,,they are enemies’ Serafino whispered

” Raul???” Rodolfo asked with a frown and Austin nodded fearfully
” I will spare you,, just this once. Now go”
Austin didn’t wait,,he ran like never before.

” Raul ” Rodolfo muttered,,the name still rings in his head,,


” Good thing you didn’t die ” Serafino said immediately Austin opened his eyes after running his soul out
” I’ve never seen a real Devil,,, I bet dad is not even as powerful as that. But,,why are they enemies?? I think that’s why father want Lenora dead,,,” Austin muttered

” Who am I to tell you,, you will find out yourself”
” Stop f**king talking like a human,you’re not. ” Austin snapped
” I smell the witch,,,” Serafino whispered
Austin also smelt the air,,

” Lenora?? What is she doing here??” Austin asked
Serafino left his mind and got his body back before running off tracing the smell
” Stop!!! Don’t hurt her!!!” Austin ran after him.
Lenora continue walking,, she heard some strange voice from her room and decided to check out of the mansion,, just then she saw a black creature running toward her.

” It’s,,, a wolf!!” She screamed out.
” Stop! Don’t come closer,,,I will hurt you ” Lenora said to the wolf showing him the flames from her finger and Serafino stopped
” Good boy,,now where are you coming from??” She chuckled patting his head

” Serafino!! Where are you?!! ” Austin’s voice could be heard from a few distant
” You are Serafino?? ” Lenora asked the wolf and it wiggle it’s tail in response

Austin got to them and was shocked,,,

” Lenora??”
” Austin??” She gasped and got up
” The,,, wolf,,,is yours??” She asked in shock and Austin nodded.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.