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SOLD TO A S£X FREAK – Episode 20



💥Sold To
A S€X freak 💦

{Her mother sold her out}

Episode 20


Writer’s POV 💣

” Melissa was damn scared, and tired, all she want is to be free from this people, immediately they pulled her grown over her head, and remove her grown, immediately they move to unhook her b%@, she felt something strange move from my back, but notice they were both romancing her, she felt sad, because she doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of her😜 , not only a person, two over her”.

” She let out a light groan ” they stood up , and move to her pulled down her p@nt in between her legs”.

“Please stop” she said in a cracked voice.

” the two guys didn’t stop , as they finally took off the p@nt, get rid of it, I I mean, within a tinkle of an eye, Melissa was stark n@ked in front the two guys.”

” They made Melissa to laid flatly on the bed, with her hands tied over her head, The two guys spread her legs, the first one stay in the space created in between Melissa legs, with the other guy was just doing justice to her breast, a really just”

” The guy pushed two fingers into Melissa V area , she screamed immediately, and whine like a baby, the guy continue fingering her, until she had to beg for mercy, the guy turned deaf ears to Melissa, until Melissa release some liquid substance in his hands, the guy bend over to Melissa V area, and roll his tongue over it, and continue gulping it down, after some minutes the second guy made Melissa release some liquid substance also”.

” After some minutes, the first guy unbuckle his belt, Melissa was damn tired and scared, she couldn’t move neither crawl, with a full speed, the guy entered Melissa V area, she let a heavy groan, she felt so full of herself, so full that she couldn’t breathe again, the guy pulled out and entered her roughly, which makes her cried out, and beg but the turn deaf ear to her, the guy continue moving harder and faster, until sweat cover all Melissa’s body.

” Please stop ” Melissa said almost like a whispered because she was tired, within a tinkle of an hour,he pulled outta her v area, and force his d**k into her mouth.”

After some minutes of doing that , the second guy unbuckle his trouser and bring out his r©d from his trouser, and entered Melissa already wide v area,she was expecting , because she knew they had planned it all, he entered her roughly.

Minutes he pulled out and pour the semens over her thigh .

Melissa laid on the bed, she doesn’t know whether she’s alive or not.

After they were done, they wear their clothes and walked out of the room, leaving the lifeless Melissa alone .

Melissa groaned in pain and struggle to pick up her clothes from the bed tiredly , she wear it, and instantly she fell back on the bed .

Michelle Kimberly 🖋️

I could hear her screaming on top , a part of me doesn’t want to hurt her, but that’s how I felt the other day.

” I begged Tyler Byran, I told him am not ready for S€X but he did it forcefully”, he did it because he was lusting after my body.

” Now a lady that doesn’t know anything is suffering for his act, I hope you forgive me young lady” I thought and wipe my face with the tissue paper.

” Watch out Tyler Byran” I said and kiss my gun!



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