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β€œ How can you sell your daughter out Sean!! How can you be so heartless?? She’s just,,,”

β€œ She’s 24,she can’t stay in my house for ever ” Sean interrupted his wife

β€œ You’re going to get rid of her by selling her??? You’re such a devil Sean!!! How dare you!! ” She shouted

β€œWoman!! Get out of my room ,,I am not changing my mind on this,,she should better get ready, they will be here first thing tomorrow morning ” Sean said not caring at all

Alysa who was listening at the door was in tears,,is she sure this man is her biological father? He treats her like shit,like she’s not part of the family.

She left the door when she noticed her mother coming out,she immediately ran to her small room.

She’s Alysa as you know,24 years old,blonde hair,dark eyes,skinny,in summary she’s a model in her own world,but her only problem is her father. And right now he already sold her to someone she doesn’t even know about,is that not wickedness??

She wipe her tears and sat down on the bed,,,the door opened and her mother came in.

β€œ Alysa ,,,,,,”

β€œNot now mom, I don’t think we should talk about something you can’t do anything about. Sorry,,,”She snapped and her mother sighed

β€œAm sorry Alysa,,I am such a bad mother, I hope you forgive me,,,,”Her mother said in tears

β€œI don’t care!!! He sold me!! I never wanted any of these!!! He’s a devil!! You married a devil mom!!! I am the one suffering here,,can you just leave??? I will be going to the damn person he sold me for tomorrow, I won’t see you again. I don’t need anyone of you,just leave me alone!!!” Alysa yelled in tears

β€œDaughter,, ”

β€œAm not your daughter, I have no one ”Alysa snapped and turned her back on her.

Her mother( Vivian ) sighed and walked out of the room.



Alysa sobs inwardly as they carried her away in a car which look expensive,what if she gets killed?? Huh?? How can her father be as heartless?? Definitely a devil is better than him.

She haven’t eaten anything, her stomach made a loud noise and she sighed,the people taking her look so scary that she couldn’t ask them if they have anything she could eat.

Seems the journey is going to be a long one,,they arrived at the airport,,

β€œWait,,why are we here?? Airport? Where are you taking me to? ” Alysa asked getting scared

β€œYou don’t know?? ”one of the men asked and she shook her head

β€œ Italy ” The man said and she gasped

From Nepal to Italy?? Is that not 6485km ?? 4040 miles,,, Almost eight hours by air gosh how can her father be as wicked as that?

They went into the plane,,she immediately guess it’s private, they are the only one in it.

*am I going to get married or what?* she scoffed

They got her breakfast which is turning to lunch already,, after eating to her satisfaction, she slept off.

The next time she was awake, a large building in front of her,,she was ordered out of the car. One of the men had carried her out of the plane some minutes ago when she didn’t wake up. She got down and keep on starring at the the building, almost as large as a palace, different maids working around in uniform which she guess she will soon change into.

β€œ this way ”One of the men said and she immediately obeyed and followed him. They entered a room, an old woman in her early fifties welcome them.

The man left her and she went deeper into the room,

β€œGood evening mam ” Alysa greeted with a little bow,,the time is almost 8 at night.

β€œCall me Kim,, am the court lady,in charge of every maids here ”She said with a smile

β€œ I will call you Lady Kim ”Alysa said

β€œ Anyhow ,,,,you must be hungry, sit down I will get you something to eat ” Lady Kim said and left

Alysa sat down with a loud breath out,soon Lady Kim came back with a with food in her hand. She dropped it on a small table in front of Alysa

β€œ Thank you so much Lady Kim said ” Alysa said before taking a spoon to eat.

β€œWhat’s your name??”Kim asked

β€œAlysa ”She replied

β€œYou are here to become a maid you know right??” Lady Kim asked

β€œ I know ” She replied

β€œHow do you feel??”

β€œ It would have been better if it wasn’t my own father who sold me ”Alysa replied with a fake smile

β€œThat’s bad,,,your father??”

β€œ I don’t want to talk about it,am sorry ”

β€œ No it’s fine,I understand ” Lady Kim said and Alysa smiled.

She was taken to her new room,,three other maids were present in the room which look so big. Only one is awake,the other two have slept off.

β€œ Guess you’re new here ”The one awake said with a smile and she nodded nervously

She badly want to take her bath, but she have no clothes to change with.

β€œ I guess you want to take your bath,, that’s your wardrobe over there, you will need the things inside ” The maid said

β€œ Thank you so much ” She said and got up heading toward the wardrobe, she took a towel and went into the bathroom.

After taking her bath,,she put on a pajamas and slept on the bed going into her dream world.


Alysa was given her uniform the next day,,it was made up of a short gown which stopped just on her kneel. She look so slim,,her model stature make her look so hot.

β€œ You said you’re 24??”Lady Kim asked and she nodded

β€œ You look 19,,wow. That’s amazing ” Lady Kim said

β€œ I am so thin, I hate it ” Alysa scoffed

β€œ No,,you look beautiful this way ”

β€œ Thank you lady Kim ” she said with a smile

β€œ So,,I told you the maid who always serve him got fired. And you will be replacing her,,” Lady Kim said

β€œ What?? You never said I was going to replace her! I can’t,, please. You told me yourself that he’s very rude and arrogant. How can I face such human? ” Alysa shouted

β€œ Human?? ” Lady Kim asked looking confused

β€œ What do you mean by human,,,is he an animal?? ” Alysa said

β€œ He’s human of course,,if you act up to his taste, then you won’t have any problem ” Lady Kim assured her

β€œ No I don’t want to,, just let me become one of the regular maids ”

β€œ Are you kidding me?!! He bought you!! You have no choice right now,, ” Lady Kim yelled

Alysa became quiet as some little drop of tears made way out of her eyes

β€œ Am sorry,, I didn’t mean to say that,, ” Lady Kim said

β€œ It’s okay,, he bought me. I have to do anything he want,” Alysa said and sniff in her tears

β€œ I promise you. You won’t have any problem with him,,okay?? ”

β€œ Okay ” She replied
To be continued.


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