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SOLD TO THE DEVIL – Episode 12





? EPISODE 12 ?

” She was dying,,,right in front of me. I had no other choice than to save her Lindsay,,,, ” Rodolfo said
” Now you are going to die while she live forever??? She’s the human here!!” Lindsay said
” Do I have a choice ??” Rodolfo muttered

” What?? You’re going to spare her? ” Lindsay asked
” Am going to spare her for now,, because of my child. I don’t want him to get hurt ” He replied and Lindsay sighed

She knew everything is her fault,, if she had told him the truth. Maybe he wouldn’t have go ahead with Heather, but Heather look so innocent, how could she think of doing that??



” So,,you mean the reason behind his death,, is my mother?? Because,, she’s human??” Luther asked and they all nodded
” I think he’s torturing your dreams because of her ” Another one said pointing to Alyssa and Luther nodded
” I can handle this,, I will be back. Maybe soon ” Luther said and held Alyssa’s hand gently
” But Luther,,, ”

” No buts,, I will be back when I want to. You can’t force me,,” He replied since he knew what they are about to say
” Okay ” They bowed
He scoffed and immediately disappeared into the air
” She look so innocent,, ” One of the women said
” Just like Heather,,, years back.” another one replied

” I pray Luther doesn’t have the intention of fighting Rodolfo,, he will only get hurt ”
” He wouldn’t do that,, Rodolfo is really powerful right now ”

Just then a mighty wind from nowhere came upon them that everyone of them started trembling. And when it stopped,, Rodolfo was right in their mist.


Alyssa was so restless as she pace round the room,Luther was not with her yet. The story she heard is really making her heart beat fast,,what if Luther become mean to her?? What if his father decide to kill her because she’s human?? A lot of things keep on coming to her mind,she just couldn’t help it.

‘Should I just run away??’ She asked herself and just then the door opened,,Luther entered. She immediately faced him ,,

” you are thinking of running away??” Luther asked,she immediately shook her head
” Am just,,scared about the whole thing. What if your father try to hurt me?? I can’t allow you fight your own father,,, ”
” Stop Alyssa,just stop it. He wouldn’t dare try to hurt you, my mother is different from you,, you are completely different. You are mine,nobody else’s but mine,,don’t ever think of leaving again,,okay??” He said and she sighed before nodding

The way he keep on claiming her like His property make her chuckle,,
” You’re my property ” Luther said and she frowned
” Can you just stop going into my head? I need some privacy ” She rolled her eyes
” I can’t help it,,I keep on hearing them. Why do you like thinking a lot??” Luther asked
” Every human thinks,, stop acting like am the weird one here,it’s you who is weird ” She snapped

” So you mean,,every human think like you do?? Why not say it out rather than speaking in their mind where nobody listens?? ” he asked
” Do I have to tell you?? Not like you are human or something ” She said and he chuckled
” You must be hungry,,” He asked
” No am not,,what about you?”
” My hunger is not of food,,,” Luther said and her best skipped a beat

” You are scared of becoming a witch?? If I mate with you?? ” Luther asked
” What’s mate?? You mean make love with me??”
” It’s called mate,,,okay,,make love with you ” Luther corrected himself and she nodded
” Not that alone,,, it’s my first time,,, I don’t want to feel the pain now ‘ she thought within herself

” I will wait,,,but not forever,, I may just have to force you next time if my demons can’t take it any longer ” Luther said and walked out of the room.
” What?? That devil” She frowned,,

Lenora scoffed as the new human student stopped in front of her,, who the hell does he think he is? Non of the students ever try crossing her part, but here he is right before him.

” Hi Pretty,, ” He smiled his annoyingly cute dimples out making Lenora scoffed again
” Get lost ” She snapped
” Hey easy,,just wanna ask if am on the right way to the Library,, I was asked to check out some,,, ”
” Who cares?? Ask someone else, not me ” She snapped and turned to leave

” Guess she’s not human ” She heard him muttered and immediately stopped
” What did you just say??”
” Wow,,you heard me??” Austin asked in surprise
” What did you just say?!!” Lenora yelled
” Maybe I guessed right,,you are not human. But you should really chill,, I may be worst than you will ever think ” He whispered

” That’s not true,you are just human, I can smell it ” Lenora yelled and the students passing by wonder what she’s saying
” You should try bringing your voice down,, you are so weird ” Austin rolled his eyes and She was quiet
Who the hell is this human??
” So,,you are not human. What are you?? Ghost?? Vampire?? Wolf?? Which one??” Austin asked

” Just shut up and mind your tongue ” Lenora yelled
” Well nice meeting you inhuman ” He chuckled and walked away
” He’s got some guts,,what if we teach him some lesson?? ” she grinned wickedly and stared directly at him,, her eyes brought out a blue light and immediately he fell.
Lenora laughed,,good for him.
Austin immediately turned back,, but she was already gone.

” I was right,,,,” He smiled to himself,,, now he’s one way ahead for his mission here.





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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.