SHE’S A PLAYER … (18+) … Part 26



Jayred Knights
” Gently , yes that’s it you’re getting a hang of it. ” Freedom said.
Yeah that’s what I call Clary. It’s been a month since the incident.
Was discharged yesterday from the hospital.
Clary came by she said it was time to get me on my feet.
Which means no more wheelchair.
” Ouch. Clary are you sure?” I asked scared I might feel pain.
” Trust me bone head.” She said and held on to me tightly and boom i was walking.
” Oh my goodness am walking again.”I said happily.
” I told you bone head.” She Chuckled.
Turns out have just been scared I might feel pain. Or something might go wrong. Would have start working weeks back.
” Thank you so much freedom. I’m alive today because of you.” I Mumbled and sat down on the couch close to hers.
“Oh come on am just doing my job. Don’t have to thank me. ” She grinned.
” Yeah but I insist.” I pinched her nose bridge playfully.
“Ouch that tickles. By the wat would you like to eat?” She asked.
” Erm I don’t really know yet why do you asked I could place a order for both of us if you want.” I said.
” That’s the problem of all rich folks. I’m 90% sure you don’t know how to cook.” She glared playfully. I was forced to laugh.
” Really?? If I didn’t know how to cook then servants would have be crawling around my mansion. I can’t cook because I couldn’t walk then. Had to order from Rizzo’s.” I explained.
” Worry no more cause this bad girl gat you.” She said and stood up.
Seriously where has she been all this while? She didn’t even bother asking for directions to the kitchen.
I guess she found her way there.
I Exhaled.and relax on the couch.
Maybe I should try walking around to while away time.
I stood up slowly as I could hear my bones cracking.
I moved my legs slowly and got into the elevator.
It took me upstairs to my room. I wanted entering my room when my attention fell on the other door.
Beyond this door lies all the memories of my broken past.
I think it’s time I move on fully and the only way to do that is by destroying everything in there.
I twisted the door knob and got into the pitch dark room.
Haven’t opened the curtains for so long.
I walked towards the glass windows and pulled the curtains apart.
The sun shined brightly. All of Tiffany’s stuff was in this room.
All the stuff of us was also here.
There was a painting of us together. I toss it across the window.
Would burn it when I go downstairs.
I picked up all her stuff and toss it out.
After making sure I got rid of all the things before exiting the room.


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