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SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 22



💥Sold To
A S€X freak 💦

{Her mother sold her out}

Episode 22



Writer’s POV 💋

The area was so slient, that nobody could think something is going on in an area like that.

” The car pulled over, as he walked out and dial the lady number”

📲” Hello , am there alone ” Tyler Byran said as he made the call angrily.

📲 Hope you’re alone , because you won’t like my reaction, beside am going to kill your wife if you’re not alone. The Kimberly lady said

📲 Am alone, Tyler Byran said with anger .

📲 Well , pass through the back way , the Kimberly lady said stric

Tyler Byran hang up and pass through the back way, he got there and saw a small building.

Tyler Byran walked inside , and heard Melissa, she was probably crying, because Melissa was whining like a baby, unknown to Tyler Byran it was a trap set him.

” Tyler Byran quickly trace it, he got to that place and open the door, and saw Melissa lying on the dirty floor, with her hands tied up and her legs, immediately he rushed to her, Trying to lose the rope, when he heard a familiar voice”

” Don’t move an inch, he heard and turned back, and saw the Kimberly lady, who gave her the contract”.

“What going on ma’am” Tyler Byran asked with curiosity.

” Ohh really ” you wanna know.

“Anyway do you remember your Ex girlfriend Susan” Kimberly asked, Tyler Byran eyes almost popped out of socket.

” Who are you to ask me that kind of questions”? Tyler Byran said angrily, immediately Kimberly use the edge of the gun to smack his head.

” Guys handcuff him now” Kimberly said angrily, and kick his abdomen.

Immediately the thugs came out and tied him .

Blood were gushing out of his nose .

” Have you forgotten how you raped me , huh ” Kimberly said and slap him hard.

Melissa couldn’t talk, she was lying lifeless on the ground.

” I didn’t talk about the rape, you pushed into a shallow pit and didn’t bother to find me, your parents saw it, but couldn’t tell my parents, ” you’re an animal.

Kimberly said and point at him.

” Kimberly I can explain, explain what exactly” you use me to satisfy your pleasure.

” I hate you so much” she said and fell on her knees crying profusely.

” Dave Tiago who was staying outside with his guards, who has surrounded the building, Dave Tiago felt weak , he couldn’t believe this Susan”.

She isn’t dead !

” A part of him was happy but sad as he saw his best friend who was groaning in pain”.

Dave Tiago signal to his guys, they rushed inside the building, Kimberly couldn’t believe her eyes.

” Kill them ” Kimberly said.

” Each bandit was killing each other’s, everywhere has turned into something else”.

” Dave walk closer to Kimberly, and kick her ” Kimberly groaned in pain.

” Dave let go of my hair” Kimberly said angrily, and point the gun at Melissa who was lying lifeless on the ground.

” One shot she gone”Kimberly said and laugh evilly.

” Leave her ” Tyler Byran said almost like a whispered.

“Dave didn’t hear Tyler Byran voice as he continues pulling her hair , she couldn’t retain herself anymore”.

“She pulled the trigger and fire it.”

” Why did you do it “?

“Dave yelled , as he was watching the person Kimberly had shot the person”



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