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{ Slave To Sensation… }


THEME; Taking Her Innocence.


By: Summer Gold R.



Larisa was speechless for the first five minutes,different questions in her head,is he Lorenzo of not? Or maybe he probably lost his memories? But then,how come he’s alive? Most of all,can she ever mistake her only Lorenzo for someone else? She was so sure it’s definitely him

“Hello miss” The man waved his hand and Larisa swallowed

“Lorenzo” She called again

“I think you’re mistaken,I’m not Lorenzo” The man said and pressed the lift button,the door closed


Larisa almost broke into tears as she stood there,her hands hardened on the carrier of Raymond.

She sniffed in and brushed her hair backward with her fingers before walking into another elevator.

“Lorenzo” she mumbled and sighed out loudly,she looked down to see Raymond already awake but she couldn’t even smile or do anything,she only waited quietly until she got to the last floor and the elevator door opened. She pulled the carrier out and walked straight to the car parking lots,going toward her own car.

She was walking in the quiet lot,her heels was the only sounds coming up,she was so lost in thought and totally carried away that she didn’t know a car was actually reversing toward her direction.

The last moment she looked up,the car light almost blinded her,she quickly pulled the carrier off the road,expecting the car to hit her instead but the car suddenly stopped,it full light filled the whole lot,it’s not something natural,she knew it instantly.

“Lorenzo” She muttered and quickly turned back

There he was,standing and holding the baby carrier with one hand and stretching the second hand toward the car,their eyes met. Lucifer snapped his fingers and the car returned to where it was coming from,his eyes still not leaving Larisa.

Larisa began walking toward him till she stopped right in front of him,he was still holding Raymond’s carrier even though his eyes were on her.

“Lorenzo?” Larisa called and slowly,he nodded his head

Larisa continue to stare at him without saying a word,it was so silent until she spoke up

“So why did you lied to me earlier? Do you even know how much I miss you everyday?! Do you know how I felt just when I saw your face?! Do you?!!” She yelled,in tears.

Lorenzo pulled her into a hug and she broke into more tears as she held him more tightly

“I missed you so much” She said

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting” Lorenzo said,she kept on crying in his chest

“I love you so much,I love you” She muttered

Lorenzo broke the hug and turned to Raymond who was already awake,he was getting busy with his hand already

“Is he…..mine?” Lorenzo asked,staring intensely at little Raymond

“What do you think?” Larisa asked and Lorenzo carried Raymond

“Is he….human?” He asked

“You don’t expect him to be” Larisa muttered

“I wish he is” Lorenzo said

Raymond smiled cutely and Larisa chuckled

“He’s actually….a whole lot of trouble” She saud

“Let’s get out of here first” Lorenzo said and Larisa nodded



“Not done yet?” Lorenzo asked using the mind link as he held the crying baby

“I’m coming” Larisa replied in his head and he looked at Raymond who seems to be crying even harder right now.

“Can you please stop crying?” Lorenzo asked

Larisa walked into the room and saw him talking to the baby as if he could really understand

“Such a view” She laughed and Lorenzo looker up

“I think he took after you” He said and Larisa frowned


“You’re so stubborn” Lorenzo said and handed Raymond to her

She took him and sat down to breastfeed him,Raymond stopped crying the moment Larisa removed her breast for him and he immediately opened up when

“See? He took after you” she said and Lorenzo chuckled,watching as Raymond sucked in a fast way

“That’s supposed to be mine” He muttered and Larisa looked up

“Wait,are you serious right now? Huh? You left me remember? But he was always here for me” she saud anx Lorenzo smiled

“As he should,he came from me” He said

“That’s right” Larisa smiled

Just the,Lorenzo phone rang out. It’s from Daven

“He’s going to scream” Lorenzo said and Larisa chuckled

He answered the call

“Where are you!! The party is starting soon!” Daven yelled on the phone

“I will be there dude” Lorenzo said before hanging up

Larisa laughed and seems Raymond was done sucking coz he removed his mouth from her boobs

“We need to go” Lorenzo said

“I will dress up quickly” Larisa said,dropping Raymond in the crib before walking into the dressing room

It’s been a month since they met and as expected a lot of things really changed. Lorenzo was practically saved by Daven who had to sacrifice everything just to make Lorenzo come back to life and it worked. Lorenzo woke up and got even more powerful but the deal was to lay kow and live like every normal human out there.

Daven and Amber reconciled after Larisa met with Daven and explained everything Amber had told her,strangely their love was still there and they are back together again.

Today is the family dinner and they are on their way to Daven’s mansion

Larisa walked into the room fully dressed

“You look even more beautiful” Lorenzo stood up and pecked her lips

She smiled and carried Raymond,he was already sleeping

“Why does he sleep so much?” Lorenzo asked

“Coz he’s a baby and he’s got nothing to worry about” Larisa replied and Lorenzo smiled

“Why are you smiling?” Larisa asked

“I’m proud of you little bride” Lorenzo muttered

Larisa smiled sadly

“I don’t want to remember how hard it was without you,I almost lost myself” She said

“That’s why I cams back for you” Lorenzo said

Finally they were on their way,Lorenzo drove out of the mansion.



As the couples stepped down from the cad,they could hear music coming out from insids

“I thought this was supposed to be a family dinner but a party” Lorenzo said

“Guess My Mama is planning something big” Larisa said proudly,Raymond opened his green eyes

“Gosh Ray,not now please” Larisa said

“There’s nothing wrong with his eyes Risa” Lorenzo said

“I just don’t want…..”

“Stop it” Lorenzo cut in and she sighed

They walked to the door and Larisa opened the door at once

It was followed by loud screams coming from number of crowds in the house

Larisa could see BB,Jericho,Desdemona,Rocco,Wednesday,Storm,Orpheus,Rocky…just all the mobsters including Bathsheba,Vesper and Ryder

“Boss!!” They all screamed and bowed at once,all wishing they can just run to him and hug him

“Guys!” Larisa screamed emotionally

Wednesday and BB rushed to hug her

“We missed you so much Eclipse!” BB cried

“I missed you too ice cracker,I really do” Larisa said and sniffs in her tears

“Is this our baby?” Desdemona azoed and Larisa nodded

They immediately carried Raymond

“His eyes” Wednesday gasped

Others also surrounded Lorenzo,especially Orpheus,he couldn’t contain his happiness,only Scarlett wasn’t present.

After the long pleasantries,Daven and Amber walked in and everyone bowed

“Let’s all eat,I’m happy everyone made it here” Amber saud

“I don’t mind going to hell if it’s to meet the boss again” Rocky said and everyone laughed

“So you mean I was going to hell?” Lorenzo asked

“No oo!! No boss….”

“I’m not your boss” Lorenzo said and Rocky made a sad face which made everyone laugh

“We jusg miss out life in the empire” Ethan said

“Yeah” Hunter muttered

“It was going to be for a time,not forever. It was nice working with you all” Lorenzo said and raised his glass

“We love you boss!” The ex mobsters chorused and they all clink their glasses together.

They continue talking as they eat

Rocky and Wednesday are still dating,BB and Rocco got engaged already,Storm and Hunter also started dating just recently including Jericho and Desdemona. Vesper and Ryder are also dating, In a word,Only Orpheus and Ethan are single.

After few minutes,Lorenzo got up and all eyes fell on him.

They all gasped when he knelt in front of Larisa,Larisa’s eyes widened

Daven and Amber only stared at their son proudly

“I just want to do this properly,so….MARRY ME” Lucifer said

Larisa didn’t think twice before screaming


Lorenzo pulled the ring into her finger and she jumped on him

Everyone clapped

“I love you little Risa” Lorenzo whispers

“I love you more devil” Larisa replied and their lips collided immediately.



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