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SOLD TO THE DEVIL – Episode 10







Lenora smiled at the mirror after getting satisfied with her looks,,she’s the most beautiful girl in her school. No one can ever beat her beauty and she’s proud of it,,the only problem is that they are all humans,,

” Gross ” She groaned and carried her bag before going out of her room.

She bumped into Alyssa,,,

” Am sorry ” Alyssa said gently

Lenora ignored her and walked out,,,how can her brother’s mate be a mere human?? She hates them so much,,

” Morning mom morning dad ” She greeted before sitting down to eat breakfast

” Honey,you should try to be nice to Alyssa,she’s harmless ” Amdis said from the kitchen

” I am trying!!” She shouted

” No you’re not ” Amdis replied

” Gosh, I just lost my appetite ” She stood up and went out.

” Tell brother I left,I can’t wait anymore ” She said and entered the car,,the driver drove off immediately.


” Hey Lenora,,guess what ” Her best friends,Lexi and Natalie ran after her as she got down from the car.

She groaned,, they are the only human friends she have,,but sometimes her demons wouldn’t want them around.

” Yeah girls ” She replied straight

” Guess ” Lexi said

” I can’t, just tell me already ”

” There’s a new guy in school,, he’s so hot!! Damn ” Natalie said

” I wish he’s in our class ” Lexi smiled

” You two are f**king annoying,,, what’s my business with a guy??” Lenora snapped angrily

” We just,,”

” Don’t tell me anything of such again ” She said and walked away

” Gosh, she’s something else ” Lexi shook her head with a sigh.


Luther woke up with a loud groan,he was sweating all over his body. He just had a dream,,,but this time it’s different.

” Luther?? Are you okay??” Alyssa asked

” Am fine,,,, ” He replied and stood up ,he went into the bathroom

” what is wrong with him??” She thought inwardly but decided to wave it off.

She will be going to meet Amdis very soon,she promised to teach her some few things to know about the witches stuffs.

Minutes later,Luther came out. Alyssa almost gasped at his sight, how can someone be as Handsome as this??

*he’s not human remember* her mind whispered

” Where are you going??” Alyssa asked

” I will be back Alyssa ” Luther said and went out before she could say something else.

She sighed and got up from the bed,,she arranged her hair properly and went out. She knocked on Amdis door gently

” Alyssa?? Come in ” Amdis said from the room

Alyssa wasn’t surprised that she’s aware of her presence,,she opened the door and went in.


Luther opened the door,as usual it was so dark and quiet. He successful find his way to where the witch is,,,she look so restless.

” Luther?? ” Lindsay called looking surprised

” What are you doing here??” She asked and Luther sighed

” I need your help on something ” Luther said

” What help??” She asked

” I actually had a dream,,,, and I think,, he’s someone I should know ” Luther said

He told her about the dream and she sighed nervously,,

” Am sure you know who the man in my dream is,,,tell me who he is. I need to find him ”

” What??? You want to find Rodolfo?!! ” Lindsay asked with a scream

” ,,,,,,,Rodolfo??? Is that not,,,,,,”

” Yes,,,it’s your father ” Lindsay interrupted

” What the hell is my business with him?? Why will he try to hurt me?? ”

” He’s your father,, you can’t do anything about him ”

” He’s not my father, that monster isn’t my father. ” Luther snapped and walked out of the Library.

” Rodolfo,, ” Luther muttered to himself as he entered his car.

The moment Luther left, the red eyes opened in the dark room and moved toward Lindsay with a complete smirk on his face.

” Good job Lindsay,, ” His deep voice like a groan said

Lindsay faced him in fear,,,, she swallowed hard finding it hard to speak out.

” Why don’t you tell him the truth?? Why!!!!” Rodolfo yelled out and a part of the Library collapsed

” Rodolfo stop please,,,,”

” You destroyed my life Lindsay!!!! You destroyed me!!! And now,,you are trying to destroy him too??” He asked trying hard to calm down

” No I didn’t!! ” Lindsay shouted

Rodolfo groaned and pinned her neck to the wall,,

” You know what you will do for me right now??” Rodolfo asked gently with a wicked smile

” Okay,,,,,please ,,,you are choking me,,,please ” Lindsay struggled

” Shut up,,,,,tell me,,,Where Heather is,,,” He said

” I,,,I,,don’t,,, know Rodolfo,,,, I,,don’t know ” Lindsay said still struggling with her breath

” For the last time,Where is Heather ” He asked

He inserted his fingers into her throat and she let out a scream,,

” I will tell you!!!!” Lindsay shouted

” Tell me,,,now!!!!”


She put on her dress,,and her eyes caught with the mark on her neck,she ran her hand through it and sighed.

She look like a lady in her early thirties,,she look so beautiful with her eyes sparkling blue.

She continue starring at her reflection in the mirror,,,and suddenly another image appeared behind her.

” Ahhh!!!” She screamed and turned back immediately but it was gone.

She ran out of the house trying to breath out,, she gulped down nothing in particular and went back in,,

” It’s only an imagination,, there’s no one there” She said to herself

But suddenly a strong wind came from nowhere blowing all around her,,,it was so strong that she fell on her kneels.

After some minutes,,,the wind stopped. She opened her eyes and the strange image appeared again,,

She gasped and immediately recognized him,,,,,she stood up on her feet.

” Ro,,, dol,,,fo ” She called almost in a whisper

Rodolfo stared at her with total hatred and grieve within him,,,,

” You are alive,,,” She said in tears

” You want me dead,,,,right??” He asked

She shook her head and tried moving closer to him,,,,

” Don’t come closer,,,,,or I will kill you ” He groaned and she stopped

” Am sorry,,,,,please. I want to see him,,, I want to see my child ” She said in tears

Rodolfo grab her neck angrily stinging her with his fingers

” Which child??? Tell me!!! The one you rejected?? Or the one you called a monster!!! ”

” I didn’t!!! It was my parents!!!” she shouted as her tears keep on dropping

” You think I will ever forgive you??? You made me this way,,,,”

” I know,,,, I was expecting you,,,I’ve been waiting for this moment. Rodolfo,,, I’ve lived here for more then thousand of years,, without growing old,,,,,,,,just because,,, of this ” she showed him the mark on her neck

” I know you can’t forgive me,,,but please,,,, let me see him,,,before you kill me,,,please ” She pleaded.


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For improvement, we have gradually moved to a new website. All  ongoing stories and new stories will continue there.