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SOLD TO THE DEVIL – Episode 11





? EPISODE 11 ?

Luther walked into the house still boiling in anger,,what the hell is his father trying to achieve by torturing him??.

He went straight into his suite and sat down,,he poured himself a glass of liquor and gulped down everything.

Alyssa entered and was surprised to see him,,,she doesn’t know why but she have been expecting him to get back home. Seeing him this way made her speechless, what is going on with him??

” Luther,, ” She called and moved closer to him

He turned to face her,,,, she gasped seeing his red eyes already. Is he angry about something???

Luther grab her and pulled her closer to himself,, she gasped. What does he want right now?? He doesn’t seem fine.

” I need you Alyssa,,, I need you to calm down,, or am going to destroy things ” He said and she swallowed loudly

She’s not ready for this,,what is she going to do right now?? He didn’t wait for her response before kissing her hungrily,, his tongue doing most of the work.

She broke the kiss almost immediately,,,

” Luther please wait,,,,, ” she said trying to catch her breath

” Alyssa ,,,, ”

” I,,,am not ready. Am sorry,,” She said

Luther sighed and left her,, he turned back to his liquor.

” Luther,,, am sorry ”

” It’s fine,,,” He replied

Alyssa moved closer to him and lean forward for a kiss,,,he responded almost immediately. After kissing for few minutes, they pulled off. His eyes were back to normal and he was calm.

He stared at her swollen lips and breath out,,,,

” Can you tell me what is happening to you?? Please ” Alyssa said

” I don’t know either,,I don’t ” Luther replied and stood up walking toward the door,,

” Where are you going?? ” She immediately asked

” Come with me,,,” He said,, she ran to him and grab his hand with her own tiny fingers.

He smiled and pecked her cheek before walking out of the room,,,

” Don’t be scared,,am going to do something crazy if he doesn’t tell me what I want to hear ” Luther said

Alyssa wondered what he’s planning to do,,,,

They both entered into another room,,,

” Close your eyes Alyssa ” Luther said and she obeyed immediately

” Now open ” He whispered

She gasped and held him tightly the moment she opened her eyes,,they are in somewhere totally different. It was like a throne room or something, but a large crown was at the center of the large room like hall. There are empty seats and a larger seat at the center of the room.

” It’s the future leader!!” Someone suddenly shouted from nowhere and Alyssa flinched again

” What? Future leader? ” she asked herself.

Suddenly almost ten people appeared in the large room,,Alyssa moved more closer to Luther,,

” You got this,, don’t be scared ” Luther whispered to her and she nodded nervously

” She’s,, human ” One of the people said and Luther nodded before taking a seat,Alyssa also sat down beside him

They all bowed to Luther,,,

” You all should sit and stop this bowing of a thing ” He groaned

They chuckled and obeyed immediately,,

” We are really happy to see you in the council after a long time,,with,, your mate. ” Another one said,, she’s a female

Alyssa wonder why they all look so amazing,, they are really not human.

” But,,she’s human. ”

” What is wrong with her being a human??” Luther snapped and they all kept quiet.

” My father,,, is alive ” Luther said and they all stood up in fear

” Rodolfo is alive?? ” They all asked at the same time

Alyssa could sense the fears in them,,

” Yes,,,and,,,he’s been threatening me. ” Luther said and Alysa faced him

*so his father is behind his anger?* Alyssa thought

” Did he show himself to you??” One of them asked

” No,,,my dream. I need to know something,, how did he die?? I heard he was the strongest ” Luther asked

They all kept quiet,, Luther stood up and walked to the large seat at the center

” I won’t repeat myself twice,,,” He said

” I think it’s time you know everything Luther ”

He nodded,,

” Go on ” He ordered

” Thousands years ago,,, ”


Rodolfo rushed into the large mansion filled with guards and maids,,they all bowed to him. He’s their leader,as young as he is,,but the only problem the council is facing is that he doesn’t have his mate yet.

” Lindsay!! Lindsay!! Are you there?? ” Rodolfo shouted calling his cousin Lindsay

” What is it Rodolfo?? ” She asked

” I found her,,,I found her ” He said

” Who??” she asked

” My mate,,” He dropped the shell and Lind gasped

” But,,,she’s human. Don’t you think this is dangerous?? ” He asked

” I will check ” Lindsay said with a smile and closed her eyes.

It is a very dangerous journey for them,, their fate is going to be a sad one. Human and a devil will never exist as mates.

” How is it? ” Rodolfo asked

Lind was silent for few minutes before speaking up,,

” You two,,are meant for each other ” She lied.

” Really?? But,,I feel somehow. Since you said it’s good,,then so be it ” Rodolfo said


” How could you!! How could you!!! He’s not human for damn sake!!” Heather’s parents shouted at her

” I don’t care mother, I love him. ” Heather said and a slap landed on her face

” You are not going back to that devil’s house Heather,, never ”

” But mother,,,” Heather stopped and immediately rushed into the bathroom

She threw up so badly that she felt empty within herself,, and it was down on her. She’s pregnant!!!

” Don’t tell me you are pregnant for him ” Her mother asked from the back

Heather couldn’t say a word,,she’s really pregnant. A smile escape her lips,,,now her parents wouldn’t have a choice than to let her live her life the way she want.

” Guards!!! Throw her into the lock!!! Make sure she’s not given neither food nor water for three days. She’s a disgrace to this family!!! ” Her father shouted and she gasped

” Father!! What are you doing!!! What!!” Heather cried as she struggled with the guards taking her away

” We are sorry mam,,” They apologized before locking her up


Rodolfo paced round his room,he have been trying hard to connect with Heather with his mind. But she seem to be far away from him,,really far that he couldn’t get her smell either.

Lindsay entered

” What is happening Rodolfo ”

” Where is Heather?? ” he asked

” I have no idea Rodolfo,,, ”

” Are you kidding me?? You should know she have to be close to me,,, ” Rodolfo said and Lind gasped

” Don’t tell me you,,,,but why! ”

” she’s pregnant Lind,,,she’s carrying my child ” Rodolfo said

” What???”

” I can’t feel her,,I can’t smell her,,what if she’s in danger?? ”

” She’s will be fine ”

” Rodolfo,,,, please help ” He suddenly heard her in his mind,,

” She’s in pain,, I knew it ” He said and disappeared into the air

He appeared into the locked room,,Heather was there.

” Rodolfo!!! ” she shouted and ran toward him..

He hugged her tightly to himself,,,

” You are fine now,,am here ” He whispered into her ear

She smiled and nodded,,,

” Let’s leave this place Heather right now,,” He said

” What?? I can’t do that,, ”

” You can’t?? But they are hurting you,,and my child. ”

” They are still my parents Rodolfo,,,I have to wait until they approve this ” Heather said and his eyes went wide

” Heather,, you don’t have a choice right now. You have to come with me,,,, if you are far from me,,am going to become weak”

” Am sorry I can’t ” she immediately moved away from him

” Then why did you call for my help!!’ He suddenly became angry

” I missed you ” She blurted out

” Liar,, you are only a liar ” He said and left immediately.


” Where is she?” Lindsay asked

” She wouldn’t come with me ” He replied

” What?? Your life is in danger right Now,,how can you hand over your demons to her just to save her??? And now she wouldn’t come with you?? ” Lindsay asked

” She was dying,,,right in front of me. I had no other choice than to save her Lindsay,,,, ” Rodolfo said

” Now you are going to die while she live forever??? She’s the human here!!” Lindsay said


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