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Written By : Favour Alabuah.

Pen Name : Author SnowIce.

🔺Do Not Plagiriaze My Story,, Write Your’s❌

🌹Chapter 5🌹


A girl and a young man are laughing,, while jogging down the road,, when the boy gaze fell on something that is laying on the right side of the road..

Off the roadside,, near a tree..

“What is that?”

The dirty blond hair guy uttered,, pointing at it’s direction,, halting his movement..

Perhaps a deer..”

The brunnete girl,, replied,, shrugging her shoulders and also stop..

“I don’t think so..
Let’s go and check..”

He uttered and start walking towards the direction..

“Hey what if is a vampire,, looking for a prey to feed on?
I don’t want my blood to be drian by a blood sucking monster..”

The pretty girl whined and the young man rolled his eyes..

“For a garrulous person like you,, you are easily scared..
The supernatural stories that you read are messing with your brain,, Erica..”

The guy uttered,, not halting his movement..

“Supernatural beings are real,, Henry..”

The girl now known as Erica retorted,, hissing and follow him at a slower pace..

Incase if it’s a vampire laying down there,, she will be able to run before it will jump on her..

Indeed they are real..”

He responded with sarcasm,, snorting,, making Erica to glare dagger at the back of his head..

“Stop glaring holes at the back of my head,, bimboo..”

Henry said,, chuckling,, without looking back..

“Stupid cop..”

She cursed..

“Idiot nurse..”

He retorted..

The girl open her mouth to respond to his insult,, but quickly gasp as her eyes fell on the beautiful girl laying on the cold damp floor,, that she mistake for a vampire..


Detective Henry exclaimed with schock and quickly squat down beside the unconscious girl,, feeling for her pulse with his hand..

He breathe in relief as he found it..

“You know,, i’m the nurse not you..
And wow!!
You should have seen your face..
You look like a dieing husband that was deprived of his favourite candy..”

Erica teased,, grining and Henry glared at her..

“My handsome cousin have a crush on a pretty girl whose name start with,, C..”

Erica sang and he hissed..

“What might have happened to her?”

He mutter,, ignoring his cousin..

“Maybe something scared her and made her to faint..”

Erica replied,, thoughtfully..

I think is someone..
She have a weak heart..”

He responded,, stroking her cheek with his finger,, lovingly,, while staring at her pretty face with adoration..

“I think we should take her to her home,, I will soon take over duty..
So as you..”

Henry stood up,, carrying Cheryl on his arm,, and Erica nodded..

They turned and start walking towards the path that leads to Cheryl home..

The both of them are acquianted with her family..

They are her family friends..

Erica work in the same hospital that Eliana works as a nurse too..

While Thomas,, Cheryl dad is also a detective like Henry..

Henry family are wealthy and known in the state,, unlike Cheryl family who are poor..

Henry just decided to be a detective because he have the passion for solving crimes..

His dad was against his career,, but later support him when he saw that his son mind is set in becoming a cop..

And once his mind is on something,, there is no going back,, because he is dammn stubborn and he is good at fishing out criminals..

Within a few minutes,, they reached Cheryl parents old apartment..

Erica knocked on the door without hesistation..

Footsteps were heard,, and the door fling open..


Mr Thomas,, exclaimed smiling..

His eyes narrowed as it fall on his daughter that is on his arm,, still unconscious..

“Hello Mr Wright”

Henry greeted his collegue and he nod his head in acknowledgement..

“What is wrong with her?”

Thomas asked,, in curiousity..

“I don’t know..
We find her off the roadside,, like this..”

He uttered and Thomas gaze flickered to Erica and he nodded at her,, which she returned..

What happened to her?”

Eliana exclaimed,, going to examine her daughter that is on the young detective hand,, with fake concern..

“What was she doing off the road side by this time of the day?”

Henry questioned Cheryl parents,, staring at them suspiciously..

He have a feeling that they have been maltreating the girl..

But Cheryl won’t tell him when he asked her about it..

“We don’t know..
She left the house to jog..”

They both replied innocently and he sigh,, staring at his wrist watch..

He did not expect them to tell him the truth but he will surely look into the matter..

He thought..

“I have to go to work now..
I will visit you people later after work to check on Cheryl..”

He uttered softly,, smiling at the girl in his arm that made his heart to beat fast and gently handed Cheryl to her father with care..

Then turn and left quickly with Erica not sparing a glance back to he dissaper out of eye sight..

So as Thomas thought,, because he quickly dropped the sleeping beauty on his arm on the floor roughly hissing and the fake worry on Eliana face disappeared..


She cursed,, kicking her daughter that is on the floor,, on her stomach,, but she didn’t stir..

Then she turned and march inside the apartment with Thomas trailing after her,, after they thought that Henry is gone…

Not caring that Cheryl might catch cold from the cold freezing floor,, that they left her to wake up by herself..

“What the fvck!!”

Erica exclaimed in shock,, clapsing her hand over her mouth..

She now believed what her cousin told her about him having a phenomeon that the couple are maltreating their young second daughter..

When they disappeared out of Thomas and his wife sight,, Henry have insisted that they hide and observe what will happen next,, from a distance..

“Those fools!!
How dare them to do that to her!!”

Henry yelled in anger,, charging towards the old house to go and beat up Thomas and arrest him and his wife..

“Calm down,, don’t do anything rash..
We don’t have any evidence,, that you will use and arrest them yet..”

Erica uttered,, pulling back her furious cousin who is now treambling in anger and hugged him..

“We don’t need an evidence..
We both witness what happened and we can testify against them in court..”

Henry spat out,, clenching and unclenching his fists,, trying to calm down..

“They are both smart and manipulative..
They will said that we connive together to bring them down..
What will we do,, when the court will demand for an evidence?”

Erica asked trying to reason with him..

And he suddenly calm down as he think about her words..

You are right..
Although it won’t stop me,, from beating the shit out of that bastard!!”

Henry cursed smirking and his eyeballs glowed a bright fiery red but his cousin didn’t notice because she is still hugging him..

He is already thinking of way to make the two heartless bastards to pay..

“Maybe I should set up an accident for them..”

He soliloquy smirking evily..

“You can’t beat him,, without announcing your reason..
You will get arrested for molesting them..”

His cousin quickly uttered as his earlier words registered in her brain..

“Who said that I will fight him..
At least not with the human ways..”

He uttered,, muttering the last sentence to himself,, making her not to hear it..

Let’s go and get ready for work..
Or else we will be dammn late..”

Erica uttered and disengaged from the hug..

His eyeballs quickly stopped glowing red and returned back to their normal colour,, as she lifted her head up to stare at him..

Let’s go..”

He uttered,, grinning at her fakely,, as if he is no longer angry and they walked away,, heading to their apartments to get ready for work..

Deep down inside his heart,, he is still burning with rage at what he witnessed and he is controlling his beast from coming out and spilling blood..

Thomas and Eliana blood ofcourse..

But he left with a promise which is to “Have a revenge on them later,, for touching what belongs to him..”



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