SIBLINGS IN LOVE … (18+) … Part 16



I set out on a journey to Ebonyi state, my hometown to bring Ella home.
Hope she forgives me? Hope she didn’t find out and run again? Hope still loves me? Did she mean it when she said that she hates me?… Oh God! Why is this bus going slow? I want to just disappear and appear in our village house so that I could just get the answers immediately but nope, that’s never gonna happen. I ain’t no magician, just gotta be patient till I reach my destination.
Yunno the worst part? The bus spoilt at Benin state, we had to spend three hours fixing the so called belt.
Later on, we had to spend the night at Enugu state and continued our journey the next day.
I arrived Amama’s house around 8am in the morning. Ella was just sitting in front of the house playing ludo game alone. I alighted from the bike and paid the cyclist.
She didn’t seem to be that interested in whoever just came or should I say that she was lost? She looked up sluggishly only to see me, she quickly stood up in surprise.
Will she look away? Rush inside, dress up and leave the house? Or will she come and slap me again? I guess it’s the third one, Which one did you guess? Well, I dunno for you but we both guessed wrong.
After staring at me like “Is this really you? While I kept pleading for Mercy with my own eyes, she ran and hugged me tightly.
Yea, you heard me. She hugged me tightly. I am just surprised as you are. “Thanks for coming Mike” she cried on myI shoulder. I tried to disengage from the hug after some time but she still held me tightly.

We were both sitted on the bed…
Ella : How did you know to come?
Mike: Amama called
Ella : How is Mom and Dad?
Mike : Dad is pretending to be fine while Mom is about to develop HBP, all thanks to you
Ella : Am sorry ’bout that but y’all lied to my face. Even you
Mike : If you behave like this then you can only imagine how I felt when I discovered the truth about ME
Ella : Thought they were the ones who told you
Mike : Nope, I found out on my own. The night before you returned from school
Ella : How’d it happen?
Mike:…..I told her the full story
Ella : Am really sorry Mike, you should have told me nah
Mike : …trying to hold his tears… I was helpless too. Mom and Dad made me promise never to tell you till we graduate. Do you really think I would lie to you?
Ella: No, I know you wouldn’t. That’s why I was mad thinking that you actually did. Am really sorry
Mike : Do you still hate me?
Ella : …shaking her head sideways, then went closer to Mike and placed her both palms on his cheeks.. “I never did, I was just angry. Pls forgive me Huh?. Then she hugged me, crying. I was just trying so hard to hold my tears. I know why she’s crying, the story of how I found out the truth and feelings that accompanied it made her cry, the fact that she didn’t even listen to me, the fact that she said she hate me thereby adding salts to my injury made her cry, the fact that I went through it all alone while she could only imagine the pain… It’s ok, let her cry, I understand how she feels and she deserves to be sorry. If not for anything, at least for making me worry.
She was done crying yet she still refused to let go, Is she embarrassed or what?…
Mike : Ella?
Ella : Huh? Just five more minutes.
Mike: How did you become like this? Thought you would still be mad at me sef
Ella : I really missed you, terribly.
Mike : Do you love me that much?
Ella : Of course, are you just realizing it?
Mike : Then, am curious about something
Ella : What?
Mike : If you were in love with me all this while, why did you date so many guys?
Ella : Cox I was running
Mike : Really?
Ella : Yea, I thought maybe it’s because I don’t have a boyfriend that’s why I was in love with my own brother. So I tried being in a relationship all the time in other to be distracted, but none of them was the ONE.
And when I couldn’t hold it any longer, I almost ran crazy the day I kissed you
Mike : Awwwn.. Now am blushing
Ella: Lol.. Do guys blush too?
Mike : Are we not humans?
Ella : …staring at his lips… “Mike”
Mike : Huh?
Ella : Do you think you can kiss me again? Right now
Mike :..a bit shy.. Oh my God, Ella. You’re so unbelievable. Shouldn’t the guy be the one to make a step?
Ella : But you’re not making any step. Don’t you know that you’re supposed to kiss me to show that you missed me?
Mike : I know but I don’t want to. You shouldn’t have left me behind, next time grab my hands before you run. That way we can run together, so “no romance” is your punishment.
Ella : It’s not fair nah
Mike : ..teasing.. Am your elder brother. Intimacy is not allowed between siblings.
Just then, Amama came back. My little cousin had gone to school. We told grandma the truth. Twas not a surprise to her, she was well aware of everything. She said “If you guys found out the truth, that’s OK. I knew it would be revealed someday. Mike, you’re my grandson, my husband for that matter and yunno that I love you. But since you already know the truth, I must tell you this : Blood is thicker than water. If you must date my granddaughter, don’t ever hurt her. That way, you’ll never loose my support on this relationship. I know your mom very well and what she’s capable of doing but don’t worry, as long you keep loving Ella. I’ll handle your mom in my own way. I give you my blessings”
We were happy that Amama didn’t drag the situation, she understood us and I was happy for that. But what I don’t understand is what she meant by handling our Mom.
Ella insisted that we spend two more days before leaving. We went on a date the next day. Twas raining that night on our back home so I finally kissed her, under the rain.
I missed her lips too, plus the cold, so the kiss was intense, thank God it didn’t lead to another thing .. .. You could only imagine.

Two days later, we returned to the city.
We were holding each other hand in hand when we entered the house unknown to us that Mom was downstairs. We were just chatting and laughing….
Mom: I don’t know what both of you are thinking but you’ll never date, mark my lips.. Never!
She was fierce, what’s wrong with mom? Why does she look so serious?


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